Friday, August 23, 2013

Boulevard Raspail Corn on the Cob

Per Nana~
Who says you can't teach an old dog (lady) new tricks ? Well Dorie just changed my mind on how to cook corn the easy way.  I first tried this recipe a few weeks ago on corn that had already been shucked. I wrapped it in "Martha's Wrap" and then followed the rest of Dorie's instructions. Hubby and I agreed it was the best tasting corn ever.
I followed her instructions completely for this week's version and it was delicious. Unfortunately I did not take any photos, but they certainly browned up nicely. It doesn't take much more time than boiling water to cook the corn, tastes better, and no clean up.
Tricia and I visited the market on Boulevard Raspail a few years ago and it was great fun. Unfortunately we were traveling so did not do much shopping. Everything looks so fresh and delicious. It is such a different way of life.
Per Tricia~
This is a week of thanks for me. Thanks for:

  • the upcoming International Food Blogger's Convention (IFBC) in Seattle, Sept 20-22.
  • the work our fellow Doristas have done (especially Mary, Susan, Alice and Trevor) to organize social activities, FFWD signature tote bags, a special place to sit together at the convention and various meet & greets...including one with Dorie Greenspan - our collective idol. Nana and I are over the moon and can not wait to meet all our long time "pen pals" who will be attending this conference.
  • thanks to Dorie for a wonderful and crazy easy way to prepare corn on the cob.
  • appreciation that this week's ingredients literally cost less than $3 for local farm fresh corn. And tasted amazing.
  • thanks that my family all enjoyed the roasting technique.
  • sincere thanks that such an easy week came amidst such a busy week as I juggled work, back to school prep for two sons going away AND managed to get a full day visit to 3 colleges for our younger son in Washington DC.
  • thanks that I not only visited the colleges, but kept my priorities in check and took the family to Georgetown Cupcakes as well. When in Rome....
  • and appreciation for the wonderful memories I have of visiting the actual market on the Boulevard Raspail with Nana on several occasions. 
  • We usually stayed in that area of Paris when we visited and just hearing the name brings back wonderful memories of the 6th arr and it's neighbors. 


  1. I'm so insanely jealous of the Dorie meetup at IFBC. So sad I can't attend :(

  2. Love your post and pictures of the market!!! Can't wait to meet you both, too...

  3. I visited that market recently as well. I remember wishing that I had a kitchen so that I could buy some of the tasty offerings and whip something up.

  4. The corn looks amazing! And, I want that bedazzled KitchenAid!

  5. Nana, I'm so glad to read a post that agreed with mine. I found the corn tasted really incredible. I've never eaten corn that burst with each bit I loved it too.

  6. Nana, I really enjoyed this technique for cooking the corn, too! I thought the corn was cooked perfectly! Tricia, Great post…I’m also thankful for the Ifbc meet up! So looking forward to meeting both of you! How lovely that you both have been to Boulevard Raspail…the photos are great! And I love the photos of your roasted corn, Tricia! Have a great weekend, ladies!

  7. While I thought this was too much waiting, it was delicious. I'm really excited that we'll be meeting in person soon. Tricia, when you called us all "pen pals", I had to smile, because that's exactly how I've described my Dorista friends to people. Our relationships remind me of all the pen pals I had in school, but back then, the letters were less frequent and I never actually met any of them. So, to add to your list of thanks, I add thanks for technology and the internet! See you soon.

  8. I used to live a couple of blocks away from that market. It brings back such good memories seeing those photos. Although I never actually bought anything there as the prices were a bit too expensive for my then student pocket. I did love shopping at the Mouffetard market though.

  9. Nana - this was good corn, wasn't it?
    Tricia - glad to see you had your college visiting priorities straight :-) We dropped #2 off at college yesterday, so I am struggling with an empty house today.

    SO, so, so excited to meet you both in a few weeks.

  10. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed this weeks recipe.

  11. What terrific photos! So fun to see the Raspail photos. You both have a lot to be thankful for. Can't wait to hear all about the IFBC and how much fun you all have meeting each other in person - that should be just as tremendous of an experience as meeting Dorie!

  12. Love all the photos from you both this week! Especially the ones of the market - it must be nice to do a recipe that reminds you of past visits to France. Love your list, too, Tricia.

  13. I am glad you and your husband enjoyed the corn, Nana. You've inspired me to try again. I just didn't think it was more delicious than my other two methods - cooking corn in boiling sugar water or on the grill. I guess this "old dog" (girl) doesn't especially like new tricks. Tricia, loved reading all your thank yous. You are one busy women so am glad you took time for a sugar break. Thanks for recalling the memories of Raspail. I am so looking forward to meeting the two of you in Seattle.

  14. Tricia and Nana: what a wonderful post full of many thoughtful comments and notes and absolutely fabulous pictures - knowing that you are all so very busy, I appreciate you sharing all these lovely moments with all of us!
    Have a great week - sorry for running a bit late with my comments but this is the last week of the summer holidays around here and we did a day-trip to Belgium and farmers´markets etc. etc.
    Have a great week!

  15. I love looking at markets when I travel, but I'm always sad that I can't do much food shopping. It's so cool that you both visited the Boulevard Raspail market. I'm really glad you both enjoyed the corn! Tricia, you've made me want cupcakes. I live in DC but rarely have the patience to stand in line for those.

  16. Glad you both liked this simple and tasty way with corn. Wow, sounds like you are all goinh to have fun at the conference!