Friday, October 17, 2014

Tuna Rillettes, Salmon Rillettes and Smoked Salmon Waffles

Per Tricia~
The week of anniversaries continued as Hubby and I celebrated 
our 25th this week. With a busy week of family and friends, I was 
thankful to find an easy recipe - even if it did not involve Jerusalem 
artichokes. We are set to pick those up in the morning at the local farmer's
market, along with the veal shanks that I ordered from a local artisan 
cheese/dairy farmer we met at the recent farm to table event. After checking
 multiple stores this week and last, Nana and I decided to do a makeup
 week and not fight nature and the oncoming season of "sunchokes".
  Like Nana, I chose a make up rillette recipe - going for the tuna. 
The first thing I liked about this recipe is that the ingredients are
 items that I always have on hand. If no crème fraîche, 
Dorie explains that you can use heavy cream.
 Tuna, a few spices and a whir through the Cuisinart and you have
 a "company worthy" little treat. I think that I unfortunately
 gave mine a whir too much (or perhaps a dollop too much of the
 crème fraîche) because it was a bit smoother than I had hoped for. 
But consistency aside, the taste was fabulous. Curry is not a spice 
I would have added without Dorie's suggestion and it was fabulous.
This made a perfect addition to a cheese platter we noshed on 
one night and my son polished off the leftovers as a snack. Yum. 

Per Nana ~
I am posting two recipes, both using smoked salmon, which I prepared
 a while back but did not post. The first is salmon rillettes.  
We have made three different rillettes recipes while participating in
 "French Fridays with Dorie" and each one was made with a different 
ingredient to bind it together.   The tuna had crème fraîche, the sardine 
used cream cheese, and now this smoked salmon version called for butter. 

I loved the combination of the poached salmon mixed with the smoked - it gave
 it a wonderful, chunky texture. Perfect on crackers with a glass of wine. 

My second make up recipe is the smoked salmon waffles. 
Unfortunately, I do not own a waffle machine.
 Then I remembered that we had some old items in the basement
 that had belonged to Hubby's mother. 

I came across this 1950/1960 vintage Toastmaster Waffler. 
It originally had a two year warranty on it. No lights, buzzers, directions, etc. 
I cleaned it, gently plugged it in and hoped for the best.

I was really surprised that it actually worked. I tested the machine with
 three waffles before actually adding the salmon to the batter. 
The end result was a perfect little snack that we enjoyed.

Happy French Friday ~


  1. Wow, both you and Nana have had big wedding anniversaries ... congrats. And Nana contras on your waffle maker find. Great make ups I really enjoyed the tuna the best, surprised at how much my family liked it too.

  2. How cool is that find, Nana! I would have never guessed it was from before 1980. :-)

    Tricia, I still have to make up those tuna rilletes. They might make their way into a sandwich this weekend.

    It's so sweet that you ladies celebrate anniversaries within two weeks of each other. October must be such a fun month for you. We have two birthdays in my family in October, but not that close. :-)

  3. I think I need to come "shop" in your basement, Nana!! Happy anniversary to you both! These were nice makeup recipes :)

  4. Happy Anniversary, Tricia! Lots of milestones being celebrated in your family this season! I love your fishy make up recipes. I think the tuna was my favorite of the fish rillettes, though I liked all of them. I think I see some being whipped up at my house for a snack some time soon. Have a great weekend!

  5. Great makeup posts and wow - that waffle maker really worked ! So cool!

  6. Happy anniversary, Tricia! 25 years is quite a milestone and I hope you found a nice way to celebrate. I was also surprised at how nice a touch the curry was in the tuna rillettes.

    Nana, what a wonderful and lucky find. And crazy that it still worked! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the salmon waffles as it seemed like such an unlikely combination.

  7. Happy Anniversary Tricia!
    I loved both the rilletes and the waffles. That waffle maker was quite the find! (I remember Mardi figured out a way to make them without a waffle maker)

  8. Happy Anniversary, Tricia! 25 is a wonderful anniversary to celebrate. Your family has had such a celebratory month! The tuna rillettes are fabulous, aren't they?

    And Nana, I really enjoyed the salmon rillettes, too. I love that you found that waffle maker - they made those mid-Century appliances to last, didn't they? The waffles look beautiful.

  9. Happy Anniversary, Tricia! Twenty-five years is wonderful milestone to celebrate!!
    I loved the Tuna rillettes! Glad they were a hit with your gang!
    Nana, I also loved the salmon rillettes…both were winners in my house! I’m very impressed with your old waffle iron. I bought one a few years ago…and it has already been replaced. Your waffles look mouthwatering! Happy weekend, ladies!

  10. Nana: what a wonderful find - I love all kinds of different waffle makers - and we are planning on eating some waffles today as well, albeit a sweet version - your Smoked Salmon Waffles look so delicious with that great color and the fresh topping and are a wonderful reminder that I should be making them again soon, along with those fabulous Tuna Rillettes, of course. Two terrific recipes!
    Tricia: a very Happy 25. Wedding Anniversary to you and your lovely husband! And all the very best from all of us! - Your Tuna Rillettes look so elegant the way you presented them with some lovely crackers and green grapes!
    Wishing the both of you and your families a wonderful Sunday!
    Liebe Grüsse, Andrea

  11. Nana! Lovely waffles you got there! I had a mishap with the waffle pan when I made this! I made

    Trica! Happy 25th, wishing you and yours a 1000 more to come!

  12. Another Anniversary! That's wonderful!!! Congratulations Tricia!
    The dishes look great and that waffle machine turned out some great looking waffles :)