Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brown Sugar Squash & Brussels Sprouts en Papillote

This combo had us enjoying "Fall in February"........

Per Nana ~

Whenever I cut a recipe in half for the FFWD selection of the week I am
 always sorry.  This was so delicious and would have been great for leftovers.
 The recipe was so simple and easy to make, and was cooked to perfection
 in just under 35 minutes.  I decided to use a small Cuisinart roasting pan 
and tent the tin foil on top.  It worked beautifully.
Out of the oven-
  This is a great side dish  for all the working Moms to prepare ahead of time 
and just pop in the oven for dinner.  I would love to try this concept with
 other root veggies - such as turnips, sweet potatoes, etc.

Per Tricia ~
Since we enjoy all these ingredients, the final result
 ended up no surprise.  We liked it.
This was one of those weeks where the AMFT recipe reminded me
 of  the simple techniques that I simply had not used in a while. 
As Nana noted, not only did we enjoy the dish - but it left me wondering 
how else I could play around and get creative with similar veggies and spices. 
 "Autumn" flavors, but still very welcome during these cold winters days.
PS- I had to share these little birds who surprised us this week
 outside my bedroom window. I don't ever recall seeing this many 
- we had up to 8 at one point. What a treat ~
 (and no, thankfully, the kitten was none the wiser....)

Happy French Friday ~


  1. We liked this, too, but I have to say your bird photo made me gasp! Just lovely!

  2. Wow that blue colour of the birds! Lovely! glad you both enjoyed this week :)

  3. What kind of birds are those? Cool! Glad you both liked your veggies. I didn't love them. Didn't hate them, but didn't love them.

  4. I loved how easy this dish came together! Those birds are beautiful!

  5. Oh such beautiful birds…I don’t think I’ve ever seen blue birds in the winter. I loved this dish…easy and delicious! Glad you both enjoyed it! Have a nice weekend, ladies!

  6. I agree, simple and tasty. I usually roast these veggies separately, but why the heck not throw them together! Dorie's simple recipe are often my favorites, and they are certainly the ones I go back to again and again.

  7. Nana and Tricia: it is so nice to see that both of you liked this simple and healthy recipe so much. I love the colors of your wonderful green Brussels Sprouts and orange Butternut Squash cubes. It all looks delicious and just perfect! And what a nice picture of those blue birds! My grand-father was a devoted ornithologist in his spare time and whenever I see pictures like this, I cannot help but think of him.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Both look great, but I never would've though to tent the actual roasting pan. That's a great idea!

  9. Since you live in Pennsylvania, Tricia and Nana, I believe those little cold creatures are Eastern Bluebirds. Anyone else have a guess? Those phenomenally-looking little birdies are just trying to keep warm. Thank you for sharing this picture. I also loved this week's vegetable recipe. Thank you, Nana, for showing me how to make it even more simple. Yes, this is a Fall side dish but we also enjoyed it on a cold Winter night.

  10. Both these dishes turned out looking beautiful! I loved the colors in this one. And how easy it was! Definitely a good weeknight dish. Wonderful job, ladies!

  11. Glad to hear this week was a winner for both of you. The last few weeks have been tough!
    Tricia - hope all is okay w/ Mr. Youngest :-)

  12. Love those blue birds. Are they bluebirds? I'm glad you both enjoyed the veggies this week. I loved the two together, but think I prefer them roasted without the steam. Have a great weekend.

  13. I love the photo of the blue birds! I'm glad you both enjoyed this week's recipe. Your vegetables look great and Nana - I made four packets and we had two of the packets the next night for leftovers and they were just as good reheated. I like how you just tented the pan - that's a great way to make a while batch. Tricia - the aroma of this when you opened the packet was wonderful! It would be fun to play around with the spices, but I did enjoy this combination. Never would have thought to put sage in this!

  14. Gorgeous colour in your bird photo, Tricia! Do you know what they are?

    I did what Elaine did and we have two packets left for tonight. I like Nana's idea to just tent foil over a baking dish - easier and allows for a little open baking at the end, if you like.

  15. Are those Blue Buntings? Pretty whatever they are. I'm glad you both enjoyed this one. We loved it!

  16. Seeing it all in the pan like that I wanted to yell "JUST ROAST THEM!" but I know they still turned out wonderful. I've been eating these all week from packets I made days ago. So easy to make ahead.

  17. So glad you both enjoyed these! Yeah, I did a lot of chopping for my one serving...should have made the whole batch :)

  18. I am glad I made extras of this one...I ate them twice more through my busy week and loved them each time. Love the little birdies! Always enjoy your post.

  19. I loved this too, and Tricia and Nana, I agree it would be fun to try this again with other veges.

  20. This was a delicious recipe. It was a favorite at my house. I am glad you both enjoyed the recipe.

  21. This was a favorite at our house too. It would be fun to try with other veggies like maybe beets and parsnips too!

  22. Glad it was a hit for everyone! Nana - what a great idea to cook these in a covered baking dish. It makes a simple dish even simpler!