Friday, January 11, 2013

Long and Slow Apples

Perfect for a cold winter's day, though perhaps not a January one 
filled with any diet resolutions.....
Per Nana~

I'm not sure what I was expecting from this recipe but the
 end result was a big surprise.  It was so simple to prepare and I 
was expecting almost applesauce.

I loved the flavors in it and that was a nice change from the 
usual combination of apples and cinnamon.

When I removed all the covering I could not believe how 
much they were reduced into an elegant little dessert.

Since I cut the recipe in half, I will admit I did not bother with 
making homemade whipped cream but turned to the ever trusting 
cool whip in the freezer.
Per Tricia~
Thanks for all of the post flu well wishes.  
It is testament to how easy this recipe is that I was able to knock it
 out last night and get it posted.  That said, I do not plan on revisiting 
this one in the future.  The aroma and taste were great but adding that 
much sugar and melted butter to the innocent little apple slices actually
 made me feel guilty.  It is strange because I would not have felt guilty
 indulging in creme brulee, but since apples are already sweet, simply 
adding those items while baking seemed like I was looking for trouble :) 

 And of course the funniest part of the whole experience was that my
 Saran  Wrap DID, of course, melt !  What a mess.  

All over the bowls and then mixed on top of the apples.  
See below-
the sparkling center is melted plastic.....

As I read Dorie's directions that "Don't worry, the plastic won't melt"....
I actually decided that this was so clever and how did I not know that
 you could put Saran Wrap in the oven at 300 degrees ??  

Yes, Dorie has clearly risen to the level of BLIND TRUST in my kitchen - 
which rather than being disappointed in the melted Saran Wrap, 
simply reminds me how much good advice and wonderful recipes 
she has shared to get her into a position where I would believe anything :)

And my guys did love them. I just didn't mention the part about
my having to fish out the plastic wrap.....
Happy French Friday ~


  1. Nice to read two different points of "success"...I had the melting version, and was such a mess...I'm still picking little pieces of melted plastic off my ramekins and I don't dare eat my little desserts...too many plastic pieces that I'm afraid I did not find to pick out. Anyway, lessons learned, and I won't be as trusting next time. And am glad to see that one of you had perfect success!

  2. Ladies, Funny how you both had different views on this one. I had no problem with the plastic wrap, but so many people did! I feel like Nana…I also loved the flavors. I thought they were a wonderful, luscious dessert! Sorry your plastic wrap melted, Tricia. I heard some say they used parchment and it sounds like a good alternative. With the exception of the melted plastic wrap…they both look delicious!!

  3. We enjoyed these, but the melted plastic smell was awful - luckily, I managed to pick it out and the apples didn't taste of it.

    Sorry I've been so absent, but I trust you 2 are off to a Happy New Year!

  4. I'm amazed by how much the apples condensed down. I made Dorie's 20-hour apples, and it didn't have nearly that effect. Great post!

  5. These were really delicious, huh? (sans plastic, right Tricia?)

  6. I think the plastic wrap has a big point of "contention" this week. Some plastic wraps can handle it, but most of the common consumer varieties are not cut out for it.
    I guess it's one of those live and learn moments.

    Tricia - glad to hear you are feeling better.

  7. Nana I also loved the spice mix. A pleasant change from the usual cinnamon and apple combo! Tricia I'm glad you are recovering! I had my apples in the oven covered in plastic when I read Mardi's comment on the P&Qs so was able to remove it in time. Both dishes look great!

  8. This is one of Dorie's recipes that got such a wide range of responses...some loved, some didn't, some had melted plastic wrap, some didn't. And you're right, Tricia, I would have questioned any other cookbook author who said to put plastic wrap in the oven, but I didn't worry one bit. I'm wondering if Press and Seal has a higher melting point? It must! Next week is going to be interesting :)

  9. So sorry that your plastic wrap melted, Tricia, and ruined your lovely little desserts. My book had instructed to use the parchment instead and cook at 200* for 4 hours??
    Nana, success is golden, especially with those gorgeous apples!

  10. Bummer about the plastic wrap Tricia - but at least they still tasted good, right? I loved this recipe and can definitely see myself making it again - so homey and delicious!

  11. Nana, thank you for admitting that you keep a container of Cool Whip in the freezer. It gives me permission to do the same. When Melissa, my daughter, was here after Michael died, she discovered a can of whipped cream in my fridge. Well, it got tossed. A travesty, she said. I loved squirting it on top of things that needed to be squirt upon. It always came out "pretty". Oh, well. We all had a shrinkage problem but I think it was supposed to shrink. Yes, I enjoyed the apple concoction also but, unlike you and Tricia, I did not find it easy and quick. It was slow-going for me. But I did emerge from the experience with all my fingers and thumbs intact. Be grateful for small things.

  12. Tricia, glad to hear you are feeling better AND back in the kitchen. And Nana, glad you had success! Me too. I made half the batch and ate it all myself...

  13. Tricia, I laughed out loud at your comment about trust. I am much the same way, but I couldn't bring myself to use the plastic. I'm so glad I didn't, after all the horror stories! Glad you're feeling better.

    Nana, yours turned out beautifully.

  14. I was surprised at how well the apples held their shape as well!
    Both your dishes look great.
    I think I have a later version of the book as it says to use parchment and then wrap in foil. I think I would have felt uncomfortable using the plastic and it would have take some of the pleasure out of this desert!

  15. "Yes, Dorie has clearly risen to the level of BLIND TRUST in my kitchen -
    which rather than being disappointed in the melted Saran Wrap,
    simply reminds me how much good advice and wonderful recipes
    she has shared to get her into a position where I would believe anything :)"

    hehehe! I love that! We have a saying around here that goes "Dorie says!" and we basically have a lot of blind trust in her too! great job though!

  16. Oh, we had that melting plastic wrap issue back in the Baking days! So in that one area of food preparation, I do not trust Dorie a bit. :) The apples do look delicious - reminds me of a single serving of Ina Garten's applesauce recipe.

  17. These apples look great and apparently a lot of people had issue with this plastic melting thing. I have an updated version of the book with lists parchment vs. saran wrap. It's too bad. The apples were amazing! Such a simple and pleasing dessert when you don't have to deal with picking out plastic. So sorry!

  18. Tricia - I am so sorry to hear that you have had the flu. I hope you are feeling much better! And I am also sorry to hear about the melted plastic! I didn't use it because my oven runs a little hotter and I was worried that it might melt in mine. Your apples look beautiful though. Glad your guys enjoyed them.
    Nana - Beautiful job. I also was so surprised at how much they shrunk.

  19. Nana and Tricia: sorry, I am running a bit late with comments from last week but we were sooo busy with the kids...but I definitely wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your post about the apples. Both your versions look nice even if there was a melted Saran Wrap issue. We actually really enjoyed this dessert and I agree with Nana, the apples did look elegant on the dessert plates. Tricia: hope you are all better by now!
    Wishing you both a wonderful weekend!