Thursday, May 23, 2013

Asparagus Soup

Per Nana~
A delicious soup that will be repeated again and again. 
I purchased two bunches of pencil thin green asparagus with the idea
 of making half the recipe and using the rest for dinner. However, it 
looked so good that I just kept going.  
Such an easy soup to prepare, I loved the combination of the leek and
 the white onion added to the asparagus. I did not have any sour cream
 or creme fraiche, so I grated some smoked cheddar that Tricia and I 
picked up in Vermont on one of our short holiday weekends. 
We truly enjoyed it. Sorry that I did not take too many photos,
 but all that matters is the end result  - and it was fantastic !
Per Tricia~
This truly was an easy recipe to prepare and the results delicious.
 We love soup in my family and all of my guys love asparagus, 
so this was a welcome combo.  

            I forgot to pick up fresh chives so decided to just go "au natural" with 
            the initial testing of this recipe, but look forward to adding garnishes 
            when I make this again. And I will be making this again. My younger
           son sat down and ate 3 bowls in a row- he loved it.  My husband added
           freshly grated Parmesan cheese and said he is looking forward to trying
           it served cold.  My older son James and I also gave it two thumbs up 
          and everyone agreed that they would like smoked bacon  crumbled on 
           the top next time since this makes just about everything perfect, no ? 

 Happy French Friday ~


  1. Wasn't this one lovely? Happy weekend ladies!

  2. Crumbled bacon? Yes, please.
    Glad this was a hit all around.

    Have a safe holiday!

  3. I had it cold and it´s great, even though my asparagus were out of season. They look great ladies! And so glad the both households approved. Have a good weekend!

  4. Bacon makes everything better. Looks good!

  5. Yum - I think cheese would be a great addition. And bacon!

  6. I like your topping ideas - smoked cheddar and bacon both sound excellent!

  7. Nice soup, ladies! I have to ask, what is that asparagus "raft" under your spears? A tray? Cute!

    1. It is an asparagus plate from Crate & Barrel. I love to use it in the Spring for asparagus and lots of other yummy items :). Tricia

  8. Yum! I should have added some cheese to mine, too! Great idea :)

  9. Cheese is a great idea Tricia! Glad you both enjoyed it!

  10. What superb toppings. I wish I would've thought of cheese. Oh well, next time. And I'm so glad your children loved them. Mine did too. She practically drank the soup with a straw!

  11. Glad you enjoyed it! I'll be making it again as well!

  12. I enjoyed the soup, too, and I love all your suggestions for add ins. A little cheese would really go well with this soup!

  13. Nana. what fabulous green asparagus, it looks so wonderful and fresh - we do not get much green asparagus around here but white "Spargel" as it is called here is quite abundantly available right now - smoked cheddar sounds utterly delicious as an add in!
    Tricia: what a lovely soup bowl for your fantatsic looking green asaparagus soup - so nice that this soup was enjoyed by your family! I love the bright, fresh green color of your asparagus!
    Have a lovely long weekend with your families!

  14. Glad you both enjoyed this soup.

  15. Bacon or cheese sound like great ways to raise this up a bar. Wasn't this soup good? I like your asparagus plate! It's fun to celebrate the short asparagus season.

  16. Happy this was a hit for you!! I made corn muffins (with bacon grease instead of butter) to add a little more - bacon. Your idea of that on top would be fantastic!

  17. I'm tellin ya ladies that bacon and creme fraiche are my go-to soup toppings since FFWD!! I seriously can't have soup without them!

  18. Isn't it a bit surprising that most of us as well as our families liked this soup? Although I thought there were some labor intensive steps that could be skipped (did either one of you peel your asparagus?), I liked the recipe and thought it was kinda neat that we didn't need to add a flavored broth. I used creme fraiche and crumpled crispy bacon on my hot soup. That was yummy. However I think an unflavored whipped cream with snipped chives, as Dorie suggested, would be better with cold soup than bacon or cheese. Just sayin'

  19. Both of your soups look wonderful! We loved this one too.