Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cheese-Topped Onion Soup

Perfect for a cold winter's meal - though our winter has been quite mild.  This week we enjoyed temperatures up in the 60's.  Even in warmer weather, this soup was a winner ~

Per Tricia~
I have never made French Onion soup from "scratch",
 so this was a fun adventure.  I will say that there were a formidable
 number of onions and the chopping process was not for the weak. 
 Overall, a very simple and straight forward recipe. 
The biggest issue is having the kitchen time to watch those onions 
try to  caramelize- it took mine well over an hour or so, but
 Nana had given me the heads up as well as Dorie.
 And I was delighted to find that my favorite soup bowls did survive
 the that would have been one epic mess to clean up. 

 A nice soup, given rave reviews by all of my resident taste testers
 - who especially enjoyed the aroma and taste of that spoonful of 
cognac in the bottom  of each bowl.   It smelled amazing and
 was very "impressive looking" for company. 

Per Nana~
How is it that I love calf's  liver served with a pile of
 caramelized onions and bacon, and can not eat onion soup? 
 I love onions in all forms, including raw on a great 
hamburger, but onion soup ? No way. 
I made this delicious recipe on Saturday and knowing that I  
would not be eating any of it, I only prepared half the recipe.
Cooked the onions for over 1 hour and the aroma was fantastic. 
 That part of the preparation was the most time consuming
 of the whole recipe.  With the addition of the wine and broth,
the rest took all of 30 minutes.
I purchased a lovely fresh baguette and some Gruyere,
 which I grated coarsely as instructed.
Hubby was in his glory.  This has been his favorite soup always, 
and he ate it in every restaurant we visited in France.   
Believe it or not, he liked mine. Or should I say - "Dorie's". 
No critiquing whatsoever.   I can't believe it.
Seriously, it's a great recipe.  If you happen to have extra
 Gruyere  left, make some garlic bread with butter, garlic
 and cheese on top.  Absolutely fantastic.
I must say, the month of February had all the
 best  recipes, we loved all of them.


  1. Both of your soups look delicious. And Nana, that was very sweet of you to make the soup for your husband, knowing that you would not like it. Especially considering how long it took to chop and caramelize those darn onions.

  2. We loved this & will definitely make it again!

  3. Both your soups look great! I didn't put this in my post, by I enlisted help on the onion chopping - that definitely made things simpler...
    P.s. I still can't figure out how to post badges on my site :-)

    1. I add the badges by "adding a picture" in the design tab of the blog. Took me forever the first time but I got the "TWD" badge on quickly. My ps is that I am still horribly behind leaving comments :)

  4. Yes this month's recipes have been great. I love this soup and ma glad I made a lot of it last weekend as I will be enjoying it for dinner tonight again!

  5. Both soups turned out great! Definitely agree that February's recipes have been the best so far!

  6. You both made such wonderful looking soups. I'm especially proud of Nana making this dish when she prefers not to eat it. Sometimes we do that for our men. It has been such as treat during all this Dorie cooking to watch you two encourage each other, compare your versions of the recipes, etc. Always enjoy your post.

  7. They both look fabulous...but had to giggle at the difference in reviews :)

  8. Oh my god--garlic bread with gruyere?? How have I never thought of this????? I'm SO making that tonight. Glad that you both loved the soup!

  9. Hi Tricia and Nana,
    Love your stories! Nana, I wanted to reach into your blog and pull out that bowl of soup for me.

  10. Nana, you stole my thunder....... I was going to remark that I noticed you both loved the February recipes. Me, too. Is it our palates or Dorie's good book. Both, I hope. We loved the soup also. Only I had a big cheesy bowl myself. Yes, it's funny that you don't like FOS but lovely that you don't take that taste treat away from your husband. Good for you for making it. Congratulations on your first made-from-scratch attempt. Looks delicious.

  11. Last comment was directed to you, Tricia.

  12. Mmmm can't wait to catch up with this one! I've never made onion soup either and looking at yours is making me hungry!

  13. I love those handled soup bowls! Maybe you should just add some of the caramelized onions to your cheese bread. Now that I write that, I want to try it! I have some leftover everything in the fridge, so I think I'm going to go and turn on the broiler!

  14. Both soups look beautiful! I could eat the cheesy bread without the onion base (although I guess it wouldn't be much of a soup that way).

  15. Your soup looks great! And the closest I've come to onion soup is goulash! I've wanted to try it but without this group I know it would have been one of those "one day" recipes! I liked it but it was the cheesy baguette that made it for me!

  16. So happy that you both enjoyed this!! I love both your versions. I thought this was a lot of fun, though it took a while on a late evening home from work! We're going to enjoy the rest of it tonight!!

  17. Both of you mad gorgeous looking soup - and I can attest that even in hot weather (37 degrees Celsius here yesterday - phew!), it tastes good.

  18. This looks delicous! How funny that 60 is warm for you - in the desert we consider that coat and boot weather. We were in the 90's last week and I just couldn't bring myself to make this soup - just didn't fit the weather and didn't think a chilled version of it would be very good. Terrific that everyone enjoyed it, and I can just smell that cognac and the onions together when reading.

  19. Both of these soups look amazing! You both did a great job with this one. I am still away, and was not able to make this recipe. I will be making it soon though, because it looks fantastic!

  20. Looks delicious! Glad you enjoyed this recipe. Will definitely try your suggestion for Gruyere garlic bread, yum!

  21. Both of your soups look beautiful! Tricia, I love your soup bowls. Nana, I'm so impressed that you made this, even knowing that you weren't going to eat it.

  22. Nana; I love that you prepared the soup even though it was not your choice. Kinda like me with the mussels last week! But my sweetie ate them all up with relish! And we both fell for this onion soup- WOW!

  23. Both of the soups look so good and make me wish I had another bowl of this wonderful fragrant delicious cheesy soup! I went light on my cheese and cut the recipe way down to just serve the two of us but we loved it and I will make it again soon. February's recipes were good, I'm curious to see the menu for March;-)