Friday, October 5, 2012


Not necessarily a dish we expected to find "Around My French Table",
 but are we glad we did !

Per Nana ~

Hummus, either you like it or you hate it.
I liked it and Hubby hated it.   Actually, I think  the word "sawdust"
 was mentioned  in his description. Nothing to worry about though 
since I only prepared half  the recipe.
When I opened the container of tahini and stirred it,  it reminded me
 of Trader Joe's peanut butter.  (Not the recalled kind)
My thoughts were to possibly use it as a spread, but when I tasted 
it I changed my mind. The taste was pretty gross and I had my
doubts about putting it in the hummus, however,
 it all worked out well.
The ingredients blended well, and turned into a really smooth hummus.  
I would like to try this again and add some red peppers to it, or  other flavors.

Per Tricia ~
My kids are big fans of hummus so it was fun to make it from "scratch". 
 I had to chuckle because my husband kept saying "this all came from 
one can" - he couldn't believe a single can of chickpeas could yield
 such results.  Nana, ahead of the game as usual, hooked me up with the
 tahini - making this all the more of a cinch to prepare.  I admittedly
went a bit heavy handed on the garlic this time and ended up adding 
about twice as much reserved chickpea liquid as Dorie suggested - but 
that is a matter of taste regarding consistency.  Like Nana- we all
 liked it and many suggestions were given regarding how the taste 
testers wanted me to tweak it next time.  Not many folks consider "trying 
to make it taste like Costco's" to be a compliment....but it is in this house :)

Since the dish was so easy I had more than enough time to play
 catch up on that eggplant tartine I missed. I had fun trying a 
"graffiti eggplant"  along with the standard version.  
After combining all the ingredients I honestly did not expect to care 
for this one - but I did. It was a lovely combo with a great texture.  
A lot going on and it all worked. 
 My guys enjoyed it as well and said while a little messy to get 
onto a fork - it was more than worth the effort.  
Of course they didn't cut up all those veggies......... 


  1. I used extra liquid too. I was trying to get close to the texture of the Sabra hummus that I buy at Costco. I don't know if that's the same one you were trying to imitate too. Both the hummus and the tartine look delicious. Nana, if your husband thinks it tastes like sawdust, that must means more for you!

  2. Very nice, ladies! Even though this seems to be the easiest Dorista recipe yet, and eve though I bought all the ingredients, I didn't have time to make this, but I will soon! We love Hummus & eat it often, but it never occurred to me to make it at home - looking forward to it.

  3. Tricia, I think that you could have written my post this week. I too made the same recipes, I too was surprised at how much one can of chickpeas yielded, I could go on... Too funny.

    Happy to hear that you both enjoyed this one. I'm looking forward to playing around with the recipe and adding some of Dorie's suggested Bonne Idees.

  4. Great job both of you! I should remember to leave some whole chickpeas for decoration next time. And Tricia, your tartine looks nice!

  5. Your Paris plate is fabulous and of course the tartine on it! Good job!!!

  6. Tricia, The Costco version is from Sabra, and they make a very good hummus. Being half Lebanese, I grew up eating hummus and have been making it all my adult life…it’s practically a staple in my house. I always add about between ¼ and ½ cup of water to thin it…I like mine on the thinner side.
    Nana, Sawdust is probably the way my husband would describe hummus…lucky for me all my children and grands love it!
    Both of your dishes look wonderful…nicely done! Have a great weekend, ladies!!

  7. I'm laughing at the sawdust description! I don't eat much hummus, but I can see what he means! My kids loved it as well Tricia!
    Both your dishes look great and I really have to catch up on the tartine, yours turned out beautiful!

  8. The eggplant tartine is still a favorite of mine! :) The hummus was easy and how great that it went over so well for most of you! :) Happy weekend ladies!

  9. Great job on the recipes ladies:) I enjoyed this weeks recipe - humus is a favorite at my house. Have a great weekend!

  10. Nana and Tricia: both your versions of the hummus look wonderful, glad that you all enjoyed this recipe so much - I had never prepared hummus before but it was a fun and easy recipe, I agree and the Aubergine Tartines look so pretty presented on that wonderful plate with the Eiffel Tower - so very French!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Beautifully done :-)
    I love hummus, but The Dude won't eat it - so I had to get a little sneaky on this one...

  12. Yes this was a nice one for sure! A keeper. And tricia, your eggplants look lovely. So much better than mine!

  13. Both of the hummus photos look great, and I like the bonus eggplant tartine as well!

  14. We loved the eggplant tartine, too. Both your versions of hummus look great and I especially love Nana's garnish of a few whole chickpeas.

  15. Lovely! You both ended up with great texture! I agree about the tahini, it did not taste very good on it's own! The eggplant tartine looks yummy also!

  16. Nice pictures! We liked this one too, and I am looking forward to playing around with the flavors.

  17. Nice! I laughed when you mentioned Costco because I love their hummus as well. I'm going to try to make this tomorrow.