Friday, February 8, 2013

Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin

The aroma from the cut oranges and zest would encourage
 us to make this again - a winner !
Per Tricia~
Nana and I have the cutest story to share this week.
  Great minds think alike.  
Turns out we had both noticed that fancy new Martha wrap that
 some of the other Doristas mentioned last week. I thought it would be
 nice surprise during the winter doldrums to get some via Amazon 
and surprise her.  I was delighted to see it arrived after work on the same
 day she asked me to stop by her house because she had something for me. 
Granted, she also had a cheesecake for me that she had handmade- but
 she presented it in an "Amazon" box for traveling.  Along side were the 
gift contents she was surprising me along with the cheesecake - my 
very own Martha wrap.  I pulled mine out of the bag in my hand and 
we had a nice long laugh.  So it was a pretty nice week all around. 
 And that pork was lovely as well.  I was a bit concerned with the 
amount of onions -since the aroma of citrus took quite a hit once those
 got added - but the prep (sans all that orange chopping and zesting...) 
was easy and my guys really enjoyed this one. 
 I didn't get the color on my pork that Nana did so I will
 probably shoot for that next time. Because there will be a next time.
 Or perhaps I will cook them in parchment with my new Martha wrap :)
Per Nana~
We enjoyed this recipe, it was simple to prepare and absolutely delicious.  
I actually cut this in half, using only one small pork tenderloin- knowing
 that too much left over pork is never great.  I used four small medallions, 
2 oranges and one small onion.  I was surprised to hear Hubby say it 
needed more onion as I thought it was perfect as is.  After reading all the
 P&Q's for this week I was afraid there would be too much liquid but
 this was the perfect amount.


  1. Awww - you both got each other the Martha Wrap :-)
    Glad this went over well with everyone. Beautiful color on the tenderloin, Nana.
    Stay warm this weekend!

  2. I love your Martha Wrap story!! I am still looking for you like it? The color on Nana's pork is mouth watering..yum

  3. A good week with a winning recipe and that gorgeous wrap! Glad you all liked both things. Have a great weekend!

  4. Definitely better with less orange and more onion... I don't like too sweet or too orange.

  5. Aww, what a cute story! It's so sweet! And nice that you both enjoyed this recipe too. They both look great!

  6. Great minds think alike. What a sweet story. Hopefully you both like the wrap because sounds like you have plenty to use up.

  7. What a cute story! :) I am glad you both bought some of the wrap and hope you like it as much as I do. We also enjoyed this dish so much. I used scallions in mine, so I am glad to read that you were happy with your results with onions. Both of your dishes look wonderful.

  8. Your story made me smile. Gifts for no special reason are the best, and I just love that you both got each other the same thing. Glad you both enjoyed this dinner. I have to admit it wasn't my favorite, though it was OK. Have a great weekend. Hope you don't get too much snow where you are.

  9. How fun that you got Martha Stewart's new dual paper! I bought some when about a year ago when it happened to be on sale, which I've never seen since, and I liked it for cookies. I just had to make sure it didn't curl up on me. Great post!

  10. I"m going on a hunt for Martha wrap...keep hearing about it and I need it! Both of your pork dishes look so good. You ladies did a great job. I enjoy cooking with citrus, so this was fun for me...and makes me happy to go outside and pick/use my fresh fruit. We like this one at our house.

  11. Nana and Tricia: first off, I really enjoyed your story - I must say I am always so happy when I read your "mother-daughter" stories! And the Martha wrap was certainly a very smart idea, from the both of you. And both your dishes look lovely. The fantatsic caramelization on the pork and the bright color of the oranges is wonderful on Nana´s plate but I also love the way Tricia´s plate looks like with all those delicious orange pieces. Nice to see and read that both of you enjoyed this recipe as much as we did.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. The Martha Wrap story is too funny! I loved this one too!

  13. I love how beautifully yours browned. It is making me hungry.

  14. Looks great ladies! I thought about buying some Martha wrap too and it's so cute that you did that for each other!

  15. Great story! Both of your dishes look delicious. I only thought it was ok, but maybe that's because I've been enjoying my oranges so much just eaten out of hand. Glad that this was a hit for both of you! Now you're going to have to find some fun ways to use your wrap!

  16. I could say something about "great minds" or "two peas in a pod", trite comments but I think the Martha Wrap story is charming. I think there are probably not too many things that your Nana needs, Tricia, so you probably were more-than-excited to get the Wrap ordered. I would have been pleased just to receive the cheesecake. How lucky you and your family are to have her close by. I like this week's recipe. You shamed me, Nana, because I cooked the whole 1 1/2 pound of tenderloin and managed to polish it off during the week. As I said, I felt I needed the protein. That's my story and I am sticking to it. I would have liked more cardamon flavoring, less onion. And, I over-cooked my medallions, easy to do. They were a bit tough. Wasn't Carcassonne interesting, Nana. We explored every nook and cranny of that historical town.

  17. Love that you guys got the same wrap for each other! ;) How exciting! You guys will have to report back if it was worth the cost of the wrap and how well it works :) Have a great weekend!

  18. Ha! I ordered the Martha wrap too! But I would have gladly traded it away for a cheesecake. Seems like you are the only one's to use the words "winner" here but I also liked it. But I can't help but think I could jazz it up better. These do look good!

  19. SO glad you both enjoyed this dish! And what a cute story about the Martha Wrap :) I need to order some, too!

  20. How is the Martha paper working?
    Glad you both liked this. I didn't cook it but I love the color on Nana's. And also the idea of halving the recipe.

  21. That is a great story! All this talk of Martha wrap is making me want to try it, too. Glad this one was a winner for both of you.

  22. Wow, you both did a great job on this dish. Now I need to get me some Martha wrap - oh, and some cheesecake.

  23. I still haven’t made this one yet, but now that we’re in Fl. I will be making it for dinner one night. You both did a great job on this!
    I love your story about the Martha wrap….great minds! I just ordered my first roll from Amazon before I left for vacation. I wonder how many Doristas ordered the Martha wrap after reading about it on Elaine’s blog? Nice post Ladies!