Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gorgonzola Apple Quiche

Expectations matched results, for both of us.  And expectations were high......
Per Nana:

Excellent recipe.
Hubby and I really enjoyed this wonderful combination of ingredients.  
Onions, apples, and Gorgonzola cheese.  

I used the recipe for tart dough that Dorie recommended, however, 
every time I make this dough there does not seem to be enough to
 make even this 9" tart.  I'm wondering if other Doristas are having the
 same problem or perhaps I'm doing something wrong. 
 I rolled the pastry out and to have it fit perfectly, it is so thin 
and hard to handle.  Any suggestions?

As for the quiche, the flavor was spot on.  
I usually make a traditional quiche with Swiss cheese and bacon, but 
this is definitely a nice change and will be repeated again many times.   

Per Tricia :
I have yet to meet a quiche I didn't like, and was very 
excited to try the Gorgonzola-apple combo.  While we have had 
many dishes with pear and blue cheeses, I had not
thought to incorporate the fruit/cheese combo into a quiche.  

While high expectations usually spell a death knoll for my results
 - they did not this time.  This recipe delivered and then some.

Only my younger son was able to taste test this one and
 although he loves blue cheese (has since he was small - go figure !) 
he only wanted a "tiny piece" to taste after I told him what was in it. 
 He promptly declared it delicious and went back for a huge piece
....after declaring it wasn't as "sweet" as he feared it would be. 
 Yay ! 

I can't rave enough about this combo. 
I am racking my brain to think of another FFWD recipe
 that I liked better than this.  Granted, I love creme brulee....
but that was more of a fun experience to learn you could make
 it at home than a "favorite new recipe".   And that is what this 
one is for sure.  This was a new take on an old favorite, which I
 would not have tried were it not for French Fridays.  I can not
 wait to make this again for family and friends - it is off the charts 
delicious and very, very simple. Thank you Dorie !


  1. For me expectations did not match results because I was not expecting to love this one. Boy was I wrong! I agree with Tricia that this is one ranks up there among my favorite recipes, though I think that the mustard tart is still my all time favorite.

    Nana - I am a novice when it comes to pie dough, but I do have one quick thought regarding your dilemma. If Dorie is using a round tart pan (and I think that she is based on pictures of other tarts in the book) and you are using a square pan, that might explain why you do not have enough dough. The area of the square pan will be more than the area of the round pan. Without actually doing the math, maybe try an 8 inch square pan next time and see if that works better. Either that or just up the amounts of everything a bit.

    1. Thanks, I will give that a try. I always find it hard to roll dough into a square,
      so I might buy smaller round pans. That particular dough recipe works so well,
      I wouldn't want to change anything and screw it up.

  2. This one also ranks up there amongst my favourites though I say the same thing each week (well, most weeks!) This will be a regular dish on our table from now on - loved the combo!!

  3. Wow! A double hit. Yeah!
    Nana - I would guess the square vs. round might be your culprit on the pan as Rose noted above. I have used this dough a few times in a 9" round with no issue. (Although, I like the square shape!)
    Tricia - I totally hear you on the college essay nightmare. My eldest is a senior and it feels like we have been working on apps since October. And still have more to fill out...
    Have a great weekend, ladies.

  4. Both quiches look wonderful and I am so glad they met both your expectations and more. I made mini-quiche so I didn't have a problem with the dough being thin, but I had some shrinkage even though I used pie weights when I pre-cooked the shells, but that doesn't bother me. Have a good weekend!

  5. Both quiche look fantastic! And I'm super jealous of your fun rectangular pans!

  6. The flavors in this exceeded my expectations as well. I skipped the crust, so that made it easier since I often have the same tooo much/too little dough problem myself when making crusts.

  7. We loved this recipe too! I'm not having any problems with the dough, after I roll it out I have to trim the edges.
    Maybe you should try rolling it out thinner between plastic wrap, I think Dorie suggests that in the recipe. You should have enough to cover your tart pan, I wish we lived closer so we could make tart dough together!

  8. Both of your quiches looks wonderful! I still haven't tasted mine because I'm serving it to my bunco group tonight...glad you both liked it! It gives me hope! Have a great weekend!

  9. Glad you both enjoyed it; we did too! Have to agree with the others, Nana. It must be the square shape. I just got a rectangular tart pan that I'm eager to try and I'll let you know if I have the same issue!

  10. Yep...I'm with you, would never have come up with this delicious combo on my own for a quiche. Your quiches look great. I think the pan you use has more square inches than a round pan, thus the recipe for crust is not enough. I usually 2 or 3 times the recipe knowing I will need crust dough again within a day or two for another project...(this week I have Superbowl requests) so I had too much dough on purpose...but my rectangle shape pan that I used for this project was much thinner than yours so needed less dough...I would have had extra no matter what. But your experience is good to remember...if I want you make your shape tart then I need extra dough. Nice post.

  11. Tricia..I can see from your pictures that your quiche is delicious ! I gave this a miss coz I was busy the last two weeks with the Chinese New Year celebration and all those cooking involved. I hope to make this soon :)

  12. I'm glad you both enjoyed this one! Both of your quiches look great. It's so nice to have another great, relatively-easy recipe.

  13. Glad everyone enjoyed this recipe. I'll have to try this one!

  14. This is one of my all time favorites, too. and yes, I always have a hard time getting her dough thin enough to fit my pan. It always looks big enough, but then when I actually put it in, there are whole sections of the side with nothing. I need a recipe that makes just a bit too much dough, to avoid ripping bits off and sticking them back on.

  15. My dough worked out ok - and maybe even a bit too thick... but it's always tricky when the pan shape is different. I have a square pan too - why didn't I think of using it? It looks so cute.

    Glad you loved, loved this - always so fun to see how you both do!

  16. Looks great! A few mishaps in my kitchen tonight, but I will definitely make this one again. My crust seemed thinner than 1/4" thick too, and wasn't much bigger than 12" rolled out?

  17. Love your square shape, ladies! I was also afraid the quiche would be too sweet. But it was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. I'm glad you both resoundingly agreed and enjoyed this one.

  18. I love your tart pan and nice that everyone enjoyed it. I'm guessing it's the shape of the pan as well, with the flutes taking even more space.

  19. I too love your square pie dishes, makes the end result look very classy!
    Your quiches look so good! I am not a lover of blue cheese but even I managed to eat a slice. It really was nice and I can imagine anyone who actually likes blue cheese would love this!

  20. Yay! I am glad you both liked it, and your quiches both look sensational.

  21. I was also surprised at how much I loved blue cheese and fruit with eggs. Great job, ladies! My husband is also picky when it comes to fruit in savory dishes, so I took advantage of my individual tart tins. No apples for him!

  22. Love the sqaure shape. Another blogger had a recatangle shape that also looked lovely. Glad you enjoyed this one as much as we did!

  23. They are both beautiful! I really like that rectangle shape. I had a smidge of leftover dough, but not much it pretty much fit to the pan. Didn't you just love how the combination of the blue cheese and apples worked together in this - not too sweet, but just enough to cut the cheese!

  24. Beautiful looking quiche! Love the rectangular shape :)

  25. I love the rectangular pans! Your quiches look beautiful! I really enjoyed this recipe also, I am already planning on making the Quiche Lorraine version next week!