Friday, August 26, 2011

Cafe Salle Pleyel Hamburger

Per Nana ~
Our recipe for this week was "Cafe Salle Pleyel" hamburgers.  
Since Tricia is traveling, I borrowed some of her food tasters
 and we all enjoyed a lovely dinner.
This was a really good hamburger. The filling mix consisted
of sundried tomatoes, capers, cornichons and herbs - which
 gave it a wonderful flavor.  I made the onion marmalade
 and used sandwich slices of dill pickle cut into strips.
My only complaint was that it was too much meat
 for each hamburger.  It looked more like a mini meatloaf.
 Hubby and I only ate half of the burger,
but they were delicious.

My method of cooking was pan frying, but I know
this would be great on a grill too.  

I served the  Barefoot Contessa's "Sagaponack Corn Pudding"
and a mixed salad with this recipe.
Per Tricia ~

I missed out on this one but my guys enjoyed it - big time.
 I was in Buckhead/Atlanta for the week and enjoyed
 many lovely restaurants.  Not surprising, my favorite
 ended up being the "Varsity"  near Georgia Tech.
It is the worlds' largest drive-in restaurant and
showcases hotdogs, burgers, fries, chiili and similar goodies. 
  One of their claims to fame is the standard "what'll ya have"
that the cashiers holler out to encourage people to
 step up and order.  It is hilarious - you hear a continual
chant of this from behind the counter. 
They had arguably the best onion rings I have ever tasted
 (and I have tasted a lot.....)and their "naked dog" and
 "slaw dogs" were amazing.  That said, I still wish I was
 home to taste the "Dorie Burgers"........


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed them, Nana! Yes, they were BIG burgers...I ate mine over two nights :)

  2. Your mix and final burgers look outstanding! Great post!

  3. Looks great! I made my burgers smaller as 6 oz seemed too big. Tricia, I loved Varsity when I visited Atlanta. I also loved South City Kitchen -- the banana pudding was amazing.

  4. What a fantastic looking burger! We really enjoyed them, too. I also made mine a bit smaller. Your corn pudding looks delicious...a favorite of mine. Have a great week-end! Stay safe!

  5. Nana, your burgers look so delicious! Yes, I thought they were too big too, but I managed to finish one and couldn't eat anything else, I was so full. Next time, I'll definitely make the patties smaller! Your corn pudding looks outstanding too :-).

  6. Tricia..I pan fry them too and I agree it would be better if it is grilled :) anyway it was one great burger and I shall make this again. Love Dorie !

  7. Nana- glad you have all those built in taste testers :-)
    These burgers were really great on the grill.
    Tricia - hope you survived your travel! At least the food was good...

  8. Nana - great looking burgers, happy to hear that your testers were impressed. I too found that there was quite a bit of meat, in fact I cut the recipe in half and still ended up with 3 burgers. I thought that Dorie's burger was good, but I'll be sticking with the more traditional fixings in the future.

  9. Yes Nana these were huge burgers! I admire your restraint...I'm afraid I ate mine:) Several people made them into sliders and I might try that next time. The corn pudding looks wonderful! I love Ina.

  10. Did you know that corn pudding is one of my favorite things EVER!? Oh yum. I will be a food taster anytime my dear!

  11. They were big burgers, I had a half too! I think your corn pudding looks delicious, I served my burger with a corn and black bean salad;-)
    Tricia- I've been to Varsity- such a fun place to visit;-)

  12. Great photos of your burger and the steps to put it together. I've always wanted to try BCs corn pudding, how was that? It looks really good.

  13. Everything looks so good - especially that sliver of parmesan (I think?) on top of the burger. The corn pudding is on my must-try list.

    Stay dry and safe!

  14. Safe travels, Tricia! I'm glad to hear your brood got its Dorie food fix even while you were out of town. These burgers are so worth repeating, I'm sure you'll get requests or them.

  15. I'm glad they were a hit for you, Nana! We really liked them, too. I didn't make mine as big as the recipe called for, as I knew they'd be too much for us for one meal.

    The corn pudding looks amazing! I'm going to have to find a recipe for it.

  16. it looks like Nana did awesome! burgers look great and even the raw ingredients look yummy in the photos. Nice call on conn pudding as a side dish; I haven't had it in years but it was always a fav at parties.

  17. Your burgers look good. The corn pudding is making my mouth water! I have to agree the burgers were definitely on the heartier side.