Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bubble~Top Brioche Rolls

A perfect recipe for a cold winter's day ~

Per Nana:

Anyone who has made a New Year's resolution to start
 a diet should skip this week's FFWD recipe.
Hubby and I had the butter waiting before the
 timer went off.  These little rolls are so good.

Seriously, the recipe is a bit time consuming, but well worth it.

I prepared the dough as instructed, and put the bowl in the 
refrigerator overnight.  When I removed it in the morning I thought
 the dough was quite stiff and might turn out tough, but all went well.

My brioches may not have the bubble top effect that
Dorie is showing in her book, but they were delicious.

 About two months ago I started cleaning out the basement,
 sorting thru old pans and cupcake tins intending to purchase new,
 but have not gotten that far yet.  The only pans I had left were
 my popover pans and maybe that is the reason my bubble top
 did not come out as planned.

Per Tricia:

While I have not met a carb I didn't like, I was actually prepared to
 "not like" this one simply because of the amount of time involved.
As I have shared in  previous posts, we have an amazing bakery outlet
(Le Bus) near my office and I do enough damage there. 

But French Friday is French Friday and while I anticipated these
would be good - the results were more impressive than I expected. 
 I also figure that no matter what else I serve company for dinner, if
I have these on the table and my house smells this  good .....the meal 
will be a winner.  My prior "fall back" had been to simply keep
 refilling the wine glasses - there is usually a direct relationship between
wine consumption and meal compliments.  I will now arm myself with Brioche. 

Thank you Dorie !!


  1. These did seem to defy the laws of nature, didn't they? I had people lined up at the counter with butter & knives in hand when these came out :-)
    Have a great weekend & stay warm.

  2. If you look at how much butter is in each roll, it's not too bad. I made 8 and used 6 tablespoons of butter. That's of course, not counting the butter ON TOP! I loved these and am enjoying how everyone's are slightly different shapes!

  3. I really making these delectable brioches and I shall make them again soon. Yours look good ! Lovely!

  4. We'de loved the brioche rolls and are going to make them much more in the near future. Both yours looks great.

  5. Too funny Tricia, you and I have the same fall back for impressing company. And until I buy a standing mixer, I will have to stick with wine.

    Both of your broiches look delicious, what a great way to start off the year!

  6. Haha--if you have brioche AND free-flowing wine, your guests may never leave. Both of your brioches look beautiful! Glad they were such a success.

  7. The aroma of these baking in the oven brought my hubby in ready to pounce! They were delicious! Both of yours look beautiful! Although they took a bit of time most of it was spent in the fridge. I will definitely be making these again! Don't think diet this week...think delicious!! Happy New Year to you both!

  8. Tricia and Nana, I love your work - both sets of rolls look amazing.

  9. Perfect! Just perfect to both of you!

  10. Yum! Both batches of rolls look beautiful!

  11. Both brioches look great! I like your fall back plan Tricia. Wine refills and lots of brioche sounds like a recipe for success:)

  12. You both got beautiful color in your rolls. Brioche rolls and an endless glass of wine--sounds perfect!

  13. I do like the version in the popover pan - it looks rustic but pretty! I guess it will pay off to keep at least half a dozen in the freezer in case of impromptu company.

  14. How do you distract your guests if you're not a drinker? I'm going to have to come up with a backup plan! I love reading about your cooking adventures!

  15. You both made beautiful rolls! I think I could live on brioche and wine, maybe some chocolate...

  16. Looks like both of your rolls came out beautifully, so wonderfully browned on top. I agree, the smell and taste of these will distract any guests.

  17. Happy New Year! Both your brioches look fabulous. Nana, I like the look of them in the popover pan. I made popovers for the first time before I made Dorie's brioche, but my popovers didn't rise high enough because I used a muffin tin or it probably was because I don't have a glass door on my oven and opened the door to peek at them - shouldn't have done that! I want to look for a popover pan or those pyrex individual dishes when I am out thrifting to see if I have better luck next time.

  18. Happy New Year! I see from your photos that all is well in the baking department in both of your kitchens! They turned out gorgeous, I love this recipe, such a rewarding outcome to a baking project;-)

  19. You two and your blog are The Bomb, and your photos are The Best. Great job, as usual.
    Cheers to the yeasty bubbles!

  20. Happy New Year to you both! Wonderful job! I just made Bread Pudding with the leftovers & it was amazing!

  21. Really terrific looking brioches from both of you! I like how Nana's have that great stature and are quite elegant and Tricia your brioches look like they are buttery and melt in your mouth perfection!

  22. I'm glad you liked my latest moon photo. I thought of you the other day when I saw JK Adams featured on The Kitchn. When you talked about it in your creme brulee post, I made a mental note to check it out someday.

  23. Thanks, Tricia!

    Are you going to join Tuesdays with Dorie, too? I'm really looking forward to it - it's only twice a month.