Friday, November 29, 2013

Sugar-Crusted French Toast

Per Tricia (& Nana)
It is appropriate that this recipe ended up on Thanksgiving week, as
 the results warranted much "thanks-giving". It was a vacation week of
 friends, family, new activities and old memories, all of which generated
 tremendous feelings of gratitude that wove into the results of this dish. 
The recipe is a fairly straight forward one for French Toast, with the
 biggest difference here being that you coat the outside with sugar
 as it is fried in the butter. I used a larger grained sugar -
 "Royal Duchess NatuRaw" natural cane sugar and it was perfect. 
That step of sugar crusting the toast really put the final results over
 the top. GENIUS.  This is my new favorite recipe from AMFT. 
I literally declared this to be "creme brulee bread" and the
 whole family heartily agreed. We had our local syrup out and ready to go, 
but the dish was so sweet there was no need. I only wish I had some
 strawberries or raspberries to have served along side. Next time ~

 What made it so extra special ?

  • Cooking it WITH Nana, as we enjoyed our vacation week in Vermont
  • Using eggs that happened to be sold by my favorite potter- Brian Flecker of "Two Mountain Pottery". We stopped at his home studio to visit and buy some great new pieces, and since he sells brown eggs we were all set for this recipe as well. Their coloring was gorgeous.
  • Adding the yummy Lagrima vanilla received at the IFBC into the batter. We also packed up the rest of those amazing Sahale snacks and Brookside chocolate covered Pomegranate seeds, Acai with Blueberry so we could share them this week (and not eat them all myself at home :). These treats brought back memories of the Seattle fun we had with the Dorie and the Doristas.
  • Sharing the French Toast with ALL our taste testers, and thanking goodness it was not the Salty-Sweet Potato Far week. Disclaimer, I had been the one who actually liked that recipe....but am not sure my taste testing sons would have prefered that over the French toast that we had all hands on deck for. 
  • My older son's 20th birthday is TODAY ! Happy Birthday Mr. Boston U ~
This was an especially fabulous French Friday. Nana and I hope
 everyone is having the happiest of French Fridays as well !


  1. Yu-uuum! I need to make this for breakfast tomorrow.

  2. So glad you had wonderful family time in Vermont! And happy birthday to your son!!! xo

  3. So fun! We love this recipe. Glad you are having a fun vacation!

  4. Yay - so glad you both enjoyed :) Enjoy your family time!

  5. Sounds like the perfect family breakfast. You are so right. Creme brulee bread is the perfect description. And I love the idea of using coarse raw sugar. I'll try that if I make it again. Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

  6. Happy Belated birthday to Mr. B.U.
    Hope you had a great time in Vermont and have little stress in returning everyone back to their proper place. Let me know if you are up there in December at all and maybe we can hook up :-)

  7. What a great place to spend Thanksgiving. I love Vermont. This was a delicious recipe. It has become my go to French Toast recipe.

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's a great favorite for dessert!

  9. Tricia and Nana: what a fabulous post! Loved all about this! Your French Toast look like sugar-coated perfection! I agree that this is one delicious recipe that does not really need any syrup because it is quite rich and sweet as is! I like that you got to use those fabulosu brown eggs for this dish! And, of course, you probably alreday guessed it, I really like your British blue tableware.
    Very happy belated Birthday whishes to your son, dear Tricia!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  10. What a delightful Post and Happy Belated Birthday to the big guy. I'm telling you right now, Tricia, that I will probably "borrow" this sentence sometime: "It was a vacation week of friends, family, new activities and old memories, all of which generated tremendous feelings of gratitude that wove into the results of this dish." Because I do understand the meaning of plagiarism, I will either move some words around or give you a little credit. Be warned. I loved this French Toast also. Do you remember the nutella and orange marmalade brioche we did two years ago. Honestly, anything with brioche works for me. Vermont sounds heavenly and that you all could be together makes it perfect and reason to be grateful. Which you and Nana seem to be. Every so often I think about us up at 5am, tromping down to Pike's Market while Nana was sleeping in and then ordering breakfast-in-bed. It's a LOL moment in my day.

  11. Tricia, Such a great post that shows the joy and happiness of your week in Vermont! Enjoy every moment and let your week become the memories of tomorrow! Loved the French Toast, even though I’m a bit late with posting. My family came to us, and things have been a bit hectic, to say the least…but wonderful! Love that you and Nana got to make this together! It looks luscious!

  12. So glad this recipe was a hit on your vacation together. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday and your French toast looks perfect.

  13. Your Vermont vacation sounds like so much fun. I'm glad this recipe was a fun part of it!