Friday, April 24, 2015

Sardine Escabeche

Per Nana~
After all the fish recipes that were recently completed, I am sure that most of the 
Doristas were not looking forward to making this dish containing fresh sardines. 
Surprisingly, Jim loves sardines and I really wanted to make them for him.
Unfortunately I had to use Dorie's bonne idée and go with the 
shrimp version since we could not find the sardines anywhere. 
The preparation was simple (with the shrimp version) - slicing the 
vegetables was a bit time consuming but it all came together in about an hour. 
I covered it and left it overnight in the refrigerator so the flavors would blend together. 
Eating this dish when it is chilled is definitely the way to go and we both loved it. 
Per Tricia~
I am not a big fish fan and did not hold out a lot of hope for loving the fresh 
sardines, but I have to admit I did want to actually try them. That has been half 
the fun of this cooking adventure. Try new ingredients, try old ingredient new 
ways, and surprise yourself.  Or on some occasions, confirm your suspicions :)  
I could not believe it was this difficult to find fresh sardines. I called many fish
 mongers, even becoming a bit more interested as the doors continued to slam. 
I ended the hunt with the call to the fish store about 45 minutes away and considered
 that the wake up call. A few told me they only get fresh ones in certain seasons. 
I had know idea. 
The good news however is that this recipe was simply lovely with the shrimp 
substitute. My husband and I both enjoyed it and I would not hesitate to 
make it again. In sardine season.....

Happy French Friday ~


  1. I too think the fun is trying new things and challenging assumptions. I'm giving you both an A for effort, however! Your beautiful shrimp results look to be an excellent, tasty consolation prize. I went to four stores and finally found them at the asian supermarket. Who knew?

  2. I'm surprised at how hard it is to get fresh sardines. They told me I could have order them at Whole Foods but I didn't think of it. Love how the shrimp verson looks. I might try this another time because my family loves shrimp.

  3. What interested me the most was your bread. Le pain would make anything tasty even Sardine Escabeche. I will admit, however, that most of you Doristas who tried the escabeche, whether shrimp or sardine, thought it was tasty. Reason enough to try it at a later date. I had a good time conquering B'stilla this week. Have only had it in the back of my mind for the past 35 years.

  4. I love the idea of shrimp instead of sardines, I will surely try that next time

  5. Glad you ladies both enjoyed this dish. I knew I wouldn't find fresh sardines in suburbia, so I got my butt moving one lunch hour at work up to the market to get some. I didn't mind this, but I didn't love it.

  6. I'm glad you liked the shrimp version. I would try that. I agree with you, Tricia, that part of this journey is trying new things, but often our suspicions are indeed confirmed, especially on those suspicious recipes!

  7. I was disappointed I couldn't find fresh sardines here, either. It was sort of bizarre because I've seen them every time I've gone to the fish market and chuckled a bit that the one time I finally want to purchase them, they're out. I asked about the seasonality and the guy on this coast said it didn't matter. Sigh. I agree that the shrimp version was quite good and it was lovely cold! Did you sop up the oil with the bread? SO GOOD.

  8. Well ladies…the shrimp version looks fabulous! I did not make either of them this week, I was so turned off by the sardines, that I really never checked the bonne idee. My bad!! I know I would have really enjoyed the shrimp version! I will be making it very soon! Your photos are just lovely…along with a beautiful presentation!
    Nana…I’m impressed that you already made the French Gnocchi from DL. On my list!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  9. Glad you both liked this one, a surprise hit indeed. Have a great week.

  10. I was able to track down fresh sardines. While I liked the dish with sardines, I think I would love it with shrimp. Both of yours look wonderful!

  11. I don't think I've ever seen fresh sardines around here, but I haven't looked very hard, either :) Still, I was glad for the shrimp option--and was quite relieved that Bill didn't find the seasonings too off putting. You just never know with him! Glad you both enjoyed!!