Friday, December 6, 2013

Almond-Orange Tuiles

Per Nana:
A complete disaster for me. I prepared the dough yesterday and put it in the refrigerator overnight. When I looked at it today I thought this would work beautifully since it had such a nice texture. I formed teaspoon size little balls and it all held together well.  However, when I tried to remove them from the cookie sheet after baking, it just did not cooperate.

The first two cookies fell apart immediately but I managed to get three decent ones (sort of) on the rolling pin. I left the rest of them flat. My second tray was even more of a disaster as I could not remove them from the tray at all. They completely stuck and at that point I just gave up. 
The sad thing is, they were really tasty and the three that were curved were really quite decorative.  I actually used whole almonds that I blanched and peeled myself, and then finely chopped them. There must be a knack for making this cookie, but I certainly didn't have it. I am anxious to see how the rest of my fellow Doristas made out with this one.

Per Tricia:
"La Rentree" after our Thanksgiving vacation was definitely a brutal one this week, and not a good time for a fussy recipe. Reading the P&Q's just added to the anticipated stress. Luckily, I had Nana to the rescue and she delivered me almonds that she blanched and peeled. Yup, kind of hard to complain about having a busy week :)
I used "Pam" non-stick spray and my metal cookie spatula
I literally did the grocery shopping for this cookie at 8pm on Friday night, threw the dough in the freezer for about ten minutes and said a quick prayer or two :)
I also leveraged all the amazing advice that the Doristas shared in the P&Q's and my recipe came off without a hitch.

They looked amazing, tasted amazing and smelled fantastic. I first loaded up a big pottery platter but then decided they also needed a photo on my "good china". These seem like lovely "fancy" cookies and I think they would really impress company.

My hubby and I enjoyed these immensely and I will gladly make them again. I also want to note that I enjoy all of the tips and stories that Dorie has shared in this book - "Around My French Table", but the one she told about getting this cookie recipe from the chef (along with a sample of the dough to cook at home) really touched me. For those that have had the pleasure of interacting with Dorie in person, this would have been an easy exchange to understand. She is that special, and so are these cookies.

Happy French Friday ~


  1. Aw sorry yours didn't turn out Nana but Tricia yours look lovely :) - I hope you shared! Tricia, glad the P&Q was handy!

  2. Nana! the ones in your picture looks great!

    Tricia! You had a bonanza!

  3. Tricia - you are my hero. Flat out.
    Nana - I feel your pain. My first round came out like that too - I finally gave in and used parchment the second time around and they were way easier to handle.
    Have a wonderful weekend ladies!

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  5. Nana, they were a disaster for me too. Tricia, well done. I was an early adopter and didn't get the benefit of everyone 's advice, but I am not sure it would have made a difference to me!

  6. So sorry Nana! I had the same thing happen to my first two cookie sheets, and then I decided to use parchment paper! I don’t know what kind of magic pan Dorie is using, but she seems to be the only one who was able to get them off without a fuss! Tricia…yours came out perfect! I’m sure it’s because you used Pam. These were wonderful cookies and I will make them again for Christmas…but I will use parchment! Nana…I blanched my own almonds, too! Have a great weekend, ladies!

  7. Kudos on both your tries! I had to use parchment after the first batch stuck to the pan.

  8. I will definitely be trying this recipe some time soon.

  9. These didn't work so well for me either. The first few were OK, but they got progressively worse. I do admire you, Nana, for blanching the almonds yourself. That's truly gilding the lily, but must have made it even more frustrating that these cookies were so uncooperative. I guess it's fortunate that one of the only successful cookie bakers this week was your daughter, so, Tricia, you'll have to show her the trick this time around.

  10. Mixed results on this one all around. At least the broken ones taste just as good!

  11. Nana, I completely understand your pain. I had many of the same problems you encountered. I went into this adventure with a good attitude, the proper ingredients and I followed Dorie's instructions to a T. It was not an easy or pleasant experience. Heck, I used almond meal/flour and did not even go through the whole blanching process. I commend you for that. As for you, Tricia, even though you are Nana's partner and blood relative and I respect you for that --- "my recipe came off without a hitch." Seriously??? I have nothing to say to you.

    1. LOL- glad I know you like me :) I think I was actually so pathetic by rushing at the last minute (even with Nana's perfectly blanched almonds handed to me.....that the Gods smiled down with pity.

  12. Nice teamwork ladies! Those darn utile scan be tricky.

  13. Tricia, beautiful cookies! I'm very jealous. Nana, I'm with you. Mine didn't come out at all. I'm so impressed that you blanched, peeled, and chopped your almonds by hand.

  14. I finally caught up on these last week. Nana, I had even more trouble than you (though it was partly my own fault). Tricia, I can only tip my hat to you.