Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lemon Madeleines - Baking Chez Moi

Per Nana~
This week's recipe for Lemon Madeleines was so delicious, the texture so light. 
Last week I did a make-up for FFWD and chose the Honey-Spiced Madeleines
 - not realizing we were to do them again for BCM. After reading over the 
recipe for the Honey-Spiced version I realized the difference is in the amount 
of time used for whisking the eggs and sugars (plus the different spices, of course). 

The lemon cakes are beaten until they thicken, making them light and airy. 

My little cakes did not come with the "bump" that Dorie mentioned, but they 
looked pretty good. I wasn't too sure about glazing them, I had never attempted 
that before on these cookies, but the end result was wonderful.  All in all, 
Jim and I loved them and I definitely plan to try other variations. 
Per Tricia~
Lemon is one of my favor flavors.  I will never forget the dinner party when 
my friend Eva showed up at my door with a homemade 3 layer lemon cake 
with gorgeous blackberries on top. I have no idea what I served that night, 
all I can remember is that insanely gorgeous and delicious cake SHE made. 

Yes, these little cookies had a lot going for them. Having also done the
 Honey Spiced Madeleine make up last week I recognized how much more
 I preferred this little cookie/cake in the more traditional lemon version. 
I think it suits the lightness of the texture. 
Dorie's recipe made 12 cookies exactly for me but somehow I managed
 to mess up the thickness of the glaze because while tasting wonderful, 
mine was not as thick as it likely should have been. It soaked right into the
 little madeleines and was basically invisible. But tasted delicious.
 Next time I need to cool them longer or thicken up the coating. 
Or both. 
Because there will be a next time with these little lovelies. 


  1. Looks FAB! Look at the glaze! Love love your SHELL Madeleines pan. Not available where I am located!

  2. Beautiful tea cakes! I love using the madeleine molds, they are so pretty!

  3. Tricia, I had the same issue with my glaze. But like you say, the flavor was delicious. I agree with both of you ladies that this recipe was much better than the Honey Spiced one. Didn't we also make brown butter madeleines? Maybe that was financiers. Anyhow, like you both I loved these and yours look wonderful!

  4. You two have a great collection of madeleine pans! I think these were my favorite of all the Dorie recipes we've baked up, too :)

  5. I like how your glazes look nice and thick from further away. And I love that seashell pan!

  6. Beautiful! I loved these too and will make them again for sure.

  7. Beautifully done, ladies! My goodness they look so good.
    Tricia - I would totally have fallen head over heels for that cake as well (I am a lemon girl right down to my tart little heart...)


  8. They are beautifully done. I like your Madeleine pan with the finer point on one, I haven't seen any around like it!
    ~happy baking to you two!

  9. They are beautifully done. I like your Madeleine pan with the finer point on one, I haven't seen any around like it!
    ~happy baking to you two!

  10. Such pretty pans and such beautiful little sponge cakes. I enjoyed these as well but I must say that that lemon cake sounds divine!

  11. Ladies, your madeleines look wonderful. Nana, I had wondered why I liked these madeleines better than the others I've made so far - perhaps it was the fact that these were so light and fluffy. Tricia, I am not sure how the glaze is supposed to look - yours looks like the other people who glazed them and mine look like Nana's glaze. I figure it doesn't matter if they taste good!

  12. Ladies…you both did a fantastic job!! Gorgeous and delectable looking madeleines! I loved the lemon glaze…it only added to this perfect little cake! I whisked mine by hand…so whisking till thickened was a task…but so worth the trouble! Nana, I didn’t realize that the mixing technique was different from Dorie’s other recipe. Tricia, Love the shell pan…I have one at home, along with about 4 other molds…but I had to make a run to the outlet mall to pick up another mold for this recipe! What we do for Dorie!!

  13. both versions look tasty! my glaze was thin like trica's, but I didn't mind. btw, I love the shape of that shell pan you have stacked on top...sort of want one of those myself. :)

  14. Both versions of the madeleines look great! And I love the two different shell pans! :)

  15. So many pans! How fun. Both versions look wonderful. My glaze soaked in as well; I do like how Nana's glaze looks.

  16. I feel as though we need the blackberry and lemon cake recipe now:) That sounds amazing. I like both the thick and thin glazes-I bet they both taste fabulous.