Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Limoncello Cupcakes ~ Baking Chez Moi

Per Nana~
If you love the flavor of lemon, then you will love these cupcakes. 
There are three parts to this recipe (cake, syrup and the frosting) and 
each has a bit of Limoncello added, giving it a delicious lemon flavor. 
I realized as I was preparing the recipe that I only had a mini cupcake pan on hand.
 Dorie suggests filling the cupcakes with an optional bit of orange or lemon 
marmalade but since I didn't have any on hand I just eliminated that step. 
With the syrup and lemon flavored butter cream on top, we really didn't miss it. 
This was a good recipe and will definitely be a repeat. 

Per Tricia~
I just love lemon desserts so was quite excited to try this recipe.  
Lemon cake, limoncello, lemon frosting. 
Oh yes, don't forget the lemon marmalade filling. 
 As expected, all that lemon-boozy-zesty-sugar was delicious. 
The frosting was the biggest surprise because I could not initially get the butter 
and confectioner's sugar to meld together. I was very successful at getting a fine 
layer of sifted white sugar all over every surface in close proximity to my mixer. 
I considered it an act of faith in Dorie that I kept going. 
And faith is rewarded :) 
I do tend to like a lighter cake batter so may not revisit this particular batter, 
but will definitely repeat the concept of filling the cupcake batter with a teaspoon 
of lemon marmalade, then brushing the top with syrup prior to frosting. 
I also liked the ratio of the smaller frosting portion, which Dorie explains
 is how the French would serve these cakes. Mind you the lesser frosting 
amount is going on a cake that was basted with a lemon sugar/syrup 
concoction when removed from the oven, so there is no lack of sweetness.

Another winner from Dorie Greenspan's "Baking Chez Moi".


  1. Oh I love the cupcake liners and little wedge of lemon on top!!!

  2. All of the cupcakes look beautiful! I would have love to have tried them with the lemon marmalade.

  3. Your cupcakes look great. I looked for lemon marmalade but could not find any, I'm not a fan of orange.

  4. Great looking cupcakes! And I love the cheery papers!

  5. Oh, both the full sized and minis look wonderful! And, Tricia, you found some lemon marmalade---score one for you (though if Bill had his way, none of mine would have had filling!).

  6. Your muffins both small and big turned out perfect. I agree the cake batter was more like a muffin. The frosting was a hit on our house too.

  7. Love the minis...didn't even think of that but who doesn't love a mini cupcake or two! I agree this is a delicious recipe and I will make them again! Hope you both are enjoying your week xxooxx Patty

  8. Both of these are so cute! Love the flower-type papers and I think I may have even preferred these in mini-cupcake form.

  9. Both sets look great. The tulip looking liners are so pretty!