Friday, March 22, 2013

Ispahan Loaf Cake

Finally, the infamous "Ispahan" adventure ~ 
Per Nana~
For some unknown reason, I was prepared to dislike this recipe
 because I thought it would turn out to be pink with all those rose 
flavored ingredients.  There is something about the color 
pink in food (especially a pink frosted donut) that turns me off.  
However I was really surprised it looked like a normal loaf cake when 
I removed it from the oven. The texture was so perfect and moist,
 and surprisingly (for me) - it came out of the pan in one piece. 
 I did not have any raspberries so I improvised by adding a few drops
 of Penzey's "Raspberry Enlightenment" where the berries should have been.
  I'm sure it wasn't as pretty as fresh berries, but the flavor was there. 
It is a very delicious cake and we enjoyed it plan, without any topping added. 
 Hubby claims this one is a winner.
Per Tricia~
Between the unusual name and the elusive ingredients, 
I expected the  result of this recipe to be exotic.
The cake was lovely, with flavors that typically are not found
 in  my kitchen (but will be with that large bottle of syrup 
and extract......) but were absolutely delicious.

We loved it.

  I made a raspberry coulis for the top and it felt very
 special for a weeknight ~
~ Happy French Friday ~


  1. I loved this cake too, it´s definitely one to try again. And it´s good to know it´s worth it with the flavors and no fruit! Have a great weekend!

  2. I was really excited about this cake, I haven't been excited about a recipe for a while so I was glad it got me out of my cooking funk!
    I could only get my hands on rose water but I could really taste it and the end result for me was so delicious!
    I love your photos, both look great!

  3. Hey, I have a bottle of syrup and extract exactly like that :-)
    We really enjoyed this - glad to hear it was a hit with both of you.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Glad you both enjoyed. For me, the taste was overshadowed by the fact that it took me two goes to get it right. A loaf cake. Imagine!

  5. Nana: your cake looks wonderful, it has a great color and a wonderful crumb - even if I have never heard of "Raspberry Enlightenment" before, it does sound very intriguing.
    Tricia: your cake also looks fabulous, nice touch to add some whipped cream and raspberry coulis to a nice slice of this delightful French cake.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Beautifully done by you both! Glad it was enjoyed by all :) Happy weekend, my friends!

  7. Nice job on this one. I found that rose flavor totally exotic, too overwhelming for me to be honest. Nana would have hated my cake as it was VERY PINK. No one else's cake comes even close. I like the raspberry coulis topping. I was lazy and just served my cake plain.

  8. That whipped cream looks luscious! I'm glad it was a hit for both of you. I think these weeks where the opinion is split between the group are pretty interesting.

  9. Hi Tricia and Nana, I enjoyed this cake too. The moistness was really great for eating, and who doesn't like raspberries? Have a great weekend.

  10. I was actually disappointed that mine didn't come out pink. For some reason I was looking forward to a frilly, girly looking dessert. But no dice. Oh well, I've got lots more rose syrup for mixing up frilly, girly cocktails.

  11. I think both loaves turned out great. And, great improvisation, Nana!

  12. For the record, Nana, I don't like pink frosting on doughnuts either! Take that, Dunkin' Donuts and Krispie Kreme!!! How the heck did you have "Raspberry Enlightenment" from Pensey's just sitting in your cupboard? I love Pensey's but have been reluctant to order anything from them but the tried and true spices. There is a Pensey's store in Boulder and I think I will visit it and stock up on a new inventory once I get settled in Colorado. I loved this cake and used rose extract and syrup but my cake didn't turn pink at all. Love the raspberry coulis idea, Tricia. I did the same thing. We have 12 for Seattle now and I think there are others who are trying to attend also. So exciting.

  13. Beautiful job. Both of your cakes look delicious.