Friday, August 19, 2011

Eggplant Caviar

Phew. Summer used to be the slow time of the year, but this summer has been jam packed with activities and commitments.  Nana and I decided to take turns for this week and next - she was out this week and I travel next week, so I experimented with the "Eggplant Caviar" without her expertise.  Next week, she is up at bat :) 

Per Tricia:

I am actually embarrassed to say that I have never tried caviar.  But I have tried eggplant.  I am not certain that the results of this dish resembled either, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it was a bit of  a "user error" on my part.

I got to this recipe late on Friday after a particularly
hectic week.  Having only read over the recipe and
not the FF blog tips, I thought the dish seemed pretty
straight forward, so I asked my 17 year old to
 run for the groceries at dinner time......on Friday ! 

 He did a wonderful job, though it appears he focused
 a bit too much on the "firm" portion of the eggplant
description and less on the "1 1/2 pounds each".  I am
 still not complaining because it was a real luxury
 to have someone else run out for the items. 
 That said, I have a sneaking suspicion that my ratio
of eggplant to onion and tomato ended up making a difference.

The recipe was very easy.  Thankfully :)

 It was also fun to roast and then use only the inside
 of the eggplant - I had not prepared one this way before. 

The recipe smelled lovely and looked lovely (a bit of a
surprise  given the color scheme involved....) and we
 tested it on little toast crackers.  My hubby said he
 officially "liked" it....I think he was afraid I would not
make it again unless he made it clear that he enjoyed it. 

But he did say that he tasted a bit too much of onion. 
 The kids were troopers again for Dorie, who gets them
 to eat what they would not try for me alone. 
They do not care for eggplant but willingly tried it
and declared that they "did not dislike it", but it
 wasn't their favorite either. Given the fact that
 they don't eat eggplant, I actually considered
 this a victory.

We sent a "taste test" package over to Nana and
 Grandpa, but they  were not fans.  It was still well worth
the trip next door to deliver them a sample, since now
we will be  expecting a care package of the
"Cafe salle pleyel hamburgers" next week......

Happy French Friday ~


  1. I left out the raw onion - not a fan of it...
    And what is up with this summer??? I don't ever recall being so busy during what should be the most relaxing time of the year. It just isn't right...

  2. LOL well at least your kids are reaching out and trying new things!

  3. Well, the fact that the kids "did not dislike it" sounds like a compliment. I did enjoy this one. It was very summery. And easy. It's been a hectic summer all around.

  4. Ha! I think your caviar still looks delicious! And, I love your photos!

  5. Kids...! :) I am still surprised mine didn't ask what the secret ingredient was. :) We are Iron Chef fans...Your caviar is so colorful and inviting. I just think it is so wonderful that you and Nana send care packages back and forth!

  6. That's great that your kids are such troopers for Dorie! I really enjoyed this, but am an eggplant fan.

  7. Glad that your kids love it too. It is healthy and delicious dip ! I made some sopes to go with it and Tricia, you know what, I added in some of the salmon in jar on the sopes and topped with this caviar...gosh ,it was so good that I am going to make some more of the salmon and this caviar...they are perfect for the sopes !

  8. I had to do some catching up here, first off- Happy Birthday to Nana! Also, Congrats on your Dorie's comment, that was lovely. Your salmon in the jar came out wonderful as well. I like the way you take turns with the recipes and share with each other, I'm looking forward to making and eating a burger next week, although the roasted eggplant was pretty good this week. I didn't add onion to mine, maybe I'll try a little minced scallion next time. Your families are troupers for trying all these new recipes;-)

  9. Your caviar looks simply delicious! I really enjoyed this one! I happen to be a big fan of eggplant...I think it may be my Lebanese background. I grew up eating baba ganoush. So glad your family enjoyed this dish, nice that they will try different things! Have a nice week-end!

  10. You two always make me laugh with your posts. I love the idea of the 17 year old out on the hunt for Dorie ingredients!

  11. I think that your caviar looks lovely, but sorry to hear that Nana wasn't a fan. I admit that I did cut down on the onion a bit, and I also minced it up quite small in an attempt to sneak it past my husband. And I think that worked well because then it added to the overall flavoring without being overwhelmingly oniony.

    And we too are looking forward to next week's recipe!

  12. Isn't it great to have kids old enough to run those emergency errands? I usually get a few phone calls, but nonetheless very helpful. Yeah, this just needed something...not bad, but I'd rather have a recipe that I can't wait to try again. Looking forward to next week, too~

  13. Yes, it's great having teenagers around, they're really handy for these kind of cooking challenges, I find. Your caviar here looks really vibrant with the tomatoes! And isn't it funny how when husbands like something you cooked, they make it REAL clear so that you'll have it in your repertoire? Haha, I had to laugh at that because mine does the same! As for Nana's turn at FFWD next week, well aren't you lucky she's making those yummy burgers? :-)

  14. Tricia, looks yummy even with a little too much onion. So great that your kids are willing to try everything! Good job. What's the scoop on France?

  15. LOL - I love the honesty of your kids. Without having tried this yet, I think I am with them, but having bought the ingredients, I think I will give this a crack as this week should be slightly calmer for me.

  16. Love your post! Now that I've read others' experiences, I might have to try again! I think it's great that this is such a family effort. How fun!

  17. Hi Tricia! Anytime you can get kids to eat eggplant its a good thing! I envy you an assistant to run for groceries. My grocery runners have been on their own for many years now and I miss having them at home.

  18. Hi Tricia, no user error is obvious. Yours looks just like mine! You are to be congratulated for rearing kids who are so "game" in trying new foods! Mine is quite the little foodie now (age 24), but I didn't start early enough with her. PS. She moved away from home (Phoenix) and is now happily living in South Philly!

  19. great post! my husband is not going to be liking anything with eggplant anytime soon - next weeks recipe looks more up his alley.

  20. Too bad this wasn't a hit...I know Nana wasn't a fan...maybe try again with no herbs or garlic and maybe scallion instead of onion? Made like that, it is really light and refreshing and does taste different from the AMFT version. We do love both ways, though...:)

    Nice that everyone at least tried it!