Friday, September 9, 2011

Creamy, Cheesy, Garlicky Rice with Spinach

After this week Nana and I will be skipping two Fridays, but for an "acceptable" reason :) 
We will be in France !
We have plans to hit Paris for several days and then TGV down to the South and tour around by car.  I drive and Nana navigates - esp. crucial since I do not speak or read French !  It should be an adventure for sure and we plan to eat from the moment we touch French soil. 

We will play "catch up" when we return and wish everyone a few happy French Fridays in advance.  Now, on to that lovely rice......

Per Nana :

The only Risotto recipe that I ever used was taken
from a cookbook of the Frugal Gourmet back in the 80's.  
His book was the very first cookbook I had collected that
was signed by the author. He had a television show on
PBS stations on Saturday afternoons, and was one of the
first chefs on TV.  The recipe was made with Gorganzola
 cheese, and hubby and I worked together patiently
cooking it slowly, adding a little bit of chicken broth
as the arborio rice absorbed the liquid. 
 Just one of those cooking rituals we enjoyed as
 we sipped our glass of wine.
This week's rice recipe was such a different method
 of cooking that I had my doubts.  But I
was really surprised at the results.

I brought the chicken broth to a boil and just added
the arborio rice and simmered until tender. 
I then combined it with the onions, garlic and
 chopped spinach.  The Gruyere cheese and cream was
added to the rice and gave it  a very creamy texture.  

Hubby and I thought the rice was very tender,
 the taste wonderful, and the simplicity of the
recipe was a nice change.

I still love my risotto with the blue cheese,
but this dish is definitely a winner.

Per Tricia ~

As indicated by Nana, this method for preparing
risotto is a "keeper".    Having a lower maintenance
recipe will inspire me to prepare this more often. 

 Dorie's lovely combination of flavors only adds to this
 inspiration.  This combo would was pretty much  a
"sure thing" for my household and the dish did not disappoint.

I followed the recipe exactly, though I took my cooked
 spinach out and drained it on paper towels - which I
 really think helped that process along.  The next time I
am not going to be shy about "cheating" and using my
 favorite frozen chopped spinach (which handily
comes in 10 oz boxes...thank you Green Giant). 

We are busy with travel preparations
 so I did not try the stuffed peppers but will absolutely
do this again, as my husband is a fan of them. 
 This was lovely, warm, comfort food and we
 will be seeing more of it over the winter !


  1. Oooh, la, la! How exciting!
    I hope you all have a smashing time in France and I look forward to seeing some pictures and hearing all about it.
    Safe travels.
    (And the rice looks good too :-) )

  2. I'm so glad I read your post because I'm skeptical of this method, too. Now I feel a little better about trying it!

    Have a fabulous time in France & take lots of photos so your fellow Doristas can live vicariously through you! What a perfect time of year to go!

  3. Love the beautiful sheen on both of your final dishes. Wonderful. We have actually succeeded making risotto in our rice cooker, with just a little sautéing in the cooker first. I am looking forward to trying this method as well.

    P.S. Have a great time in Paris and France! My husband is leaving on a business trip to Paris and Provence next week. Now I am double jealous :-)

  4. Bon voyage and enjoy your time in France! I studied abroad in southern france when I was in college (in Aix en Provence to be exact) and it is such a beautiful place. I'm sure you will love it.

  5. Both dishes look delicious! Have fun on your Paris trip! Lucky!

  6. and Nana going to France...lucky angels you two :) Have fun and we all look forward having you back on FFWD :)

  7. You both did fantastic this week! And I'm so happy you two are traveling to France together - how fun! :)

  8. So glad this got 4 thumbs up!!! Have a fabulous time in France...we'll miss you~

  9. Yeah, it's time for France! Have a great trip. Both your rice dishes look terrific. I'm so looking forward to hearing all about your adventures...especially the food ones!!

  10. I also enjoying discovering this low-maintenance way of making creamy rice. Glad you both enjoyed it. Nana, you could try this technique and use the Gorgonzola instead of Gruyere.
    Bon voyage! Can't wait to hear about your adventures in France. I wish you safe travels.

  11. You're going to France!!!! Oh I can't wait to live vicariously via your photos and postings! Heaven! Have you read Julia Child's My Life in France? So many places I want to see b/c of that book! Are you reading any adventures in France books to get ready? If so I'd love the list!

  12. Your French plates are is your rice dish. My mother-in-law had some beautiful French platters and your plates remind me of hers. Be sure to take lots of photos and we expect a long and detailed write-up...want to hear about everything you eat and see and where you stay, etc. How exciting. I know you will have a great time. "See" you when you return. Be safe and have lots of fun and get fat!

  13. You dishes look great!
    I can't wait to hear about your holiday and I hope you'll be posting some pics so I can pretend I'm right there with you all!!!
    Have an absolutely fabulous time!

  14. How exciting!! Do eat plenty of bread while you are there, along with so many other things that catch your eye! :) Glad you liked this too! The easy preparation will get me making this more often.

  15. Have fun in France! Both of your dishes look amazing.

  16. Your rice dishes look fantastiques - have a blast in France!

  17. Have a fab time in France. If you need any suggestions, email me mardi at

    I can't wait to read all about it!!!

  18. So exciting! Have a wonderful time and I'm looking forward to seeing some blog posts about your adventures upon your return.

    I really liked this dish,too - Tricia, your frozen spinach idea is going to come in handy in the wintertime and Nana, I think you and my mother had the same TV chef influences!

  19. Both of your dishes look so creamy and wonderful. Have a fantastic trip to France!

  20. I hope you both are having fun! I loved the flavors of this dish too. And I agree with the frozen spinach - sometimes its just easier and I think it tastes fine.

  21. Looks like you both had success with this one...creamy and delicious! Have a fabulous trip! Safe travels!