Thursday, May 16, 2013

Food Revolution Day !

Dorista's choice in honor of "Food Revolution Day". Food Revolution Day is a chance for people all over the world to come together and stand up for good food and essential cooking skills. It’s a chance for people to come together in homes, schools, workplaces and communities to cook and share their kitchen skills, food knowledge and resources. Food Revolution Day is a global day of action to raise awareness about the importance of good food and better food education for everyone.

The theme for this year’s Food Revolution Day is “Cook it. Share it.” – something all of us here at French Fridays with Dorie are passionate about already!

Per Nana~
Since this week is "cook's choice" I decided to prepare one of my favorite dishes. Roasted peppers are a perfect summer dish because peppers are in season. Hubby and I love them for topping a sandwich and they make a wonderful appetizer that I pair with anchovies.  I buy a small jar of anchovies that are marinated in olive oil with crushed red pepper. Dorie's recipe uses herbs, which I had never done before but the addition was fantastic. I broiled the peppers until they were blackened all around and then slipped them into a plastic bag to steam, so that the skins would loosen. 
When cool, I peeled the blackened skin, removed the stems and seeds and cut them into slices.  For my roasted peppers I use "Pompean" extra virgin olive oil. It has a flavor that just seems to work. Surprisingly, I never use that particular oil for anything else.  I am anxious to see what everyone else has chosen for this week's selection - I am certain it is going to be interesting !
Per Tricia~
Leave it to my schedule that the one French Friday where the theme is focused on coming together and sharing in cooking...and my family is spread out again. To make things fun (and logistically practical) I chose an uber easy recipe for Tzatziki. I had not made it at home but enjoyed it in restaurants and knew my guys would too. My older son agreed to make a version from his location as well - dual Tzatziki's ! The goal was to show him how truly easy it is to prepare such a yummy dip, and how fun it is to share it.  Mission accomplished. Happy bellies in all locations, with very little effort expended.
My version:
Easy and YUM.
My older son's results:
He reported that the dill and the garlic were too strong and he will cut back
 next time, but there WILL be a next time. Score one, Food Revolution Day ! 
He found it very quick and easy (would have been slightly harder if he had 
remembered to peel the cucumbers....:) and enjoyed serving it with the Naan. 
Great job James !!!
Happy Food Revolution Day  !


  1. Oh I LOVE that you included James in this - totally what Food Revolution Day is all about - sharing cooking skills :) How fantastic that he says there will be a next time - dips and the like are such great things to show young people how to make - so much cheaper and healthier than the store-boughts ones! Go James!!!

  2. Nana - I love that you have an oil dedicated to a particular vegetable :-)
    Tricia - way to make the duo a trio!

  3. Nana, Those peppers look so mouthwatering! I would love one right about now with my lunch. Tricia, How wonderful to get your son involved in this project! I think it’s great that he made it and took photos! Just what Food Revolution Day is about! Have a great weekend, ladies!

  4. Your dishes all look delicious! I love these peppers too - I like your idea of the anchovies as well. Tricia, I haven't made this recipe yet, but it looks oh, so yummy! Isn't it fun that you did a long-distance challenge!!?!

  5. Love your classic Mediterranean choices.. so healthy and so simple, just what this revolution is about.

  6. So cool that James took part, too. Both the peppers and the tzatziki are recipes that exemplify what Food Revolution Day is all about. Everything looks delicious!

  7. Nana, the peppers look wonderful. Tricia, I love that you "taught" James this recipe long-distance. What fun for everyone. Cooking (and eating) are a family affair!

  8. Nana: what a bright and delicius looking dish of roasted peppers you prepared for Food Revolution Day.
    Tricia: of course, your and your son´s Tzatziki's are fabulous and the idea to share this recipe via long distance makes it all even more special! What a fun way to celebrate this day! Partcipating in this "challenge" was interesting, to say the least - everyone around me thought I was a little strange participating in this so I decided that next year, if all goes well, I will just throw a big party and invite tons of peolpe instead, we shall see.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Oooh, Nana, Tricia and James cooking with Dorie? That's the best kind of food revolution. I can imagine a great picnic with Nana's peppers and the tzatziki.

  10. I totally love that you both had decided to make something simple. Sometimes all you need is the simplest of things to start a revolution.

  11. Great choices. Putting out a plate of roasted peppers is my secret weapon! And great to take to summer potlucks too. Mmmm... Its the simple things that catch every one off guard for such things, don't you think. and THAT is revolutionary.

  12. Oh, Tricia and Nana, don't you love that James would join in from afar? It always seems, Tricia, that your boys are real participants in this FFWD adventure. They always have opinions, critique the recipe when it's served, good sports all around. That James would participate is the essence of Food Revolution Day 2013. I never had boys, daughters and grandaughters but I think I would have enjoyed kids like yours. And, Nana, one of the most fun things I do in the kitchen is roast peppers. It's just a magic thing - the result, I mean. I always have roasted red peppers, grilled onions mixed with balsamic vinegar in a container in the fridge. It's delicious for a lot of things but especially over mozzarella. I forgot how delicious Dorie's red peppers are.

  13. Tricia and Nana, these are both wonderful choices for FRD - achievable and delicious recipes.

  14. Both of these recipes look great. If my husband didn't expect actual meals, I would happily eat nothing but appetizers. I love roasted red peppers but haven't made Dorie's yet. After seeing yours, I'm definitely excited to try them. I am so impressed that James made the tzatziki too. Both versions look excellent! (I often skip peeling cucumbers too :-))

  15. I love tazkiki!! and how wonderful that your son got involved! :) The roasted peppers also look great, although I dont think I have ever had anything like them just on their own before... :) great job ladies!