Friday, October 10, 2014

Monkfish and Double Carrots

This is a big week for us. 
And not just because this recipe was so wonderful. 

Nana and Grandpa Jim,taste tester extraordinaire, 
celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary !  
Congratulations ~

Per Nana~
Monkfish is also known as the "poor man's lobster". 
The first time I heard that expression, many years ago,  
I thought my friend was joking. 
When Dorie used the same wording I decided there must be 
something to it. Not knowing what to expect, I purchased a 
small filet to try. For some reason I did not think Hubby 
was going to like it and I was right. 
Cooking carrots in carrot juice is also something new to me
 and I was amazed at the results. The flavors were exceptional. 
Serving the fish with the carrots and topping it with the prepared 
sauce was simply delicious. I did add the bacon to the dish but
 I am not sure it was needed. 
Even though Jim did not care for the fish, I loved it and found 
that it does have the texture of lobster.  Instead of a salad I 
served baby spinach sautéed in olive oil, with a 
touch of garlic and red pepper flakes. 
Per Tricia ~
I originally thought the title of the recipe referred to an abundant 
amount of carrots added to the fish. I was surprised and delighted 
with the suggestion of cooking the carrots in carrot juice, providing
 us the "double carrots". This is precisely the type of tip I have 
enjoyed getting as we journey through "Around My French Table". 

The results did not disappoint. I had no idea monkfish was so lovely 
since I don't think I have prepared it before. But my taste testers loved it. 
Bacon is a welcome addition to any savory dish in our house, so you
 will not find me saying I don't care for it... but in honesty this recipe 
could have survived quite well without that addition. 

A winner no matter how you slice it, I will be enjoying both monkfish 
again as well as using the "double carrots" technique for sauces and sides. 

Now, on to party. 
 Happy French Friday ~


  1. Happy anniversary, Nana and Grandpa Jim! I hope you have a wonderful weekend surrounded by your family and friends.

    I would have enjoyed the fish more with spicy wilted spinach on the side. The carrot-y extravaganza overwhelmed my taste buds.

  2. Happy, happy anniversary to Nana & Mr. Nana. My parents celebrated their 57th this year - I guess that means they've decided to keep each other ;-)
    I would have loved a helping of Nana's spinach with my fish.
    Enjoy your celebration!

  3. Congratulations, Ro & Jim! What a wonderful celebration!
    We enjoyed this technique, too.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Happy, Happy 60th Anniversary Nana and her Jim! Wishing you both a Thousand Years more! (A Chinese customary salute!). Have a grand celebration!

    Have a great weekend ahead Tricia and Nana!

  5. Happy anniversary Nana and Grandpa Jim! That is fabulous. Nana, I am glad you enjoyed this dish - I don't think the bacon added that much. Tricia, I have never cooked with monkfish either, and you have one up on me, as you now have. Have a fabulous weekend ladies!

  6. How fantastic 60 years, bless you both. So glad you enjoyed the recipe this week I wouldn't want anything to tarnish this special time.

  7. Sixty Years, well worth celebrating. And, I have to suspect, Ro and Jim, that you are particularly grateful for all the blessings of this year. Congratulations. I couldn't find monkfish and had leftover skirt steak on hand so made a bef salad (which was delicious). But, because of the recommendations of both the Nana and the Tricia, this might be worth a shot. Whole Foods will order it for me if I ask. I am curious about the Double Carrots. I don't particularly like cooked carrots but am willing to try this process to see if I would vhange my mind. Again, well done. Sixty years. Wow. (Ro, did anyone bring you breakfast in bed to mark the occasion. If this wasn't another time for this luxury, what is?)

  8. Congrats Nana and Jim - that's amazing!!!

  9. Congratulations, Nana! 60 years is something to celebrate. Hopefully grandpa gets something tasty on the occasion.

  10. Congratulations, Ro and Jim! What a wonderful milestone to celebrate.

    I really enjoyed this dish, but I almost want those wilted greens more. That's the sort of side I love. It sounds like a great pairing with the fish and carrots, but especially the bacon. And Tricia, I agree, I've loved learning this sort of technique from Dorie. Those carrots were wonderful.

  11. Happy, happy anniversary, Jim and Ro! Many blessings to you both!!! I need to try this with's just so rare to find it in our markets. Bill would still need a substitute, but what's new there!!!?

  12. Happy Anniversary! We enjoyed this one too but made with shrimp. We thought the bacon was a necessary ingredient for crunch and salt.

  13. Yep, those double carrots were delicious! I used a different kind of fish because I don't care for monkfish. The scallop and shrimp versions I've been seeing look pretty good too.

    Congratulations, Ro and Jim! 60 years is quite the milestone. Happy, Happy Anniversary!

  14. 60 Years!!! Congratulations!!! That is wonderful :)
    I liked the recipe as well and I love your spinach, I used to make it like that all the time and stopped, not sure why I stopped but would love some now! Beautiful photos guys!
    Hope the celebrations were fun!!!

  15. Happy Anniversary, Ro!! 60 years…a great love story! Cheers to you and Jim! Wishing you both many blessings!
    I could not find monkfish in my area, so I went with the scallops! A great choice…Bill and I loved this dish. However, I will be on the lookout for monkfish so that I can try it the way it was meant to be!
    Both of your dishes look fabulous…great photos!