Friday, October 3, 2014

Celery-Celery Soup

Per Nana~
Soup is a perfect comfort food, great on a chilly winter day, and it can be made 
from just about anything you find in your refrigerator. This week's choice of 
celery-celery soup was no exception. The flavor from a celery root is absolutely 
wonderful and when added to celery stalks, onions and apples- it is amazing. 

The preparation was easy, except for trying to peel the celery root, it all 
went together nicely and cooked to perfection in about 45 minutes. 

I am on a fig and goat cheese kick so I prepared a lovely salad of mixed baby
 lettuce topped with the sweetest figs you have ever tasted. I served the soup 
with a dollop of sour cream and a side of dark bread made from spelt grain 
that Tricia gave to us from her farm to table dining experience last week. 

Simply delicious. 
Per Tricia~
The cooler temperatures have hit so I was delighted to be making a soup this 
week. This is my second foray into cooking with celery root and we loved the
 first, which was the celery root puree - also from "Around My French Table".  
I have to admit that each time I prepare that gnarly, tough looking root 
the same thought crosses my mind - "Who on earth first thought this 
root would be great to cook with ??".  But great it is. 
And pairing it with the apples, celery, onions and spices was just lovely. 
I used my immersion blender to finish it off in a snap. Quick and easy- 
this got rave reviews from my taste testers when I served it with
 the crème frâiche on top. It will be a repeat for sure. 

Happy French Friday ~


  1. Ooh, I'm jealous of your figs, Nana! Last summer, we were drowning in figs at the fruit stands and fresh off the trees in my yard. This year, the fruit was still hard and dry when it fell off the tree. I didn't eat a single fig. An Italian told me that there was "so much bad weather" this summer that the figs didn't develop correctly. What they call bad weather, I call a nice, not humid 80 degrees. Apparently that's not hot enough.

    I LOVE your ceramics, Tricia. Beautiful!

    Glad you both enjoyed this recipe. I've got all my ingredients ready to go for dinner tonight, so I'll almost be on time with my post. For once. Ha!

  2. Yeah, Bill spied the celery root and would have nothing to do with the soup. Thank goodness my sister was in town and we both enjoyed it! Glad it was a hit for you both :)

  3. I'm happy you enjoyed it. Maybe it was my starchier celery root, but it felt like I was eating applesauce soup.

    I could have gone for double portions of Nana's salad. What a beauty! :-)

  4. Envious of those who had the celery root, I had to make do with parsnip and I enjoyed it!

    That fig and cheese salad looks delicious, Nana! Love that the texture of Tricia's version is thinner than Nana's.

  5. Nana…that salad is gorgeous! I have been enjoying figs lately, too! Both of your soups look wonderfully delicious! Glad this one was a hit for both of you. It was very much enjoyed in my house too! Happy “Dorista" Anniversary to both of you! A highlight of the last four years was meeting you both, and the other Doristas in Seattle!

  6. Glad you both loved this one. Me too. I love figs and goat cheese together. Nana, sometimes I serve that for dessert: grilled figs, halved or quartered, dotted with goat cheese and drizzled with chestnut honey. Try it!

  7. Lovely both soups and the salad with figs! I'm always on a fig kick so you sold me on that combination. I found this soup so tasty, light and filling at the same time.

  8. This was a good one, wasn't it? I was surprised but will be making again soon!

  9. All your pictures are fabulous this week but the first one, Ro, is gorgeous. The color of your soup jumps right off the page. The salad is tasty-looking, of course. I also am a fan of figs, always keeping a sack of dried figs in my pantry. Recently we've been enjoying fresh figs here also so I'm on your bandwagon about those little gems. Tricia, your soup looks wonderful, as well, and serving soup in a mug is a favorite idea that I often forget. Your farm to table dining experience must have been amazing. I know you were excited about it so I am glad it was succesful. Nice Post, Ladies.

  10. It is always so much fun to see both or your interpretations and presentations of recipes each week. I still have to post mine, but I thought my first taste was good! So happy that you enjoyed it. I know I'm not being original, but I did get stopped in my tracks with that salad Nana. And Tricia, your ceramics are absolutely gorgeous!!
    (I'm with you - I'd never tried celery root until Dorie, now it's a fairly regular item in my shopping basket!)

  11. So glad to hear you both enjoyed the soup so much. I adore figs too. They usually don't make it into a salad because I pick at the carton all day and they disappear.

  12. Nana: what a beautiful and colorful soup plate - just perfect for serving this lovely, velvety soup of yours - this was indeed a very simple and delicious recipe that we all enjoyed! Love your salad with the fresh figs!
    Tricia: the ceramics are absolutely fabulous - love the look and the color, everything - also perfect for serving a great mug of fall soup.
    How wonderful that both of you chose to serve the same soup in two completely different ways and made if look beautiful both times!
    Have agreat Sunday, ladies!

  13. Nana - I am so jealous of your figs. As Ei pointed out above, the weather was not good for them this year in Europe and so we are all missing them.

    Tricia - I had to laugh when you asked who the heck first thought to eat this gnarly looking vegetable. Then again, I've had that same question with many foods.

  14. If only I had a chilly winter day, it was 94 yesterday in California. I love goat cheese with anything so your salad looks great to me.

  15. Oh my - both of you presented the soup so beautifully! Nana - your salad looks so wonderful. And Tricia - I agree with you, who would have thought that a root so ugly and hard to clean would result in such delicious dishes?

  16. I am loving your crockery ladies. Glad you both enjoyed it.

  17. I didn't think everyone would like this soup as much as they (indeed, who figured out that all these ugly foods tasted so good?)

    Stay warm!