Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nutella Tartine

An easy week for sure, yet these basic items came together to 
create a surprisingly wonderful treat we all enjoyed.
Per Tricia~
My younger son has been a huge Nutella fan for years.
 On occasion we buy the very large containers that are sold
 in double packs at our local Costco. While no one "needs" that
 much Nutella, it is a fun treat.  It's not that the rest of the family 
doesn't like's just that he LOVES it. 
 Needless to say, I was delighted to see this week's recipe and
 knew that I would hit a home run with one family member.....
as well as have  a very easy recipe and clean up :)  Win win. 

We used the yummy Sarabeth's Orange Apricot Marmalade 
and I enjoyed recalling my trip with Nana to their 
NY store last year.  We are due for another NYC trip to restock -
 and from the results of this recipe, we will need more !

Simple to make - another "non recipe" FF, yet I would not have
 thought to combine salt, marmalade, butter AND the Nutella. 
We hit a home run for the whole family - we all loved it !
  Dorie is a genius.

Per Nana~
Peanut butter and jelly it's not.  But oh,  so good.
I only made the recipe to keep up with the rest of the Doristas,
 but  I was certain this was not for me.
I truly do not like Nutella, although hubby loves it.

However, I believe the combination of the butter, marmalade
 and the nutella gives it a whole new flavor.   

I used challah bread, as well as a delicious marmalade from 
Hediard in Paris, thanks to Tricia, that is superb. 
 (Nutella from Costco).

My bread is a little too brown, and I only had it under 
the  broiler for a few seconds, but it was delicious. 
I can truly see this as an afternoon snack for children, 
as just one slice is quite filling and substantial.
I think this is a winner.


  1. Love these quick yet tasty snacks. I'm thinking about different nutbutters, etc to try soon.

  2. I enjoyed this snack as well. Pfft; phooey on this being just for kids! Your photos look so tasty.

  3. We go through a LOT of Nutella in my house (The Runner Girl is a huge fan) - I have been guilty of buying those big tubs of it :-)
    Glad this was a hit on both sides this week!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Great idea to broil the tartine, Nana! I'll have to hit up Sarabeth's the next time I go to NYC.

  5. Peanut butter and jelly it's not - you can sure say that again! This was the bomb, and I'm now amongst the zillions of Nutella fans. Happy Friday!

  6. You don't like nutella? How is that possible??? hahaha Looks like this recipe was a home run, all around. I love the sound of all your fancy jams. Yum.

  7. I'm jealous of your wonderful fruit spreads. I think I've seen some of Sarabeth's stuff in our local HomeGoods. As soon as I'm done with my big jar of apricot I'll look into an upgrade. The challah shape is wonderfully rustic, Nana. Glad to hear both of you enjoyed this one.

  8. I bought the same SaraBeth Marmalade, I was able to taste that and it was delicous! The Hediard sounds wonderful also. I wasn't able to taste, but sous chef shares your view Nana, he wasn't impressed!

  9. That broiler turns bread from beige tan to black in a second, doesn't it? Both your versions look mighty tasty, even to a non-nutella addict.

  10. My kids love peanut butter and nutella. I'll have to say the jam was nice but nutella & peanut butter is still my fave!

  11. I'm not a big Nutella lover either, I prefer almond butter with honey on toast. The top photo really drew me in, it really looks delcious! I also like the idea of using challah which does make good toast;-)

  12. So easy, it almost felt like cheating, didn't it?! :) Both your tartines look amazing, ladies!

  13. These look delicious! We really loved it for breakfast this morning (using our TwD bread) and can see having it for an afternoon snack!

  14. Hey, both winners from the two of you. One, more enthusiastic than the other, however. I haven't looked for nor seen Nutella at Costco because I just purchased my first small jar EVER in my grocery store last week. We liked this. I am going to serve this again when my grandchildren come to visit over President's Week-end. Good Post.

  15. Tricia: Sarabeth!!! I'm jealous
    Nana: Hediard!!! OMG

    Ahem. I really should contain my excitement.

    I also got the two-fer from Costco. It just feels so decadent to have that much Nutella at the house~~glad the tartine was enjoyed by all at yours!

  16. Ha! PB&J it's not? But, to me, it was too similar. Unfortunately for my mother, I was never a big PB&J fan. However, everyone's tartines look tasty.

  17. Nana - I just have to add this. I think that you and I are a bit older than most of the Doristas, soooooooooo this Nutella mania (and, most of Dorie's followers loved it) must say something. Anyway, I tried very hard to fall in love with Nutella (I fell "in like", not "in love", and just am marking it up to a "old dogs, new tricks" recipe. Branching out from PB&J. Good for both of us that we did it! Mary

  18. Both versions look great. Glad everyone was able to try it even if Nutella is everyone's favorite! :)

  19. Truly one of my favorite dishes from AMFT. So easy. So tasty and so pretty!

  20. I'm really glad you both enjoyed this one! I think it's great that people have such different reactions to the recipes....Nana, I tried to broil some bread this week and it came out looking just like yours! From now on I think I'm going to stick to the toaster.