Thursday, January 26, 2012

Broth Braised Potatoes

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  But nothing special either :)

Per Nana ~

Sad to say, but while I was preparing and cooking these potatoes,
 I was wondering what I could do with the leftovers.

There was absolutely no flavor to this recipe even though the
 aroma from the cooking liquid was wonderful.

I served the recipe as a side dish with salmon and 
brussels sprouts but I was not impressed.

I decided that I will be using the leftovers for a frittata 
with  the addition of swiss chard and onion.
We completed out meal with a delicious cheese
 danish from Costco that hubby insisted we "needed".  
My downfall, to be sure.

Per Tricia ~

In full disclosure, Nana generously offered to make a frittata for my 
household too.  No need to ask twice and in fact, I asked her why she
 bothered to ask once - of  course we wanted one !
 We accepted and devoured the extra large frittata in a single day. 
 I had considered it a victory, until she sent over the photo of the Danish...

 Now for those broth braised potatoes.

We deemed them "nothing unusual and nothing particularly special". 
 My husband kept asking what was supposed to be the "Dorie" part
 of the potatoes and said that unless you got one where the seasonings
 had landed....they simply tasted like fairly plain potatoes. 
 In Dorie's defense, I think this household is getting a bit heavy handed
 in adding "Old Bay"  and "Baby Bam" (Emeril's) to their food. 

 Regardless, I was particularly delighted it was a quick and easy
 experiment that gave a break in the "clean up" department this week. 

 Happy French Friday !


  1. Sorry you weren't crazy about these spuds, we liked them but they were very simple. Maybe they needed more spice for your taste(?), the frittata and the Danish both look amazingly good;-)

  2. How you all entertain me! I love seeing your posts! I liked these potatoes, but really, more in light of the fact that it's nice (and necessary?) sometimes to have something that isn't in cream or butter!.

    The frittata looks amazing! I can totally see why that could have been the best part!!!

  3. Definitely nothing special. I normally boil my new potatoes in broth anyway. But I guess at least it was not a "miss", right?

  4. I agree with you Tricia and Nana - nothing special, but OK. I want to steal Nana's Danish - yum!

  5. I was crazy about these potatoes, and I'm sorry that you didn't love them too. But the frittata sounds like it more than made up for a relatively boring dish. Not to mention the Danish.

  6. I liked these, but had delicious sauce to pour over them, too! I was also glad they were so easy to prepare. Not too thrilled with the Feb line-up, however, so will sit a few out. Maybe I'll take the opportunity to make up some recipes I've missed.

    Have a glorious weekend!

  7. I smiled all through the post. For all the wonderful smells coming out of the kitchen, the potatoes were way too bland for our taste. The frittata is a great idea - that would make a lovely lunch and all-day snack. Tricia - I bet most of us are feeling like you did when you got the picture of the Danish. I know I want some now!

  8. Maybe they weren't a hit but at least they were easy! We thought they were flavorful without adding fat which is what I usually do to potatoes:) I love the way the two of you cook together and share food.

  9. I thought it was a nice change up that went over well with my "meat and potatoes" crew. I am not a huge potato person, so probably not the best judge :-)
    Your honest review made me smile...

  10. Hmm...I guess the Dorie part is the sauce? Kudos for trying it!

  11. I think the nice thing about this recipe is that it really is so simple - for those who loves boiled potatoes, this is a nice, straightforward prep. I was tempted to try it with sweet potatoes, but ultimately skipped - I'm on a huge sweet potato thing right now, but boiling's not my favorite method. Big thumbs-up on the frittata!

  12. I think I'm more of an Old Bay girl, too :) We also thought they were nothing special but enjoyed the leftovers more. :)

  13. I agree, I didn't think these were that exciting. I kept trying to come up with something to do with the leftover broth - it smelled great. Your frittata looks delicious!

  14. Ha! I like the question of what "the Dorie part" was. A frittata sounds like a good way to use up these potatoes. In my house, there are never leftover potatoes, no matter what they taste like.

  15. Sorry you guys didn't like this one! I loved 'em!

  16. Baby bam (LOL), too funny! I think that used more herbs than she called for so mine were pretty tasty. They sound great in a frittata! I used the leftovers in a steak salad the next day and they held up well. Can't love them all.

  17. You weren't the only ones who said the potatoes didn't pick up any of the flavor. Some of the other posts I have read said the same thing and others said the flavor was so good. I wonder if it makes a difference in the type of potato that was used? Hmm... I made the fennel instead and they picked up so much of the flavor from the sauce.

  18. I love reading everyone's results. Mine were not spectacular, but still, not bad. I was surprised how little flavour was absorbed, yet the house smelled so dang good!

  19. I agree these weren't all that different from boiled potatoes, but I thought they were more interesting than plain AND so simple. I liked them. I've never spotted cheese danish at Costco, but I'll be looking out for it on my next trip there. That's the winning shot of your post this week.

  20. I love your leftover fritatta. I loved the hash browns we had, but I might have to try your dish!

  21. I agree, not so spectacular! Great use for the leftovers, though!

  22. The the idea of a frittata (I might have to make one using my leftover potatoes), and that Costco danish is also one of our favorites! Mine turned out good, but were not earth shattering, very easy though.

  23. Meant to say love the idea of a frittata!

  24. Aww, sorry to hear that you guys weren't huge fans. :( They look great though! And what a great idea on the frittata!

  25. Well, the two of you pretty much were on the money. I loved the idea of this recipe but didn't get the flavorful reward. I might tweak the recipe. No water. BUT, the next morning, the potatoes in my frittata as well as the hashbrowns were fantastic. For me, the best thing about this recipe was the "day-after" result. I belong to Costco and will pick up a Danish the next trip. I loved that you showed us a picture of this. Way to go, Tricia.

  26. I had to smile over the "at least we both agree" part! It's too bad when a recipe falls short of expectation especially when it smelled so nice while cooking. Nana's fritata is a great idea and aren't you lucky Tricia that she's the sharing type? :)

    One day, I'll learn to make danish from scratch just so that I can look at the danish at Costco and say "I can do much better than that"....and walk away. LOL

  27. I agree ladies...nothing special at all. Oh well! The quiche & pastry look WONDERFUL!!