Friday, August 30, 2013

Floating Island

Per Nana~
Definitely not a winner in our house. I had planned to make this recipe
 using 2 cups of milk to boil the whipped meringues, but Hubby thought it 
was a waste of good milk.  So, to please him, I prepared the "cake" version.
 The recipe was very easy, but the end result was too sweet for me. It was 
also very messy to deal with when trying to transfer to a plate.
When I served the meringue cake I improvised, using half of a "Klondike"
 bar, some chocolate sauce and raspberry spread. 
Per Tricia~
This was a first for me - I had only ever heard about this dessert
 prior to this week, but never tasted or considered making the elusive
 "floating island" myself.  Not to mention the crème anglaise
I thought it would be very challenging, especially after reading through 
Dorie's instructions about whipping meringues, tin foil going around the 
spring form....which then goes in water bath. Seriously ? But as usual, she 
was spot on. Not bad at all ~ simply follow her instructions.

We enjoyed a variety of special sauces I have been stockpiling, 
along with options of salted caramel or chocolate ice cream. 

Just in case there wasn't enough going on - I added sprinkles of gold 
shimmer sugar.  Not a health food, but a fun dessert. My husband enjoyed
 this so much he had two servings. The boys got to enjoy this as their last 
Dorie Adventure before heading  back to school. I was delighted.

Happy French Friday ~


  1. Love reading both your takes on this dessert. A winner at our house :)

  2. Gold sprinkles and ice cream! You ladies did an awesome job, too bad not everyone liked it. I made this dessert dozens of times but never used a springform pan, just a tube one, which unmolds so easily, and no need for tin foil. Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes Nana, I found it sweet too. But it's definitely pretty - love your raspberry drizzle! Tricia - love the gold shimmer sugar - that's what all desserts need!!

  4. Sorry is was not for you Nana. However, it is a great treat for your boys, Tricia. I am envious of all those lovely sauces!

  5. We were delighted to. It looks great!

  6. Those sauces look fantastic, Tricia! Makes me want to rush to Homegoods to browse for some goodies.

    Nana's pairing with the Klondike bar reminds me a little of baked Alaskas... you have most of the ingredients there already!

  7. Nana, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this one. I do like the presentation with the Klondike bar!

    Tricia, I'm glad you all enjoyed this one. I'm jealous of your caramel and chocolate sauces!

  8. Sorry it wasn't a hit,Nana. In reading over the recipe, it sounded too complicated and time consuming for the busy week I had. Love the sauces you had stockpiled, Tricia.

  9. Nana - very inventive with the Klondike bar. Sorry it wasn't a hit.
    Tricia - love your sauce stash. We all need a few of those hiding out in our pantries in case of emergency. Hope back to school went well for all. Keeping fingers crossed for us all!

  10. Nana: I actually am really impressed at the way you chose to serve your floating island on top of the "Klondike" bar and added chcolate and raspberry sauce - it looks very impressive, just a bit sad that you did not really enjoy this French dessert all that much.
    Tricia: added chcolate ice cream and wonderful sauces plus real gold flakes - how decadent! It looks just wonderful presented that way - I have seen the gold flakes in stores around here and was tempted to buy them - now I know what I can use them for. What a treat to send off the boys to school.
    Hope all is well and whishing you all a great weekend!

  11. You both did an awesome job on these! Sorry this wasn’t a hit for you Nana! They were a bit sweet, but then I have a bit of a sweet tooth! I poached mine and they came out lovely…but I’m sure it wasn’t much different baked! Just more crunch!
    Tricia, a great treat to send your boys off with! Love the gold flakes…very pretty presentation! We loved this one in my house…a definite do over! Have a great weekend, ladies!

  12. Always excellent to have a foil for all your special sauces! (Don't you just love the Recchiuti chocolate sauce? No other can come close -- MMMM!) I agree w/the "waste of good milk" comment, that is one of the reasons I just couldn't justify it, especially when meringues are so good (and easy!). Have a good weekend you two. :)

  13. Nana - I agree with hubby, the milk poaching version was indeed a waste of milk. Sorry to hear that this one wasn't a hit.

    Tricia - Looks delicious and happy to hear that the whole family got to appreciate it. Especially the salted caramel. I want some of that!

  14. Creamy, elegant, and delicious.

  15. The Klondike Bar was a great addition, and the gold flakes look so sparkly and festive.

    This is one of those that isn't that difficult to do - I love to make creme' anglaise but prefer to make it when the use is for bread pudding or ice cream.

    I'm noting the salted caramel!

  16. That assortment of caramels made me laugh. I love the Fat Toad Farm kind. I'm glad that at least half of your households liked it. I haven't tried it yet.

  17. Loved it but yes, it was way too sweet as written. I had to tone it down... and certainly would if with all those sauces!

  18. looks delicious....just mouthwatering!

  19. I love your jars of toppings, Tricia - I don't know if I could choose. The gold sprinkles are an elegant touch, too.

    Sorry you didn't like it, Nana. It was sweet, wasn't it?

  20. Both your desserts look fantastic. But, sorry this wasn't a hit!