Friday, September 2, 2011

Corn Soup

The weather has "turned" in the Mid-Atlantic region this week (well, turned crazy with the recent earthquake and hurricane....) and Nana and I have been enjoying the cooler temperatures.  This week's selection of Corn Soup was a perfect match for the season and provided some appreciated comfort food.

Per Nana ~

This week's recipe for Corn Soup was such a pleasant surprise. 
 It takes a little time to prep all the veggies, but it is well worth it.  
I could only find white corn  at the farm stand,
but I don't think it matters as long as the corn is fresh.  

 Normally soup is not a summertime item,  but
 this was so creamy and tasty, it really hit the spot.

For the garnish, I used the extra kernels,
bacon, and scallion and instead of a chile pepper I
used a bit  of cayenne pepper.  

I served a simple caprese salad made with fresh
mozzarella and a farm fresh tomato.  
Hubby and I enjoyed this a lot and I  
will definitely make this again.

Per Tricia ~

 I was running so late in  preparing this I thought
 it would end up a "French Saturday" :) 

Nana had mentioned that the prep time took a little while,
so I was getting a bit nervous as I shopped for ingredients
around 6pm on Friday.  I was pleasantly surprised that
the ingredients were few, fairly "ordinary" and the
 prep time was not bad at all. 

The steps coordinated very well - chop this, simmer
that and in the meantime cook up some bacon. 
It never felt like a frazzling experience. 
 And I was anticipating frazzle. 
 The taste  - was simply lovely. 

I got to bring out the immersion blender that Nana gave
 me one year and had a fun time blending it to a
"not too smooth" consistency.  I added the bacon as
 a garnish and while my photo shows a bit on top
(just to add a little color) I listened to Dorie and
 served it with the bacon on the bottom. 

This soup was a keeper.
 A perfect dish that I will definitely revisit again this fall. 

My taste testers loved it  and were standing at
the ready while I blended it with the mixer.  When they
 learned the bacon was going into the bowls too,
 it was as if they won the lottery - who doesn't love bacon ?


  1. Glad both you and Nana liked the soup. We liked it too. Simple but great tasting. Seeing Nana's picture of the rosemary sprigs made me realize that I had indeed used too much. I put in two sprigs but one of them was a 'bushy' one!

  2. Tricia...glad that you and Nana liked the soup. You did a great job on it and your photos make me drool ! My first attempt and I love it !

  3. I'm so glad this was a keeper for both of you! I just loved how quick and easy it all went together. It looks so very good with the crumbled bacon!

  4. Both soups look simply tasty! Great post!

  5. Glad this was a hit for both of you & that you are surviving our messed up Eastern weather this week.
    I agree with Nana - color doesn't matter as long as it's fresh & sweet :-)

  6. Glad you both enjoyed this dish...I wasn't sure with my first bowl but, then I tried some cayenne pepper in my second bowl (as per YC) and it did the trick! I really enjoyed the second bowl! Both of your versions look wonderful...great photos!
    Nana, When I freeze my corn, I strip it off the cob and put it into plastic bags with as much air removed as possible. Then freeze!

  7. You are so right. Who doesn't love bacon? I'm glad you both enjoyed this one. I did too. I ended up straining mine (might be the only one, from the blogs I've read), but I loved the silky texture.

  8. You have such a lovely blog...I always enjoy visiting you both. Glad I'm not in the East with all the fits Mother Nature is having but glad you are OK through it all. And if it is cooling a bit for you then this was a great recipe for you to try. Glad it turned out well for you both. Have a wonderful Holiday weekend.

  9. I hope you are enjoying the long weekend. I might have gone overboard with the bacon, if there is such thing, starting with sautéing some of the veggies in part butter, part bacon fat.

  10. Bacon really does make everything taste better!

    Happy to hear that you both survived all the storms and also happy to hear that you both enjoyed the soup. We liked it too.

  11. Each and every one of your photos looks scrumptious. A perfect post-Irene meal!

    I have been slacking off in the FFWD department over the past few months, but I love reading your posts - they inspire me to get back on the wagon, so to speak!

  12. I thought the white corn worked well in mine too. Bacon - exactly, what isn't better with some bacon? Both your soups look great.

  13. So glad this recipe was a hit for both of you. Your soups both look lovely, too. This is one of those recipes that I'm going to be coming back to every year.