Friday, March 1, 2013

Chicken Breasts Diable

The Devil is in the details indeed.......
Per Tricia:
Dorie explains that "Diable is the French word for Devil".
  Devil indeed because while we enjoyed this quick and tasty dish- 
the mustard I ended up using was too strong for our taste. I knew 
something was wrong when my husband tasted his chicken 
(the only taste tester I had this week) and said nothing.
 He was waiting for me to try mine. Whoa.

 That Trader Joe's Dijon that was both grainy and from France
 (like it was MADE for Dorie's description) had a bit too 
much kick for us. As in "clear your sinuses" kick.  

But all the same we could tell that with a bit more mild mustard 
this recipe would still be a keeper. The contrast with the Worcestershire
 sauce was lovely and not a combo I would have thought of on my own.

Per Nana:
This week's recipe was absolutely delicious and the sauce was so good. 
Dorie's suggestion of Filet Mignon Diable sounds scrumptious, and
 I would like to try this with pork tenderloin.  I cut two chicken breasts 
in half horizontally because they were a bit large and by doing this I did 
not have to pound them down.  For the sauce I used MAILLE Old Cafe
 whole grain Dijon mustard which was really sharp- just the way I like it. 

The sauce came together beautifully and we were pleased with the results. 

Hubby enjoyed this and I will definitely be making this recipe again.  
It really is quick and easy to prepare. 


  1. They are both wonderful, and I agree that mustard can sometimes be too spicy! I couldn´t make it today, but I´m dying to try the pork idea!

  2. We used the Maille whole grain as well - its one of my favorite mustards :-)

    Tricia - I hope your sinuses have recovered.

  3. Both look great! I used non grainy Dijon, but the whole seeds add to the look of the sauce I think...maybe next time :-)

  4. I wonder if grainy makes the Dijon stronger, because I had a french dijon and it didn't even faze my kids... hmmm. Too bad, maybe it's a good one for when you have a cold.

  5. We loved the mustard sauce, but while making it I was sure we would not...this is one of the surprise recipes...and a good surprise. Always fun to read each of your points of view...your food looks delish!

  6. We used Maille as well, it's my favorite and it worked perfectly. It's funny but, at this point, I go through about several jars of mustard per year, but I've had the same bottle of ketchup in my cupboard for years.

  7. I love that you both used grainy mustard! So did I!

  8. I wish I'd thought to use grainy mustard. I used plain old Dijon. I love the kick of mustard, so I'm definitely going to seek out the TJ version since Tricia said the kick was over the top. Nana, I think this would be perfect with pork. I think this is the sauce I was imagining instead when I didn't like the orange one with the pork a few weeks ago.

  9. Yeah, clear the sinus mustard might have been a bit too much of the devil! Loved hearing how you both felt about this one...I used Grey Poupon grainy mustard and it was perfect. Have a lovely weekend!!!

  10. This was a delicious dish. I used regular Dijon mustard and it worked great. Both of your dishes look yummy.

  11. We enjoyed this one - I used plain Dijon (heat wimp) and it worked really well. I'm sorry that yours was a little too hot, Tricia! Nana, it seems like Maille was the perfect choice for this.

  12. Yay for the grainy mustard. Love it. Love it. Love it. I made this a lot and usually mix up a few mustards that I have. This time I stuck with just the grainy. But heck, its always good.

  13. Wow that's interesting that the TJs mustard was so strong… You need to make it again, Tricia!

  14. Tricia: too bad that the mustard that you choose for this dish turned out to be a bit too pungent for this recipe because your sauce looks so delicious. But I am sure that you will be making this again just with a different kind of mustard, there are wonderful wholegrain and dijon mustards from "Maille", I believe that they are the best ones for cooking and I believe that they are available in the US - might be an idea. I often use them together in cream based sauces.
    Nana: how very nice that you enjoyed this recipe and I could not agree with you more, pork tenderloin will be just perfect for this lovely sauce!
    Hope you and your families will have a good weekend!

  15. Tricia, sorry TJ's mustard wasn't good...Im a big fan of TJ's but don't think I will be buying the mustard!! Your pictures of the dish turned out great! Nana, LOVE your idea of using pork tenderloin!

  16. How interesting that mustards can be so different in the heat category! I never gave much thought to it myself, but I imagine it does make a difference with this meal. both of these dishes look terrific. Nice jobs, ladies!

  17. I think you're right Nana, this would be good with pork too! I haven't tried Trader Joe's mustard Tricia. I'm sure the mustard can make a big difference in this one!

  18. Hi, Ladies! I love the whole grain mustard seed that shows in your sauce. So Trish, as a regular Trader Joe's shopper myself, I will remember that you said the mustard has quite a kick. Nana, the pork idea sounds good!

  19. Oh, Tricia, after reading your Post (it's Sunday morning and I'm just back from my trip to California), I ran to my fridge to see what kind of mustard I used in my Chicken Diable. Yep, Trader Joe's Whole Grain Dijon Mustard Imported from France. The exact same - and, yes, it was a Sinus-Blockage remedy, wasn't it. I didn't think much about it because I love mustard and really enjoyed this sauce but because I was making it for the first time, it obviously was a much more distinct flavor than I realized. Since we don't have a TJ's in the mountains where I'm soon moving, I'll have to grab a few jars to take along. Just keep using it, you'll grow accustomed to those "whole grains". On the other hand, Nana knows her mustard and I have always thought any mustard with the name, MAILLE, on it, is the best mustard product one can buy. Though a bit pricey. Will try this with pork next time, Nana.

  20. Whew, nothing like having the sinuses cleared every now and again. This was a terrific dish, and I would definitely make it again.

  21. Sorry you didn't like the TJ mustard. My Maille was quite mild but still very good. Think I'd choose a different variety of next time to get that extra sharpness. It was a great dish and I will certainly add it to the repertoire.

  22. Tricia, I have that same mustard and almost used it. Glad I didn't! Now that I think about it, last time I used it for a recipe I found the flavor to be too strong. I used Trader Joe's "regular" Dijon instead and it was perfect.