Friday, March 27, 2015

Next-Day Beef Salad

Per Nana~
On Sunday I prepared a pot roast and used a portion of the top round 
to make this delicious salad. The dressing mixture, using mayonnaise 
and two different types of mustard is really good.  
As delicious as it was when freshly made, it was even better 
the next day when all the flavors had blended together.  
This would be a wonderful addition to a summer barbecue, or any dinner 
for that matter. It is really refreshing. Jim gives this one two thumbs up. 
Per Tricia~
This one was another of Dorie's "non recipe" recipes. 
She basically was sharing a wonderful medley she came up with based on 
left overs. Roast beef cubes, capers,  green olives, tomatoes, tart diced apple, 
pickled peppers, cornichons, etc - on a bed of greens. I chose baby spinach.  
We enjoyed the prescribed combo very much but just as importantly, 
Dorie once again inspired me to be re-think using what is on hand - 
showing just how appreciated left overs can be when you are creative.  

 Happy French Friday~


  1. Glad this was a hit all around. Even Bill approved!!!

  2. I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying this one. I'm making it for dinner tonight, and I have to admit that the list of ingredients doesn't sound so great all together to me. Can't quite wrap my brain around an apple, beef, pickle combo. ha!

  3. Salads from both kitchens look amazing!

  4. I agree - this was a thumbs up.
    It was such a non-recipe recipe that I barely followed it :-)
    (Love that serving ware, Tricia!)

  5. Each time I have made this there has not been any leftover for the next day so I will have to trust you that the flavors get better. :)

  6. Yes, I was thinking wow, a leftover of a leftover salad... don't think I will ever get to taste how well the flavors blend the next day. Glad it was a hit with everyone.

  7. Wasn't this delicious? Ro and Tricia, your salad pictures are gorgeous. I don't think this salad is a particularly easy recipe to photograph. You did "pretty." I am so happy that it has turned out to be a success story for everyone. Why did we wait so long to make it. (Well, actually I didn't. I made it by mistake earlier!)

  8. I'm with Jim. Thumbs up! I love the non-recipe recipes. I planned ahead to have leftover beef, but then I winged it with what was in the fridge. Fortunately, some of those ingredients are already my favorites and they were in there.

  9. I love this about AMFT - learning all these "go to" recipes and techniques!

  10. This was a great recipe to use leftovers, I agree it would be a great summer salad, something light at the end of a long day! Tricia, I used the bed of spinach also, I like arugula but too strong for my husband

  11. Both of your salads look wonderful!! I thought this was super fun to make, and quite delicious! I love the idea of taking this to a summer pot luck or barbecue. Great idea!!

    So delighted to "see" you both again - I need to find time to go back and really look at all of the posts I've missed. One of these days!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  12. I was wondering if this would hold well. I tend to be a little over cautious with mayo and so I didn't trust it, but glad to know that it works.

  13. WOW Tricia, your photography is just really amazing as of late! :)

    Love that you both enjoyed this "not-recipe-recipe!" :)

  14. Nana, it's great to hear that this salad improves the next day! And Tricia, I agree, your photos are gorgeous. Have a great week!

  15. Nana, I agree that this salad would be marvellous at a summer barbecue. Tricia, I love your plate!

  16. Nana: oh, I bet that it tastes better the next day when the flavors meld! I'll have to try that (not that I need an excuse to make this recipe again). :)

    Tricia: yes, I totally agree that it is (yet another) eye-opener about leftovers and using them in slightly unique ways!

  17. I agree completely. I love recipes like this that aren't really recipes. Just a reminder about the good things that can be made with a little creativity and some fun fridge/pantry ingredients.