Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesdays with Dorie (Our first !) ~ White Loaves

This is the first time we have posted on other than a Friday !
Today marks the inaugural posting of the newly re-launched "Tuesdays with Dorie".  They made it through the first book and are now starting up again with Dorie's wonderful "Baking with Julia".  
Nana and I are cautiously optimistic that we can keep up with the schedule, but to hedge our bets we decided to truly take turns with the Tuesday recipes.  Fridays will continue with the dual posts (notice I did not call it a "thrown down" :) but we are definitely spacing out the baking efforts and calories on this one.......

Per Nana:

A few years ago, Tricia and I both had bread machines 
which were the big rave then, but it is not quite the same as
 when you see your  own dough rising from scratch 
and become a beautiful loaf of bread.
I have to admit the size of the pans were too large
 for this recipe, but the result was great.  
Dorie mentions in her instructions to turn the bread out 
of their pans about 10 minutes before they are ready to come 
out of the oven, and believe me it makes a big difference
in the finished color of the loaf.  

It was difficult to wait for them to cool before slicing
 into the loaf, but well worth the wait. 

The first thing hubby wanted was a grilled cheese sandwich.
  I'm considering some French toast, which I love.


  1. Yeah! So happy to see you ladies here. It's fun to see you on another day of the week!

    Those look like USA Pans - I love their products. Their cake pans are amazing.

    Until Friday...

  2. Yay! It's great seeing all the ffwD folks hopping on this round of TwD. Your grilled cheese looks insanely good right now!

  3. Yay - here you are too!!! Wasn't this a wonderful recipe :) I will be only posting 1x month for this group - for a two erson household it's too much otherwise!!!

  4. Your loaves look perfect! And those grilled cheese sandwiches...I could use one for breakfast. So glad you are joining in the baking fun!

  5. Such beautiful bread...delicious looking! So happy to be baking with you both on TwD. Your grilled cheese is making me hungry!

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today! much appreciated.
    I wish I could cook and bake like you!!! I'm so awful in the kitchen.


  7. So glad you joined, too! This bread was perfect for grilled cheese! Very nicely done! See you Friday!

  8. Oh my goodness, that grilled cheese looks to die for!

    So happy that you had fun tiwh this. I did too. It's a great idea for you to take turns on Tuesdays! I always love reading your posts!!

  9. Glad you both are doing TWD too! Your bread looks beautiful, and you can't go wrong with grilled cheese. Delicious.

  10. So many people made grilled cheese. I wish I had done it too but next time I will. I used the last of my bread to make FFwD tartine:)

  11. Glad I stopped by & got to see your bread. I think I need to bake some more bread just to try it with grilled cheese like so many Doristas did. :)

  12. I didn't realize you both had joined Tuesdays with Dorie! I am catching up on reading some of the posts on TwD - so daunting! Your bread looks wonderful and it was perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches. We also couldn't wait for the bread to cool to taste it.