Thursday, October 30, 2014

Osso Buco à L'Arman

Per Nana~
Osso buco is one of our favorite meals. When I first read the recipe in
 AMFT I was a bit apprehensive. This recipe called for a definite flavor of
 orange and I knew that would not go over well with my taste tester,
 so I decided to cut the recipe in half.  Tricia supplied me with the veal
 shanks from her trip to the Phoenixville Farmer's Market. 
They were delicious. The one change I made to the recipe was to use a 
whole can of San Marzano tomatoes instead of adding the fresh tomato. 
Plus I used dried herbs, so I guess that is two changes. I have never used 
Dorie's method of covering the inside of the pot before, but I liked the 
results of a thicker sauce.   When Hubby says "you can do this again" it 
is a pretty good compliment in my book. Comparing this recipe with my
 regular Osso Buco, I found them to be equally good and the orange
 flavor in Dorie's was not strong at all. 
Per Tricia~
I enjoyed sourcing my veal from a local farmer we recently met -
 Sue Miller. She is literally one of the loveliest people and that, 
combined with the fact that her Birchrun Hills Farm cheeses are 
delicious, keeps us checking in her farmer's market booth each week.
  This was my first time preparing Osso Buco and I found it to be quite simple.
The kitchen smelled amazing with the orange aroma added to the savory ones. 
I served the dish over brown rice and it was both filling and delicious. 
Dorie's trick- put parchment on top, before the lid and putting it in the oven. Genius.
All taste testers were pleased and are expecting to see this one again. 
 I also prepared the bonne idée of "orange-basil gremolata", which was 
sprinkled on top before serving. Delicious comfort food just in time for 
the cooler weather. In other news, we have just bought a new house and
 will finally be unpacking. The move has taken more months than planned 
and I can't wait to finally find the cooking supplies that have been in storage.
 Gadgets here I come !

Happy French Friday ~


  1. Nana, I should have cut the zest in half, too...that was Bill's only criticism! Tricia, congrats on the move! Hope you are settled soon! xo

  2. So exciting re: the house (and reuniting with your kitchen gadgets!). Interesting that your parchment helped thicken the sauce, it did not for me and my sauce was a little too liquidy... BUt still tasty!

  3. I didn't know what the parchment was supposed to be doing. If Dorie says to do it, I'll do it, though. Your photos look gorgeous! So colorful! Congratulations on the new house. Woohoooo!

  4. Tricia: 1) Congratulations on buying a house - finally!; 2) I know you are in the same time zone is me, so when do you sleep (I see a post midnight time stamp)

    Lovely osso bucco's ladies - glad to see this one was a hit.

  5. Glad you ladies enjoyed this one. We did too with a few changes. Congratulations Tricia! Moving is SO tiring! I don't know how you keep up with FF so well. Your parchment looks much neater than mine. I just pulled off a piece and let the ends flap around. Next time I'm going to trim it:) Nana I'm glad hubby approved of your efforts!

  6. Both look gorgeous, Tricia and Nana! Nana, I did it your way as well with the canned tomatoes in lieu of fresh plus the dried herbs. Tricia, I agree with everyone else: your parchment looks so perfect! And congrats, Tricia, on the move! May it go smoothly and may you find a kitchen gadget you forgot you had. ;)

  7. Interesting to get the perspective from someone who already has an osso buco recipe. I had never cooked it before and, now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever eaten it before either. I was a tad skeptical about the orange flavor as well but I actually liked it in the end.

    And, Tricia, congrats on finding a house. Good luck with the move. Will you be reunited with your kitchen before Thanksgiving?

  8. We were skeptical of the orange flavor, too, especially after the disaster we had with the pork in orange sauce. But, we knew we liked Osso Buco, so it was worth the challenge. This was truly delicious & perfect for fall.

    Patty - can't wait to see photos of your new house!

  9. Nana, Gorgeous Osso Buco…I used the canned and fresh tomatoes, however I think that was a waste of time. Next time just the canned for me!
    Tricia…Congrats on the new house! I saw it on FB this morning…simply beautiful! I love old homes…so unique!
    Your osso buco looks mouthwatering…this was definitely another winner! Happy Halloween, ladies!

  10. I should have read your post before I made my Osso Buco! My husband said I should hold back "all that orange" next time. I loved it, but I love anything citrus.
    Have a great Halloween weekend!

  11. Nice job, both of you! I'm going for more canned tomatoes next time, Nana. I agree with Kathy that the fresh tomatoes were a waste. Congrats on your new house (and kitchen), Tricia. Good luck with the unpacking. It's the packing I dread when I next move. I've lived in the same house for too long. My fruit-averse husband found the orange a little strong (I thought it was subtle), so maybe halving the orange next time is the way to go. Have a great weekend!

  12. For this time of year San Marzano tomatoes canned are so much better than fresh ones. Yes, holding back on the orange was the way to go for us too... lovely, both of them. Happy Halloween.

  13. Glad that this was a winner for both of you. I enjoyed it too.

  14. I was also in Camp Apprehensive this week, Nana. Osso Buco with no wine? What was that about? I enjoyed the sauce but was happy to cut back to two oranges.

    You must be incredibly excited/exhausted with the moving, Tricia, but once you are reunited with your gadgets it will all be worthwhile. I hope you have more storage space for all your kitchen goodies. :-)

  15. I thank both of you for thorough explanations of this week's recipe. I am making it later in the month and will rely on some of your advice and thoughts. When you say you cut the recipe in half, Ro, you mean the entire recipe, don't you. Did you use the same amount of orange flavoring to match the cutting in half of the veal or did you actually cut the orange flavoring in half of what Dorie wrote after cooking only 2 pieces of meat. Did you get what I mean? Tricia, glad you made the gremolate, something I had not heard about until recently. (Welcome to my Food World). Both of your photos look wonderful and colorful. Tricia, your house look amazing. I hope you will keep us posted on the entire settling in process. Congratulations. Happy House.

  16. Nana I like your advice about all canned tomatoes. My sauce was a little on the dry side even though I covered it. Tricia congratulations on finding a new house. It also must be nice to have such a great farmer's market.

  17. Nana, I'm glad that it was a hit - there's nothing like hearing, "You can make this again," is there?

    Tricia, congratulations on the new house. Your photos on Facebook were gorgeous. I hope the unpacking goes quickly. And I love hearing about local markets, farmers, and vendors. Those veal shanks looked absolutely perfect.

  18. Nana & Tricia - they both look simply marvelous! How exciting to have a new place to explore also - congratulations!

    The orange zest ended up being quite lovely and lightened this a bit. I also got the go ahead to make this again, and a suggestion to serve it at our holiday party - that is a pretty strong recommendation from Sous Chef!

    Happy November!

  19. Both kitchens produced amazing results! Will remember Nana's tip on the canned tomatoes. I made this with lamb shanks some weeks ago and again with short ribs! The sauce was amazing!