Thursday, February 14, 2013

coeur `a la crème

Can't think of a better choice to celebrate Valentine's Day.
This was love on a plate and we ALL loved it !

Per Nana~
I guess I don't read instructions well because I didn't realize Dorie's
 mold had holes on the bottom and that we were supposed to drain this. 
(Yes, using the cheesecloth should have been the clue) 
 I creamed the cheese and added vanilla and creme de cassis and at 
this point it looked and tasted delicious.  After whipping the heavy cream 
and folding it into the cream cheese, I poured the mixture into the bowl 
lined with cheesecloth.  I thought that when left overnight in the refrigerator
 it would firm up but was surprised that it was still pretty soft. However
 when I sliced the first piece it did stay together. 
 I served a small piece to Hubby with Penzey's "Raspberry Enlightenment"
 sauce, then another  slice with Sarabeth's Cranberry relish and
 for myself, I drizzled chocolate  sauce on top.  Sorry to report that it 
was only Hershey's chocolate, but it was delicious all the same. 
 Dorie said this would keep in the refrigerator for a few days but I 
decided to try freezing individual portions for another time.
  I'm not sure if this will work out, but I have frozen cheese cake and
 whipped cream before so we will see if this works.  I will certainly 
make this again- it is so delicious. 

Per Tricia~
Love love love love love.
And that is not just because it is Valentine's Day. 
 This dish was off the charts. Like cheesecake, but lighter. 
Seriously quick and easy (especially if you let the Kitchenaid whip up
 that heavy cream) and with few, common and inexpensive ingredients. 
I got some fresh raspberries and then also made a raspberry coulis from 
frozen  berries.  The sauce was a huge hit as well and I am glad I tempted
 the god's  by using Splenda instead (I was not sure how this would fair on 
the stove top) and it turned out fabulous.
  This is one of the best recipes I have tried in a long time, FFWD 
or otherwise.  A new all time favorite. My hubby loved it and my
 younger  son and his girlfriend gave it two thumbs up with many
 questions about "isn't there anything else in it ?"  No one could
 believe anything so easy could taste so good. Enough said.

Happy French Friday ~


  1. It is remarkable that it tastes so good with so few ingredients! Glad you both enjoyed. Happy Friday!

  2. So glad you both enjoyed! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. I love your photograph! We really enjoyed it too.

  4. I agree...this was so easy to make for something so delicious!! A perfect Valentine treat :-)

  5. Oh, these look so beautiful with the raspberries! I am definitely going to have to try that in the future. These both look so terrific - it was such a perfect dessert for Valentine's Day! Nice work, ladies!

  6. Both of these look gorgeous! Great job!

  7. I'm with you, this was fabulous!

  8. Nana, you are very enterprising. I bought the 7" heart mold with holes. I made this dessert twice and it seeped nothin'. Good for you to just put the mixture in a bowl. I will be very interested to see how your Coeur froze and what the resulting taste was. I hope you report about that. Tricia, always nice to impress the girlfriends. If this girlfriend isn't a "keeper", however, perhaps you went overboard with this fabulous dessert. LOL Glad everyone in both households loved it.

  9. Glad that you both enjoyed this one. It is like a cheesecake mousse. Tricia, yours looks beautiful with the fresh raspberries. Yum! I survived the nasty storm last week. It's been warm this week (55 today) and the snow's reduced by about half, though the snow on the shoulder on the road is still sticking around, so it's tricky to get to safe dog-walking routes. When is spring???

  10. Wow, your's looks perfect, even the cheesecloth markings showed up....and fresh raspberries too!

  11. Glad to hear that you both loved this, and your choice of sauces sound magnificent.

  12. We really loved this one, too. I often find cheesecake too heavy, but this was the perfect consistency without too much sweetness. Your toppings sound wonderful and look beautiful with the coeurs.

  13. I totally agree…a perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day! So glad you both enjoyed this one…it will definitely make a repeat performance on my table!! I was able to make it for my son and his family, and everyone loved it!! After a not so exciting January, this one was a perfect choice!

  14. Love on a plate :-) Awwww

    Glad this was a hit for you - I did find this dish to be rather tasty.

  15. So happy this worked out for both of you. Your desserts look delicious. I didn't get to this this week, but maybe soon?

  16. They look great! The truth is, Dorie's version really doesn't even drain so I doubt the consistency was affected. I'm not a big fan of this dessert but it did help me tell a story this year...

  17. Nana: I certainly like the variety of delicious sauces that you offered with this decadent looking dessert! And I really like that beautiful and colorful dessert plate, it has this "mediterranean look" that I adore. Gald you enjoyed this wonderful dessert!
    Tricia: of course, that heart-shaped plate with the wonderful "domed" version of the Coeur à la Crème, raspberry coulis and fresh berries looks extremly tempting! Such a wonderful presentation and it is nice to read that your whole family enjoyed this creamy, dreamy dessert so much!
    Thank you both for the wonderful comments and have a really good weekend!

  18. Love all the sauces! Both look delicious!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous shots, both of you! I am so glad that this was a hit for you! They both look stunning. Nana - please let us know if it freezes well - that's a great idea.

  20. I think this would have been great with the chocolate sauce! Yum!

  21. I loved this one too, but my husband thought it was only OK. Unfortunately, that meant I ate too much of it by myself!