Friday, May 1, 2015

Cheesecake Tart

Per Nana~
Being a die hard New Yorker, when it comes to cheesecake there is only one.
It must be extremely thick, not light and fluffy. 
When I read the ingredients for this recipe - cottage cheese and sour cream- 
I was sure the consistency would not live up to my standards. 
Oh, how wrong I was......
Starting with the sweet tart dough that came together so well, and 
then the filling, everything turned out perfectly. 
I did not put any fruit in the mix for a change but used an apricot glaze
 on top. This was one of the most delicious tarts I have ever tasted. 
Two thumbs up for Dorie on this one. 
Per Tricia~
It has been a great "Dorie Food" week around here - first with the 
wonderful CoconutTapioca and now with this crazy good tart. 
My husband has been in his glory.
I tend to like just about any cheesecake, ricotta cake or such but don't recall 
using cottage cheese ever before. While I don't dislike cottage cheese I was
 curious to how this would fly. My answer came when the Cuisinart food 
processor turned the ingredients into a rich, creamy yellow consistency. 
It looked fabulous and only got better with each step. 
I was even able to salvage it when I forgot to throw the dried berries 
in BEFORE adding the filling (yes, they sink- all was well)
This one is a true keeper.  In my opinion the "company worthy" results
 far exceeded the effort involved. Frankly the toughest part of this for me 
was keeping the partially baked tart crust from getting too brown when it cooked 
with the cheese mixture inside. Quickly crafted foil protectors did the trick.
We enjoy strawberries with our cream cheese so in lieu of raisins 
I opted for dried strawberries, then added strawberry jam on top. 
Doris suggested the tart could be served without the glaze and simply 
have confectioner's sugar sprinkled on top. I opted for the red glazing 
and loved how it looked and tasted.
My husband thought it was fabulous. It is basically a rich butter cookie with 
a dense filling and fruit glaze. It is a wonderful rich, crazy good dessert. 
This one is going on my "go-to" list of keepers.  LOVED IT.

Happy French Friday ~


  1. Tricia and Ro, this is the first post I've read this morning (Friday) about this cheesecake and I am impressed, impressed, impressed. Nice job, Ladies. Good work. I wish I could have been sitting in both of your kitchens to share of a piece of that tart with you. Both look beautiful. You two are quite the bakers.

  2. Ooh, Tricia, your tart looks so pretty with the strawberry glaze on top. yum! Both your tarts look delicious!

  3. This was so much better than I expected! Love the variations you two created!!! xo

  4. Tricia, I love the way the strawberry jam looks on your tart…so pretty! Ro, I agree totally about cheesecakes…dense, and creamy all the way…non of that fluffy stuff! Both of your tarts are beautiful! This really was a luscious tart, so glad you both enjoyed it! Happy Friday, ladies!

  5. Ladies, both tarts are lovely! I just dusted with sugar but I like your apricot glaze, Nana, and your strawberry jam, Tricia! It was surprising how good and easy this tart is!

  6. I love both of your varieties. Tricia I felt it wasn't even a cheesecake. I didn't even compare it. To me this was a creamy custard, that was delicious.

  7. Ooo la la ladies. Very nice!

    This definitely did not pass my cheese cake gut test, but it was delicious for sure.

  8. I'm generally with Nana on cheesecake. Which means that I don't really consider this a cheesecake. It's a french tart, which is delicious, it's just not cheesecake.

  9. Looks beautiful, both of you! Ro, I love your square tart pan! I, too, was a bit nonplussed about the lack of cream cheese, but it turned out good! Tricia, gorgeous with the strawberries and I chuckled at the bit about them sinking. Again, both your tarts look gorgeous!

  10. I missed the part about the glazing, but love how both of your tarts look with the colorful toppings. Howard was expecting the typical NY cheesecake, but this was a nice change for my tastebuds. Lovely, lovely!

  11. This was a cross between a cheesecake and a custard tart for me - I loved it. Nana, we were on the same page with the square tart pan. Yours looks beautiful! And Tricia, the strawberry glaze is absolutely glorious! A great way to end off the dessert chapter.

  12. Nana: ypu used such a wonderul tart pan - I love th erecatngular pan very mcuh and often use it for those lovely French tarts - an apricot glaze sounds nice, not too sweet, I am certain it complemented the cottage cheese/sour cream filling perfectly.
    Tricia: nice presentation - it would not have occurred to me to me to add dried strawberries to the filling and then glaze with a strawberry glaze - but it sounds like a delicious idea indeed!
    Wishing both of you and your families a wonderful Sunday,

  13. This was easier to make than a traditional cheesecake but still company worthy. The first time I ate it was with powdered sugar and the second with jam. I liked the jam better. I also liked it cold the next day. It got better with time for me.

  14. Ladies, you have two beautiful tarts there. Ro, I am glad that Dorie was able to persuade you that there are two sorts of cheesecake - I like New York style too.

  15. Your tarts both came out beautifully! I skipped the glaze but you're making me wish I hadn't. They're very pretty, and I'm sure they added to the flavor. I wasn't sure about this, but was pleasantly surprised as well. (Although I'm not going to give up the more traditional American cheesecake!)