Thursday, August 11, 2011

Salmon in a Jar

This was a banner week for us ~ and not just due because of the "Salmon in the Jar" adventure. 

Nana celebrated her 80th birthday this week - yay !!  One of the most special surprises of her big day was an extremely lovely comment on our blog - left by none other than Dorie Greenspan herself  !! (check out last week's post) 

I had contacted Dorie to give her a heads up about the special occasion, yet I was still astounded that she emailed us directly to send warm wishes and then put an utterly lovely comment on our blog.  We already believed that Dorie was a talented and special person, and this act proved it beyond the shadow of any doubt.  Lovely.

Per 80 Year Young Nana :

I tried to find some quart size jars for this recipe but the
only option was a case of canning jars.

I was not in the mood for a trip to the mall, so I improvised.  
With all the different bowls and crocks 
that I have collected over the years, my Le Creuset
pate terrine ended up being the best choice.

When it was completed I thought it looked quite elegant
and I could not wait to serve this dish.

The salmon was very easy to cut up  and I then coated it
 with the salt and sugar.  After about 24 hours I rinsed it and
proceeded with the rest of the recipe.

I cooked the potatoes as instructed and layered
 them as I did the salmon.

I put both of the dishes in the refrigerator for another
 day and then  served it as an appetizer.  

I did try one slice of salmon but I was very apprehensive
about eating raw fish and since Tricia's family loves
 sushi, I decided to let them enjoy this.
Believe it or not, I do love bagels and lox,  
and knowing that whoever prepares
the lox knows what they are doing, it does
not bother me to eat it.

Per Tricia ~

I made it through a birthday dinner for Nana (which did
not involve salmon in a jar.......) and then hit the road
again for work.   A few days in DC foiled any chance for the 
salmon recipe experiment but my family was delighted that
they got to eat Nana's results.  They all adored it and it appears
 I will have to block out some time to try this one myself. 

Happy French Friday all and Happy 80th Nana !


  1. That is so sweet - happy belated birthday, Nana! - and the salmon looks fantastic. It was very popular around here too:)

  2. Happy Birthday to Nana and how wonderful that Dorie commented - having met her even briefly in Paris last month I am not surprised that she left a sweet comment! Nana did a great job on the salmon this week - ours was a kind of a wash....

  3. Happy Birthday Nana! I just want to say that I think it is so special that you are sharing this blogging adventure with your daughter. I am inspired by your adventurousness in the kitchen and your willingness to try new techniques and tastes. I hope to be as energetic and open to new challenges when I am a grandma.

  4. Happy birthday to Nana! And many more! We are blessed to count on wonderful family and friends that spoil us with great food and stories. In my case, even blog posts! My friend Adam, who took over this week for me, also associated this recipe with the lox and onions that he grew up with.

  5. Happy, happy birthday, Nana!!!! What a fun surprise from Dorie...she's a wonderful gal, isn't she? Glad you enjoyed this one~

  6. Happy birthday!! Your salmon has such beautiful marbling! I'm glad the family enjoyed this dish. How fun that Dorie commented on your blog! It's nice to know that she's out there...somewhere. :-)

  7. Happy Belated 80th Birthday Nana :) Your salmon in a jar looks great and your salmon looks so fresh. Great for making this cured salmon in olive oil. How nice to have Dorie commented on your blog ! I love this salmon in oil and shall make another batch as an add on for my pasta :)

  8. How fantastic! Happy Birthday! And what a great treat to get a comment from Dorie herself!

  9. Happy Happy Birthday Nana! What a great milestone. So nice of you to make this (even though, like me, you're not a raw salmon kind of woman) and that Tricia's family got to enjoy it!

  10. Happy Birthday, Nana!

    What great week for you. I'm sure Tricia and her family were happy that you were able to create the dish and share! Looks beautiful!

  11. How cool that Dorie actually commented and Nana had a birthday???! Can't wait to see how you guys do with next week's recipe!

  12. Happy Birthday, Nana! What a great post and your salmon in a terrine looks beautiful! I am sure Tricia's family enjoyed this one. I hope you are continuing your birthday celebration into the weekend!

  13. Nana, you have such a young spirit that it's hard for me to believe you're 80! Happy Birthday, you're a joy to have around in French Fridays (oh yes, and Tricia too, of course). Your terrine salmon looked so beautiful and vibrant, I bet it tasted brilliant too!

  14. Happy 80th birthday Nana! Your salmon looks delicious so I'm glad Tricia's family enjoyed it even if you didn't want to eat it.

  15. Nana, You are my hero...80 years old and writing a food blog! Maya is absolutely right...a wonderful young spirit! Happy Birthday...Have a healthy happy year!
    Kudos to you for trying the salmon when you're not a raw fish eater. I had to pass...There was no way that I was going to eat this...I feel like you do about lox. However, everyone in FFWD has made this dish look quite appealing. Have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  16. Happy belated birthday, Nana! How exciting to get a comment from Dorie on your blog. Your plate of salmon and assorted goodies looks so enticing. Kudos to you for making and trying it (even if it's not your favorite).

  17. Happy Birthday, Nana.

    Unfortunately I cannot celebrate your birthday because I have had a bit of a recipe disaster. My olive oil has congealed since being in the refrigerator and the two jars - not so pretty. What should I do now? Sunday, when I hoped to serve this, is less than 24 hours away and I don't want to spoil YOUR birthday with MY disaster. Just kidding. But, help. Mary

  18. Happy, happy Birthday Nana! I am virtually singing to you right now :-)

  19. Happy belated birthday, Nana! It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration and I love that Dorie joined in on the birthday wishes for you. Your salmon and potatoes look like they turned out beautifully, too!

  20. I'm catching up on my reading, so Belated Happy Birthday, Nana! I always enjoy your blog. Great photos as usual.