Friday, May 31, 2013

Anne Leblanc's Pistachio Avocado

Per Nana~
Avocado, the delicious green vegetable that is so good in so many ways. 
Especially when mashed into a guacamole concoction sitting on top of 
nachos with melted cheese, sour cream and jalapenos. What's not to love ?
 This week's recipe, however, is for sliced avocado with pistachio oil. 
After reading various comments about the price of pistachio oil, I 
decided to use Dorie's bonne idee.  I improvised with some barbequed 
shrimp that I had marinated in olive oil, Italian spices and broiled in the 
oven. This dish is a "go to" dish that Tricia and I both use frequently.
 The marinade, when cooked with the shrimp, is delicious for dipping bread 
or adding to cooked pasta and topping with the shrimp. For this week's
 recipe I added a vinaigrette to the shrimp and used that with the avocado. 
The result was a very tasty salad.
Per Tricia~
I followed Dorie's instructions to a "T" for this non -recipe tip/combo. 
I luckily had read the P&Q's this week and followed Teresa's
 (of "One Wet Foot") advice to try a homemade version a la the
 Food&Wine link.  I am sure that actual pistachio oil is wonderful
 and that the Huilerie J. Leblanc version sublime....but this home-
made version was lovely. It was wonderful just to learn how to make 
this  and I will absolutely be using this on fish in the near future. 
We had not previously enjoyed an avocado served this way and the 
taste testers concurred that it was nice, but they could not seem to get 
their head around having only oil (pistachio or otherwise) as the garnish. 
Luckily they did not see Nana's pictures or I  would have gotten an earful 
about not using the bonne idee :) So not bad,but the great takeaway
 was the homemade toasted pistachio oil.  Always an adventure.....


  1. Nana, I want to come to your house!!! Scrumptious dish!!!
    Tricia, I didn't use a bonne idee either, but now I wish I had!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I made my own oil too and use it all the time. Nana, your plates are fantastic and Tricia, you get brownie points for making your oil! Good weekend both of you!

  3. I didn't even read the bonne idea. Need to check that out, b/c I definitely want to give this recipe another chance whenever I next come across a ripe avocado.

  4. I'm berating myself for not reading the bonne idea. Nana, that looks amazing!!! Now that would be something I could get into. Tricia, I'm with you - oil on top of avocado. It was a bit much for me. I'm excited to get your ideas. I made the pistachio oil too, so I can try again... like this weekend - I have plenty of avocados on hand as they've been on sale!

  5. I wish I had read the bonne idee! Being part of FFWD has really made me realize how often I don't read things (or think I do but seem to miss them completely). Both of your versions look excellent. Have a great weekend!

  6. I read the bonne idee but decided to wait and give my avocado a few more days of ripeness! Nana the shrimp look so delicious !! and Tricia well done making your own pistachio oil! I am going to give it a try myself! Have a wonderful weekend both of you!!

  7. I love that you paired it with shrimp! Perfect!

  8. I really want the shrimp dish... I didn't fill the halves it is an interesting well was it too much oil this way?

  9. Ditto on the shrimp - Nana, you are a genius :-)
    Tricia - the pistachio oil WAS the great takeaway from this one, wasn't it?
    Have a great weekend, ladies.

  10. Nana whats not to love indeed! I practically went ballistic on a guest who doesn't at least tolerate avocados. how funny that I didn't even read the bonne idea this time! I was so set on experiencing the oil!

  11. Nana and Tricia - I love both your versions. I considered making the lemon chicken Dorie also suggested to go with this, but in the end, it was nice as an appetizer.

  12. Nana the avocado and shrimp look sooo good! Perfect combination.
    Tricia I wish we could have tried the pistachio oil, it sounds fantastic!

  13. Goodness, I was so excited about this recipe that I didn't even notice the bonne idee. Looks delicious.

  14. Nana, yours looks absolutely stunning. I can imagine that it would just taste superb with the shrimp. YUM!
    And Tricia, I also made my own. It is divine! Thanks for the heads up on using it on fish. Will try it very soon!!

  15. Nana: your presentation is just so very delicious - grilled, marinated shrimp on top of this delicious avocado sounds just wonderful - how nice that you tried the "bonnee idée" and even nicer that you and your husband enjoyed this so much!
    Tricia: often simple is better and it was indeed nice to learn about the making of pistachio flavred oil from the other Doristas - nice presentation of your halved avocados.
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

  16. Both renditions look lovely :) I need to try making my own oil too!

  17. Both of these versions are lovely! I served mine minus the bonne idee, too! I actually enjoyed it for lunch. I’d love to be eating your dish, Nana! Looks fabulous! I happened to be in Home Goods today and found a can of pistachio oil! I guess I will now be making it again…maybe with some grilled shrimp! Have a great weekend, ladies!

  18. Nana, your shrimp and avocado salad looks great! Maybe I'll try that with leftover pistachio oil and avocados. Tricia, mine looked much like yours. I also made the homemade oil that Teresa pointed us too. I've been drizzling it on salads all weekend. I love the pistachio flavor.

  19. Nana, did you actually use pistachio oil on your beaiutiful shrimp and avocado salad. I think I really missed out on not using the real deal. I had Meyer Lemon oil on hand (which seemed pretty exotic to me) so I improvised. But, everyone is raving about PO. Tricia, I have copied Teresa's recipe and will try that in the future. Yeah, lucky your boys didn't see Nana's shrimp addition. However, I have the feeling that both you ladies feed them pretty well and that they're quite spoiled. Nice job this week.