Friday, March 13, 2015

Veal Marengo & Financiers

Per Nana~
A fantastic recipe, even though I made it with beef. 
Sautéing the small onions, mushrooms and potatoes in
 butter after cooking them was absolutely delightful. 
As we like to say, it gave it that extra "je ne said quoi".  
Because I used beef instead of the veal I had to add some extra cooking
 time, and a bit more liquid. Jim has already stated he would like this 
again, and I will definitely try to find a veal shoulder next time. 
Per Tricia~
I made this recipe last weekend after we had yet another snowstorm,
 and it was perfect comfort food.  I could not believe my luck at finding 
small onions (product of France, no less) in our local Acme Market.
 The veal came from the local butcher shop and was thankfully cubed for me. 
I had the pleasure of my younger taste tester being home for Spring Break 
and he gave two thumbs way up for this dish. In full disclosure, he is still
 getting used to both dorm food and then paying for other meals so he likely
 would have enjoyed any page out of the book. My husband and I also
 enjoyed it and liked the idea of a "stew" being changed up a bit. 
I also decided to do a make up recipe of the financier cookies. 
A financier pan is one of the few baking pans I have not treated myself 
to ......but I found the madeleine pans were a perfect substitute. 
They have gotten more play this week than ever before !
 The browned butter (beurre noisette) smelled heavenly and really added
 a wonderful flavor to this cake/cookie. I finished some in chocolate
 ganache and toasted coconut while others got a dose of the lemon 
glaze left from our recent Baking Chez Moi adventure. They were 
delicious and we all agreed the browned butter was a new favorite. 

Happy French Friday ~


  1. This was also made with beef over at our house and it was well liked. Both the stew and little cakes look wonderful from both kitchen of you lovely ladies!

  2. You're making me hungry! I planned to make the marengo this week, but life got in the way. I definitely need to make it (and the cabbage bundles) up next week, because they were both recipes I wanted to try. You're pics look delicious.

  3. Nana, glad you enjoyed the dish and I agree it'll be great with most proteins that work in stew!
    Tricia, I chuckled at the bit about your younger taste tester. Man, dorm food really takes a while to get used to. Those financiers...whoa. AWESOME.

  4. Nana, good call on extra time and liquid. I liked the beef a lot. Nice score Trish on both the cubed veal and the small onions. Both of your dish look fabulous. Love the financiers too.

  5. Bill would have loved this with beef, too! And I'm glad your madeleine pan is getting a good workout, Tricia :)

  6. Those are fun madeleine pans for sure! I have never seen the real shell shaped ones!

  7. All these gorgeous desserts are giving me a craving for something sweet. I might have to get up and go do something about that before the stores close, because I'm pretty sure that I don't have anything in the cupboards. The financiers were a favorite. I used to indulge in an occasional pistachio one for breakfast when I was in Paris:-)

  8. Well, the financiers were a treat to see. I actually love the faux-madeleine look. I've been so busy with AMFT and Andrea's CCC vegetables (love that group) that I've neglected sweets. My Bad. I hope to bounce over to Chez Moi once a month also. All this is so much fun. Both your stews look delicious, overshadowed, of course, by that fabulous copper pan. I love my vintage Wagnerware but, Seriously? I covet that pan and the one on David Lebovitz's cover on My Paris Kitchen as well. Lovely post, Ro and Tricia, and I wish I were in your kitchen, Nana, enjoying all the make-up recipes that you're wanting to do in the next three months. I think you and I and Jim would get along just fine.

  9. Nana: so nice to read that beef worked so well in this recipe too - I tried pork tenderloin once and it turned out tender and delicious as well.
    Tricia: what a breathtakingly beautiful copper pot you own - it looks rather professional I must say and just perfect for making the fabulous looking Vela Marengo! The Financiers look very pretty with the lemon glaze as well as the chocolate-coconut glaze. What a delightful dessert treat.
    Have a great weekend ladies and all the very best,

  10. Ladies, two gorgeous stews which have been photographed beautifully. They both look very enticing. Tricia, your financiers look great too.

  11. I'm glad this was a hit all around this week! I used beef, too, but because I only made a quarter of the recipe, I didn't have to cook it much longer than originally called for. Nana, I agree that the butter-dressed veggies were wonderful, but I'll probably be lazy in future and just add them in with the rest of the stew! :) Tricia, your copper pot is just gorgeous and your financiers turned out beautifully. I like the way you dressed them, too - don't know if I could choose between the chocolate or the lemon!

  12. First off…Tricia, I love that gorgeous copper pot! Your stew looks wonderfully delicious…and you just reminded me of how much I loved the financiers! I think I will bake a batch when I get home!
    Nana, Your stew looks terrific, too! I also used beef and added both extra liquid and time. We loved this lovely stew! Happy Friday, ladies!!

  13. All the desserts look yum. My kiddo does not like stew so my husband and I enjoyed this one. Next time I will make it a one pot meal though. Too many dishes.

  14. Tricia - that copper pot. I am in love. Totally, utterly in love.
    Both of your dishes look delicious and I am absolutely craving a financier right now.


  15. Nana, I made this all in a crockpot so i didn't have a chance to coat the potatoes in butter, but I wish I had. I'm sure they were delicious. Tricia, that pot is absolutely gorgeous. I am so jealous. I also love the idea of chocolate and coconut on the financiers.

  16. Oh man, those financiers look good! I'm glad you both enjoyed the stew; we did too.

  17. This stew is definitely one to repeat (and play with a little, even if it's a classic). Those financiers look so cute as madeleines.