Friday, January 4, 2013

Herb Speckled Spaetzle

Comfort food at a perfect time for it .......

Per Nana~

A perfect start for the New Year.

Many years ago hubby and I drove through the Black Forest, 
Germany and Austria. The food was incredible, and the portions
 were immense. Thank goodness that trip was only a little over 
 two weeks because I can honestly say I was tired of eating. 

The dinner plates were larger than most of the serving platters 
I have at home. However, that did not stop me from ordering spaetzle 
whenever I saw it on the menu. When we came home I knew I had to
 buy a spaetzle maker and learn how to prepare this dish.
This week's recipe of herbed spaetzle was so good.

I didn't realize that finishing it in the fry pan would make such a difference. 
  Normally I serve it with butter and fresh parsley without that additional 
step. The mixture of herbs, as well as the mushroom, really make this a 
delicious dish that goes well with almost anything.

Per Tricia~
Happy Flu Year ! 
 Guess who came down with the flu last week last weekend and missed 
New Year's as well as a week of life ?  The same person who will be first in
 line for a flu shot next year, that's who :)  I am only logging in right now to 
 share Nana's spaetzle exploits. I am looking forward to catching up
 on recipes and comments - all the best and stay healthy Doristas !!


  1. Happy New Year! Nana, love the look of your spaetzle. Tricia, get well soon.

  2. Tricia - feel better and Nana - your spaetzle look lovely!
    Happy 2013 ladies!

  3. Feel better Tricia! Nana, your spaetzle looks delicious! I think the frying pan step at the end added a lot of flavor as well!

  4. Nana - lovely spaetzle - and that frying step does add some flavor, doesn't it?
    Tricia - feel better soon :-( (It's not too late to get that flu shot!)

    Happy New Year, ladies!

  5. Take care of yourself, Tricia, and get better soon. Nice looking spaetzle, Nana! I never had it before this week, but can't wait to try it again.

  6. Good shot of t he spaetzle maker! I agree that the twice cooking makes the dish even more delicious. Tricia, get well soon, so you can try the spaetzle. It will be a nice reward after a rough week.

  7. Nana: I can see that you have a wonderful Spätzle maker - isn´t this specialty gadget fun to use?! Your noodles look perfect and so very delicious! I agree with you they are so good with some mushrooms and herbs!
    Tricia: I certainly hope that you will feel much better very soon! Wishing you all the very best and the speediest of recoveries!

  8. Feel better, Tricia!

    Nana, your spaetzle turned out beautifully. Frying them definitely gives them some texture and flavour, too. We enjoyed these, but I think I'd have enjoyed them more if I'd had the right equipment.

  9. Nana, I love how you link the stories of your travels through Europe with the recipes. Your spaetzle look fantastic and I"m glad you got some use out of your special gadget.

    I hope you are feeling better by now, Tricia!

  10. Nana, your spaetzle looks perfect! Having a gadget sure helps! Tricia, I HAD a flu shot and still got a horrible virus over XMas...feel better soon!

  11. Aw, hope you're feeling better, Tricia!

    Nana, your spaetzle looks awesome! I love hearing how versatile this dish can be. Makes me want to give it another try sometime.

  12. Nana, Your spaetzle looks wonderfully delicious! I just ordered a spaetzle maker that looks just like yours! I am looking forward to giving it a try! I’m sure it will be easier to use than the grater I used for my spaetzle!!
    Tricia, So sorry you have the flu…feel better soon!

  13. Nana has it down to an art; so that is what a spaetzle maker looks like? Your dish looks scrumptious! Tricia, I have total sympathy- I started with the flu in Oct. & progressed through 2 rounds of bronchitis & sinus infections....Yikes!

  14. Wow, your dish looks positively gourmet! Thanks for showing a picture of the gadget to have, does that white piece slide back and forth over the holes or what? I am going to ask my German neighbor friend to cook this one up and share as she's made it many times before. I will work on the apple dish....
    Tricia, I DO hope you feel better by now, what a shame!