Friday, September 28, 2012

Endives, apples and grapes

What a wonderful dish for Autumn.....
Per Tricia~
Lovely. I don't recall using endive before -
 I know, I know, how can this be ? 
We were all very curious about this combo.

The aroma was OUT OF THIS WORLD as the 
ingredients caramelized in the fry pan and we 
could not wait to try it. 

Yum - we all agreed that it was very unique.
My husband and son had fun deciding whether the items were better 
individually or if you scooped up a combo of the 3 on the same fork -
 and the combo won. The grapes were a delicious idea that made 
the dish for us. Loved it !
Per Nana ~
Endive is something I always like to cut very thin and add 
to salad greens.  I have never cooked it, but
when I saw the photo of this week's recipe I had to try it.
I chose a Fuji apple and some white grapes, and used rosemary 
sprigs from the containers on the patio. Everything caramelized 
beautifully and the aroma was fantastic.

This is such a simple dish to make, but the results would 
compliment  any meal.Now that I have learned how to cook 
the endive I will be using it again.

Since this is the last recipe for September, let me just say 
that all the recipes for this month were great. Hubby and I enjoyed 
each andevery one and I look forward to making them again.


  1. LOvely job ladies! I loved this one too. Have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful dishes;-)
    We loved this one too and I liked all the flavors together in one bite as well!

  3. This was a first for me as well. I've enjoyed endive many times before in salads, but never cooked. In fact, I thought that this recipe WAS a salad until I finally (just last week) got around to actually reading the recipe. I thought that it sounded beyond weird and was quite surprised at how good it was.

  4. You cooked them to perfection well done.

  5. Gorgeous photos...was a big hit here as well.

  6. Beautiful dishes Nana and Tricia! I'm glad you enjoyed it. We did too but since I couldn't find endive I went with Dorie's bonne idee and used squash.

  7. Your dishes look beautiful and delicious:) Glad you enjoyed the dish - my family liked it too.

  8. This definitely was a wonderful dish for autumn! I'm thinking of making it again for Thanksgiving.

  9. The thanksgiving verson was good, too, but I will definitely try this with endives as well. Everything looks beautiful!

  10. Isn't it fun how we all want to show this off in the pan? This was fantastic by all my measures and I can't wait to do it again. I certainly WOULD do this for Thanksgiving and as fate would have it, its MY turn this year.

  11. I never cooked endive before either. And, yes, the grapes made this one great! Nice job!

  12. Usually, endive is relegated as a spoon for some hors d'oeurve - it was nice to give it a different role here.
    Lovely job & have a great weekend!

  13. Seems like I am the only one I didn't like the endive part of the recipe :( But I loved the grapes and the apples :) They were divine!! Like your pictures :) Have a great weekend!!

  14. Tricia and Nana: it is wonderful to read that you all enjoyed this intriguing recipe so much, this is a simply wonderful recipe. I love all the delectable caramelization on your endives and the apples - great pictures!

    Have a terrific weekend!

  15. Beautifully done, ladies!! Love how wonderfully caramelized everything looks in your photos….can’t wait to try this one with the squash! Have a lovely weekend!

  16. I agree, September was a really good month. This really was a great combination. Glad you both enjoyed it!

  17. fabulous browning... I can taste the yummy brown bits now!

  18. Your dishes look fantastic! I had never had endives before either and I liked the combo too!

  19. Seems like this was a favourite with the group - a nice way to close our our second year. Both your versions look wonderful!

  20. Great job ladies!! I wish I could like the endives like you did but for me, it was a miss. But the aroma was quite amazing!!!

  21. You both got such lovely caramelization! Great job!