Friday, November 1, 2013

Hurry Up & Wait Roast Chicken

Per Tricia~
This was another week that was more technique than recipe, but an
 adventure regardless. Flipping that spitting hot chicken from side to
 side at 450 degrees is probably not going to happen again in my kitchen, 
but that combined with the upside down resting did create a juicy bird.

I stuffed bay leaves under the skin, seasoned the outside with 
olive oil, salt and pepper - and put garlic cloves in the cavity.  
Not surprisingly, the house smelled amazing.

Hubby enjoyed it and said his favorite take away from this week was 
the sauce "recipe" Dorie included. Agreed. I usually don't make
 a sauce from the pan drippings and it was a delicious change. Yum.
Per Nana~
If you have ever visited the markets in Europe, especially France, you will
 see rotisserie trucks with racks of chickens broiling away. Hubby and I
 would start out early in the day to visit these markets and within two hours 
the trucks would be empty. I have often wondered why anyone would bother 
to roast a chicken when these are so readily available.

I purchased an organic chicken, about 3 1/2 pounds, a perfect size for 
the two of us. I put a few cloves of garlic in the cavity, added some Zoe's 
flavoring and gave it a rub of butter and oil, plus an additional sprinkle of Zoe's.

I roasted some small potatoes in the Dutch oven with the chicken and
 served a mixed green salad on the side. The potatoes had such a delicious 
flavor from the melting chicken skin, but the chicken did not seem to 
brown as expected. I was disappointed that the back did not seem to cook
 at all, so I used my broiler to give it some color.

The end result was a tasty, juicy chicken that was so delicious. 
Even Hubby, who is such a fan of Popeye's crispy chicken, said this was good.
 Wonders never cease.........


  1. You both did a good job this week :) I agree that it's a fussy technique but one I am glad I tried! Happy weekend!

  2. Well, Miss Tricia - aren't you all fancy with the bay leaves under ths skin and stuff :-)
    Nana- love the idea of roasting the chicken on top of the potatoes.

    Have a great weekend, ladies!

  3. Tricia - gorgeous bird - love the look of the bay leaves. Looks very fancy.

    And Nana - I'm entertained that you're competing with Popeye's:-) Happy to hear that it was a hit.

  4. Nana, LOL at your hubby's response...sounds like he and my hubby are on the same page. And Tricia, I "thought" about stuffing some herbs under the looks beautiful that way!!!

  5. Tricia, I opened your Post and saw that poor abused bird and all I could think was, "On top of everything else that chick has endured, Tricia added pasties." Now there are 4 instead of 2 but pasties just the same. (I know, Lizzie thought the herbs under the skin looked beautiful, I thought otherwise!) I agree with you - delicious roast chicken but probably won't be happening in my kitchen again either. Too much manipulation at 450 degrees. I am surprised your chicken didn't brown more, Nana. I didn't get super crisp chicken but it was very brown and tasted lovely. Tricia, I laugh at how quickly you have adapted to Facebook. You go, Girl.

  6. Both chickens look terrific, and I must remember the bay leaves under the skin idea.

  7. Nana and Tricia…Beautiful birds!! I love the herbs under the skin. I’ve done that a few times with my thanksgiving turkeys. I too, think it's funny Nana, that your husband compared it to Popeyes. This was a good recipe and the result was excellent. However, I did not like turning a steaming hot chicken in my oven. Have a great weekend, ladies!!

  8. Nana & Tricia - both look terrific! I've done this with truffles and it makes quite an amazing bird. Robochon does this at a lower temperature which I think makes it easier to manipulate the bird, and he gives it a longer time per side which gives it great coloring. I love how you share this together, it always makes me smile to see both of your experiences in one post.

  9. Nana & Tricia ~ Love the bay leave idea and lots of puds with the roast!

  10. Tricia: those bay leaves certainly create a beautiful pattern but they, together with the olive oil and the seasonings and garlic, must have really made your kitchen smell heavenly - this is one fabulously delcious looking roast chicken - although, I must agree with you, a tad odd to handle!
    Nana: small potatoes with the chicken drippings - amazing, I am sure - roasted veg are always wonderful with chicken - brings out all their natural sweetness!
    Have a terrific weekend!

  11. I think the best part of roasting a chicken at home is the amazing smell! Tricia, your idea of the bay leaves and garlic not only looks great, but must have been heavenly. Nana, I wish I'd added potatoes - they would have been great with this!

  12. We thought this was good, but a little fussy! The vegetables were delicious, though!

  13. Tricia, I'm glad you told us there were bay leaves under your chicken's skin. I thought the poor bird was bruised... Nana, my chicken didn't brown either, much to my surprise. The oven was so hot, so I'm not sure why. I enjoyed the flavor and moistness of the chicken, though I don't think I'd make roast chicken this way again. Have a great week!

  14. I'm glad you both (and both husbands!) enjoyed the chicken. I wanted to make the sauce but all of the vegetables I had in the pan seemed to soak up all of the juices. There's definitely nothing like the smell of roast chicken...

  15. LOL!! Nana, isn't it disappointing when your bird doesnt seem to get any/much color? I have that happen to me more than I care to admit and its just disappointing... but at least it tastes good!!

    Tricia, Im usually too tired to care about making a gravy with the drippings by the time the bird is done but I'm going to have to remember to do this once we get to this recipe! :)

  16. Both your versions look fantastic! I've had rotisserie chicken, with dripping-soaked potatoes in Mexico and it's definitely a deterrent to roasting a chicken at home. Here though, I'm glad we have several good recipes from Dorie, including this one.

  17. Hi Ladies! I am making this chicken tonight to go with the soup recipe for this week.