Friday, April 3, 2015

Waffles and Cream

Per Nana~
If I made the batter for waffles but ended up making crepes,
 does it still count as completing this week's recipe ?
Only kidding, of course. 
I used the old waffle iron that had belonged to Jim's mother, purchased 
around 1950/1960. I had used it for the first time only a few months ago 
when we made the waffles and lox recipe and had no problems. 
Unfortunately, after I poured the batter in this time, it lost power and quit. 
Since I had used only one ladle of the batter I had to think fast
 before the egg whites collapsed. Out came the crepe pan which
 I heated quickly and made five lovely and delicious crepes. 
 I am going to order the waffle plates to go with my Cuisinart panini 
griddle so I can enjoy this delicious batter as waffles next time. 
Per Tricia~
These waffles were not good. 
They were amazing. 
Dorie shared that she was lucky enough to get a copy of this 
recipe from the chef of the Parisian restaurant where she first enjoyed
 them. And it was then it was lucky for us that she shared it as well. 
I served mine with homemade whipped cream, golden sugar and
 then small bowls of warm caramel sauce for dipping. Delicious. 
Typically these recipes have inspired me to use ingredients in a new way 
or to try a new technique but for this week I got a well needed reminder
 at how wonderful it is to enjoy waffles at home. Especially with this recipe. 

PS- I am going to make a deal with Nana to lend her my waffle iron (LOL, which
 she of course gave me.....) if she will make me some of those crepes. YUM !!!

Happy French Friday ~


  1. Waffles /or crepes? Mine were somewhere inbetween! Both homes enjoyed this recipe nonetheless! Lovely pictures! Mothers are great right?

  2. Waffles /or crepes? Mine were somewhere inbetween! Both homes enjoyed this recipe nonetheless! Lovely pictures! Mothers are great right?

  3. Ladies, both the waffles and the crepes look magnificent - I'll have both please!

  4. Quick thinking Nana... I'm loving these waffle maker stories. A panini and waffle maker way cool! You better keep that hidden from Tricia. I think she already has plans for it. Glad you both enjoyed these really different waffles. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. What a great save, Nana!! I have to agree with everyone else…waffles or crepes, they both look amazing and delicious! Glad you both enjoyed them!
    I have a panini maker from Cuisinart…did not know you could order waffle plates for it….hummm!
    Looking forward to our visit in NYC! Happy Easter to you both!!

  6. Before I read your very nice offer to your Mom, Tricia, I was going to suggest that I KNOW you would have happily dropped everything, left work, driven to your house, picked up your waffle iron, taken it to your Mom's house, and rushed back to work. Quickly so the batter wouldn't break down. No problem. That's what daughter's do!!!!! Suspect she didn't ask. But, I wouldn't have wanted to miss that third photo of the disasterous waffle failure for anything. Too priceless. Don't we all have one or two of those memories in our Past? Although my waffle maker, tossed before my last move, was ancient, it still "looked" like a waffle maker. I never have seen this version, Ro. Toastmaster, right? Loved this post. I'm with Tricia on the crepes. Make the deal, Ro, so that nice daughter of yours can enjoy what look like delicious crepes.

  7. I think the crepes look more fantastic, more interesting, and more flavorful than anything I've yet seen from a waffle maker this week! You know I wish I had thought to do this... I must admit that I have seen my waffle iron come out looking like yours on more than a few occasions. I think now that we have done the last waffle I can be done with it forever in favor of crepes.

  8. Nice save, Nana! And nice offer, Tricia, to offer to lend Nana your waffle iron. A fair exchange after all those ingredients she dropped off at your house. Both of your versions look delicious. I messed up and made the wrong dessert, so I look forward to making these soon. Sounds like this might be an option for my continuous egg white surplus!

  9. Good to know this waffle batter makes scrumptious crepes, too! Glad you both got some yummy dishes out of this recipe :)

  10. see? now Nana, it makes me feel better that I've had a pasta maker for 7 years that I haven't used yet... :) it looks great, both the waffles and the crepes!

  11. Nana, I am sorry you had a bad waffle iron week too. Great thinking on those crepes.

    Can't wait to see you guys tonight!

  12. Crepes totally count, especially under those circumstances. This was a wonderful recipe, which I am sure I will make again and again.