Friday, November 22, 2013

Salty-Sweet Potato Far

Per Nana:
When I first started to read this recipe I was excited. Bacon, potatoes,
 flour and egg batter.  Then came the prunes and raisins. Although 
I had all the ingredients, it took me a week to decide whether or not
 to prepare the recipe. I thought about leaving out the fruit but 
decided to go for it. The recipe is really very simple to make and since 
I was too lazy to take out my food processor, the hardest part was
 grating the potatoes on a box grater. 

Hubby enjoyed it and I did taste the far (after picking out the fruit) and 
it wasn't bad. That said, Hubby is on his own with the rest of it. It baked
 up quite nicely and the aroma was wonderful. I would like to make this again
 sometime, but I would use other ingredients instead of fruit. I also think
 cheese would make a wonderful addition. I am anxious to see what
 everyone else thought of this recipe.

Per Tricia:
I kept an open mind to this one, in part because I could not
 begin to guess how this was going to taste. That helped the cause.
Oh, how I love my Cuisinart......
Utterly no clue how this one is going to end....
 Hubby and I have been enjoying baked and mashed cauliflower 
lately so I thought it would be fun to do a "side by side"
 comparison and prepare this both ways. 
Potato Far
Cauliflower Far
The results ? I did enjoy the cauliflower as much, if not more. 
I simply simply substituted almond flour in lieu of regular.  I had to
 add a bit more liquid than the potato version, so used half and half. 
Potato Far
The results very much reminded me of a sort of warm raisin bun or scone, 
and it was a unique combo that we enjoyed and will absolutely make again. 
Cauliflower Far
This is officially getting file under the "who knew ?" category. 
My favorite category :) 
 And as usual, Dorie knew. That's who.

Happy French Friday ~


  1. Yay! I do like seeing how they turned out and how similar both of yours were to each other. I would have done this had I had a free night at home this week... did you think it was missing some spice or herb component?

  2. Tricia, glad to hear someone enjoyed this. Like Nana, I think most of us thought this needed a little something extra.

  3. Who knew indeed? I thought it was missing cheese and salt, myself.

  4. Needs cheese… both of your far look fantastic, glad you enjoyed it a little. My husband didn't think it was bad either.

  5. Tricia, Your review of this dish has just made me want to make it! This one just didn’t appeal to me at all! Both of your dishes do look delicious…Nice job, ladies! Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

  6. You are both good sports! I tried so hard to like it, I even added cheese, but it just wasn't my thing. I hope you and your families have an excellent Thanksgiving!

  7. Nana and Tricia: Love the look of both results! I am guessing: leavening missing from the recipe?

  8. Yes - cheese, please!
    I am filing this one under "interesting" - if I try it again, it will need to have sweet potatoes or something (and cheese).

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving, ladies.

  9. Ladies, they both look delicious but I agree with Nana. We didn't much care for it. Maybe cauliflower would have been better. A little more flavor. Did you read Betsy's post? She added cheese and it was only marginally better. Tricia, you have given the only positive I've read! That makes you unique:)

  10. Nana, I'm with you this week. This looked and smelled so pretty, I just wish it had tasted better! Tricia, I really like the idea of making this with cauliflower. Mine was very heavy, almost leaden, and I'm betting cauliflower helped the texture. I'm glad you enjoyed this.

  11. Way to roll with it, you two! Very clever w/the cauliflower idea.

  12. Interesting - if I try this again, I'm going to go the cauliflower route, Tricia. Nana - I'm with you. The potato version is only okay.