Friday, May 8, 2015

Seafood Pot-au-Feu

Per Nana~
I loved poaching the fish with the potatoes and carrots, but I did 
not care for the sugar snap peas, ginger or scallions. Something 
about the flavors didn't work for me. In addition to the scallops 
and salmon, I added shrimp rather than mussels because as
 everyone now knows, they do not go over big in our house....
An interesting recipe, I am not sure whether I really like it or not. 
I will say this much, I can't believe this is the next to last recipe 
for us to make from "Around My French Table".  Very sad !

Per Tricia~
I held off preparing this until my husband and younger son were home
 to enjoy it. I am not a fan of seafood and knew I would not appreciate
 the scallops or mussels like they would.  

Suffice it to say that I am adverse to mussels. Frankly, they are so "off putting"
 to me that it was all could do to prepare these myself...since I had to 
actually touch the cooked mussel to remove it from the shell. 
I know, I know. 

I had the dish ready for their arrival back from college and they were just
delighted with the dish. As expected.  Both gave it  a thumbs up and said I 
could make it any time. Rest assure the next time I make it they will be 
home handling the mussels for me.......

The part I really liked about this seafood stew was the perfect timing and utter 
ease of it all. I omitted the leek and went with carrots, potatoes, mushrooms,
 scallions and then the seafood - salmon, sea scallops and mussels. 

Dorie's timing and explanations made the specific timing of what goes in
 when to end up being very easy, rather than complicated by the details.
  This one is a keeper. 

Happy French Friday ~


  1. A lovely pot of comfort food! Good job!

  2. A lovely pot of comfort food! Good job!

  3. Nana, I'm sorry you didn't like this one better. I was surprised that I liked the unusual flavor combination, but I definitely agree that it isn't for everyone. Tricia, I hope your family enjoys this one.

  4. I'm sad also, Ro, but as I commented to Mardi, I'm in denial right now. We are in the off-season-mode in Aspen right now. Restaurants are closed, no tourist trade, so no fresh fish or veggies because there or no Purveyors coming up here. I will make this later this Spring. (If we ever have Spring - it's been cold and rainy here with snow forecast for tomorrow). I think ginger is an acquired taste. I don't like it much myself.

  5. Your photos are as beautiful as your Mom's. Good idea to wait until you had an eager audience. Since I happen to love mussels (not oysters or sardines), I understand your pain. Have a wonderful Mother's Day - you two Mom's.

  6. Happy Mother’s day to both of you! Hope it’s fabulous!!
    Nana, sorry this one wasn’t a winner for you. Love that you substituted shrimp for mussels…a perfect choice!
    Tricia, You made me laugh with your comment about touching the mussels…I have a few food aversions myself…chicken liver being one!
    Both your dishes look delicious! Tricia, your photos and presentation are beautiful! Enjoy your day!

  7. Tricia, I feel the same way about mussels. I am glad that it was a hit with your family. Nana sorry it was not a hit for you. I also can't believe we have made it to the end, especially since I am no where near the end of the book.

  8. Both of your photos look wonderful! Tricia, I also feel a bit the same about mussels. I can sort of stomach them, but if I see the innards or anything...blech! But, that said, glad you found the recipe a keeper! Nana, what a bummer it didn't work for you. :( As I said, still a gorgeous bowl of food.

  9. Very sad indeed. It sounds like a mixed bag for you. Both of your pots de feu look so colorful. I think this works well with whatever seafood you find at the store, and whatever kinds you like. I saw that some Doristas substituted shrimp for the mussels. Maybe that would reduce the "gross" factor for you, Tricia. Nice to see your house is full again for the summer, Tricia!