Friday, March 29, 2013

Lemon-Steamed Spinach

Quick, easy and Spring green ~
Per Tricia~

I was delighted that we ended up with a recipe that was more 
of a trick/technique than a standard recipe on this busy week.  
We celebrate the Easter holiday and while Nana is carrying the load and 
treating both our families to the Easter meal- it was a particularly busy 
week nonetheless. A perfect week for an easy recipe and I put this one to
 the test when I bought the spinach after 9 pm this evening.  The dish was
 knocked out within minutes of my arriving home from the grocery store.
Bonus points before I even tasted it :)
I could not believe that dressing the spinach before steaming it would work
 but it did and my husband raved about it.  Yes, he gets spinach snacks at
 9:00 at night and is happy to taste test any "Dorie food" at any time :)
 I had not dressed spinach with grated lemon zest before so he really 
enjoyed the flavoring while I appreciated the  technique and the lovely
 aroma as  it steamed - the lemon zest smelled wonderful.
My new taste tester.  Still getting used to the fact that cats can jump where dogs
 cannot- and no worries-my family did not get this portion to eat
 Happy Easter and Passover to those that celebrate ~
Per Nana~

I do not own a steamer so I improvised, as you can see from my photo.
Normally when I cook spinach I use olive oil with a bit of crushed red 
pepper and garlic.  As you know, spinach cooks very quickly and is 
done in a matter of minutes. This recipe was a nice change. 
I liked steaming the spinach and we enjoyed the flavor of the lemon. 

 All in all, this was a lovely side dish that I served with fish fillets. 
 Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. 


  1. So, Nana, your the chief cook for the upcoming holiday, dinner, huh? I am thinking you probably love doing it. Isn't it wonderful to have all those eager and joyful eaters sitting around your table? Melissa, my daughter, who operates at the same high speed as Tricia, always so appreciates not having the pressure of preparing a big family meal during a week-end holiday. Hopefully the cat will stay home and not sample any of your dishes. Tricia, I loved that picture. At first I didn't see the cat. Then.....whoa, I did a double-take.

  2. Great job! This was a great dish - one of my favorites. Happy Easter.

  3. Spinach snacks at 9PM, huh? (I have been known to have some of those feeding moments in our house too :-) ) We used to have two cats and when they were younger, they did not seem to understand that there are places they just needed to not go. Stubborn little beasts, but I loved them (usually).

    Nana - I am sure you dinner will be lovely and enjoyed by all.

    Happy Easter, ladies!

  4. Hahaha! My Cleo is quite often checking out food that is on my table, waiting to be photographed or cooling. Cats ARE curious! Have a wonderful Easter ladies and yes, this was a GREAT technique to learn!

  5. I loved how easy and delicious this technique was. The spinach was wonderful. I'm glad our dog can't get up on the counter - she wouldn't have been taking the delicate nibbles your cat did, Tricia! Have a wonderful Easter, both of you!

  6. I love the new test taster, Tricia! This one was so easy and delicious. Good to know that it makes a late night snack. I know that Nana's Easter meal will be delicious. I hope your family has a lovely holiday tomorrow.

  7. Glad you liked this one! Happy Easter!

  8. I had to smile at your feline companion taking over the photo. Gatamiaux photobombs a very high percentage of my food blogging attempts. I keep a squirt bottle filled with water and I either point at her with it or actually spray water on her tail and she's out of the way, at least for a little while.

  9. Nana, how wonderful to be able to cook for your family's Easter meal. Your spinach looks great. Tricia cats take some getting used to:) We've had the same experience!

  10. Happy Easter Tricia and Nana. This was a lovely dish, wasn't it. I like your steamer improv Nana.

  11. Nana - sounds like you and I have the same standard spinach recipe.

    Tricia - I was also grateful for an easy one this week. Dorie's easy ones tend to be my favorites.

  12. I hope you both had a Happy Easter. Tricia, I'm so impressed that you made this after 9 o'clock! Nana, your standard spinach recipe sounds like mine. It's definitely a hard one to beat, although I enjoyed the change of pace.