Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eggplant tartine with tomatoes, olives, and cucumbers

Per Nana ~

I really think I should get extra credit this week since I originally 
made the Beatrix's red kuri soup before I found out the recipes were switched.
However, since both of these recipes were good, I will stop 
complaining.  I'll just be that much ahead when the kuri soup comes up.
The eggplant tartine was really fun to make and I loved all the 
ingredients that went into the "salsa" . Perhaps the eggplant I bought was
 a little too small because when I made the salsa I seemed to have too 
much for only six small slices.  But, that said, this combination goes
 great with crackers or chips.
The roasted slices of eggplant were very tasty even without a topping. 
All in all, hubby and I both agreed that this was a wonderful recipe, 
and I think it would be a great starter to any meal. 

Per Tricia ~
Once again I came up short and will post the tartine hopefully this week-
 but am sharing a few photos of the wonderful treats we enjoyed while 
dropping the kids in Boston.   Amidst packing and unpacking we enjoyed
 Hot Chocolate at the famous "Burdicks" chocolate shoppe in their Cambridge
 location.  Just outside of Harvard's steps, it was the perfect setting.  

We lucked out at hit the famous Mike's Pastry in the North End when it was
 not too busy. Which is basically a miracle. We had heard about their
 "florentine cannoli" and it did not disappoint. I think each cannoli 
weighed about 5 pounds (kidding) but the shell was to die for. Amazing.
We also had an amazing brunch in Beacon Hill at the Paramount. 
 I can't  remember the last time I waited in line so long for anything, 
but the caramel, banana French Toast was ultimately well worth it.

 Can't wait till Parent's weekend 
for some more.......


  1. Great attitude, Nana! It's good to get ahead with the recipes, sometimes. Our eggplant was enormous, but I can see the salsa being lovely on its own, too.

    Love the photos and descriptions of your meals in Boston, too, Tricia.

  2. I wanted the soup! Nice tartines, it´s great that you enjoyed the salsa! Have a great week!

  3. Well done Nana! I've never heard of red kuri squash so I'll be looking for a sub. Fun photos Tricia. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tricia - I much prefer your entry this week to the actual recipe ! Sorry, Nana! Though yours looks lovely and I wish mine had looked as pretty - I might have not tampered with the recipe!!

    1. Actually, I liked her entry better too. Too bad there were no samples from
      Boston. Only kidding.....

  5. What a fun post, you two! Nana, your tartines look delicious! I liked the eggplant too - I did a method comparison, so it was fun to learn a little. I didn't know what Red Kuri squash was until last year (haven't seen it in the stores yet this year), then fell in love a little. At least you'll be ahead of the game!

    Tricia, all of your treats look and sound so amazing - I'm with Mardi, you did get the better part of the deal. :)

  6. Wow. Everything from the tartine to the cafe food looks delicious. Great dual post!

  7. Your Post was worth waiting for, definitely. Nana, did you really find Red Kuri squash? And, was it good? Your tartines look tasty although, like many, I liked the salsa better than the whole tartine. Eggplant is not bread, in my opinion. Loved you culinary journey, Tricia. Thank you for teasing us with those delicious-looking treats. Are you empty-nesters now?

  8. Nana - you get an extra gold star :-)
    Tricia - I only wish the food where I dropped my girl was half as tempting... And we have been out to the college 3 or 4 times in the month that she's been there. Parents weekend, indeed. Hopefully, things will calm down soon.

  9. Nana, sorry about the bait-and-switch. But you'll be ahead when the soup finally comes up again. And your tartines look wonderful. I think the topping was the true star of the recipe.
    Tricia, didn't you just love Burdick's? Always a treat. Next time you are in the North End, check out the cannoli at Modern Pastry just down the street. I was a Mike's fan for years, but have recently switched my loyalty. I live just outside of Boston. I'd love to meet you for a cup of coffee or a drink if you find yourself with any free time during a visit to the kids.

  10. Nana, your aubergine tartines look wonderful, they are so nicely presented with the seeded thin slices if cucumber on top - I am glad that you and your husband enjoyed them so much.
    Tricia - the places that you visited look wonderful and I am sure that I would love going there too.

    Have a good week1

  11. enjoyed the pictures. I felt like there was room for dessert after the low calorie eggplant tartine, so I went onto that delicious banana french toast!

  12. Nana, We also enjoyed this one…actually I enjoyed this one! My hubby doesn’t do eggplant. Your looks delicious!!
    Tricia…oh how I remember all the parents weekends and visits we made…unfortunately none in Boston! I did have two in NYC…loved exploring the city streets with my daughter…great memories!

  13. I didn't do this recipe, I got sidetracked with the kids and ended up catching up on creme brulee that I missed. I can't wait to try this though, it looks great!
    I love the photos of the hot chocolate! And the french toast look amazing!!!

  14. Tricia, I loved Mike's Pastry when I was in Boston - lucky you for getting in when they weren't too busy!

    Nana, I'm impressed you made both recipes! Thanks for the preview. I'm glad to hear that you liked them both. I thought the eggplant was a winner.