Friday, July 26, 2013

Dieter's Tartine

Per Tricia~
Boy am I glad this was such an easy "recipe" week. I have spent much of my free time attempting to learn how to extract all those photos OFF my iphone, onto a new flickr account, and testing other options. I have not felt this clueless in a long time :) 

Luckily, this week's selection was quick, simple and yes- tasty. Ironically, my younger son and I are currently limiting carbs so the two "dieters" in the house were not the ones who taste tested the dieter's tartine !
My husband thought it was a nice combo but reminded me he does not like his bread toasted. Strange, but true and I wish I had this issue. My older son also enjoyed it but would have preferred goat cheese instead of the cottage cheese/sour cream combo used. Overall, it was a nice treat and I did get to crack open the Herbs de Provence I brought back from France. Of course I liked it- it took 3 minutes to make.......

Below is a link to the flickr page (are they "pages" ???) where I hope anyone who is interested will easily be able to see some photos from our trip.  Nothing fancy is used camera wise, just a Nikon Coolpix (and my iphone when the battery runs out.....) by both Nana and I. While these are only fun travel memories that allow us to transport back in time, I do take a TON and had over 2000 digitals to sort through. I narrowed it down to a few hundred, grouped by Château or town, and hopefully these "few" will give a flavor of what a wonderful place the Loire Valley in July is. You will be shocked at how few people are in the Châteaus- we were and enjoyed it all the more !

Per Nana~
This week's choice should not even have been called a recipe, it is so simple to prepare. Actually, one of my favorite combinations- especially for breakfast- is toast with cottage cheese.  I loved the addition of the sour cream to the cottage cheese. It gives it another flavor entirely.  

The topping of cucumbers and tomatoes sprinkled with chives really added another dimension to this great little tartine.  Rather than using Herbs de Provence, I added a special spice that Tricia gave me from the "Zoe's Kitchen" restaurant and it was wonderful. 

 After enjoying such a delicious, healthy tartine, I could not resist finishing with a delectable cheese danish. And no, I did not eat the whole danish.

Happy French Friday ~


  1. Nice jobs, both of you. Nana, one of my mother's favourite meals when she was in a hurry was always cottage cheese on toast, too. I think she's going to enjoy this variation.

    Tricia, I look forward to looking through your Flickr set, soon!

  2. Your tartines both look great, but the danish looks equally as tempting :-)

    Tricia - looking forward to catching up on your France pics.

    Have a great weekend, ladies.

  3. Your tartines both look great, but it's really the cheese danish that caught my attention :-) It was great having such an easy recipe for the week!

  4. Yay both of you - looking forward to checking out your France pics over the weekend!

  5. your tartines look good but that cheese danish is making me crave for some right now. have a great weekend !

  6. Tricia: what a lovely "dieter´s tartine" on that pretty serving plate from France!
    Nana: I agree with you, cottage cheese is delicious, I really enjoy the certain "tang" that it has (although I did use goat cheese for today´s recipe) - it should taste the same around here as in the States - with these dairy products, you never really know.
    I am very much looking forward to taking the time on Saturday morning (when the rest of the clan is still asleep) and look through ALL your lovely pictures from France!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Can't wait to look at your France photos! This was super easy. I do love the non-recipes in the book. This made a good breakfast. Both of your tartines looks so colorful, but honestly, it's that cheese danish that has my mouth watering. Have a great weekend!

  8. Both tartines look great. I used cottage cheese with no cream and still loved it. Nana, I wanna steal that Danish - yum!

  9. We really enjoyed this, too. I'll bet it was good with Herbs de Provence, too. I'm looking forward to looking at your photos!

  10. Thank you, thank you, Tricia for posting your France pictures. Although I've only been through four of the "squares" (Paris, for sure), I think I can see that you both enjoyed France for me also. Merci mille fois. And, you were there in perfect weather. It's so hot right now. Now you must do a video and tutorial on how to get pictures from your iPhone on to your Flickr Account and, in categories - that's totally impressive. You both seem to have bounced back from your jet lag. I'm so glad you got to finally take this trip. Glad you all liked the tartine. Not too surprised that WE all mentioned the Danish. My, my that looks good and I don't believe for one minute, Nana,that you didn't eat the whoooole thing.

  11. Nana, what restraint! I think I would have eaten the entire Danish, it looks so good! I've never been a fan of cottage cheese so I used goat cheese. Tricia, your France pictures are beautiful. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. I haven't been through all the pics but some of them are quite good!

  12. Tricia, I enjoyed very much your French photos. It brings back so many memories of my own when I see your photos (especially the empty green chairs at jardin de Tuileries). Thank you so so much for sharing! And both of you did such a wonderful job with the tartine. Bonne semaine à vous deux!

  13. Tricia... no toast? might make me a little crazy. I agree with your son goat cheese definitely has more zing but it is not quite as low cal.
    Nana, love your yin yan eating... all a delicate balance LOL.

  14. Tricia - such willpower to give up carbs!

    Nana - Dieter's Tartine and a Danish are a perfect pairing!

  15. Nana, it's all about balance! ;)

    Tricia, I hope your carbs-free journey is going well! I'm sure there are more FFwD bloggers who are watching what we eat too. Envious of your jar of herbes de Provence from France.

  16. Nana, you had me laughing, I didn't expect to see the danish at the end, but what a pleasant surprise! And your tartine looks so fresh and delicious!

    Tricia I am so impressed you opened a Flickr account! It boggles my mind when i see all the new apps and what they do! And I can't help but smile at the amount of photos you took! I do the same! Looking forward to seeing them!

  17. How could you not eat that whole danish after such a respectable main course?

  18. Tricia,

    How gorgeous presented on that plate. I would love to raid the cabinets in yours and Nana's kitchens.

    Typical male reaction "I don't like my bread toasted." What a come down after your beautiful creation.