Friday, October 12, 2012

Crispy Crackly Apple Almond Tart

Or in our cases, "super easy frozen puff pastry tarts"....
Per Nana~

This week I decided to use Dorie's "bonne idee" for the tart recipe because
 I don't do well with filo dough.The only time I enjoy filo is when it is made 
into Baklava by a great baker.  (or any baker) So I used the puff pastry 
instead and made apple tarts.  I defrosted the whole package and used both
sheets of dough.  Made one into 
rounds as Dorie suggested, and the other 
was cut into four squares. Not perfect, but turned out sort of rustic looking....
Anytime I make a tart or pie I usually coat the apples with a mixture 
of cinnamon and sugar, and I did the same for this little tart. 
 I find it gives the apples a nice flavor.
 Hubby was quite impressed and thought they were very 
professional looking.  Ha! With the trimmings from the first 
piece of dough, I placed an apple slice or two and rolled them. 
These were really cute, and I want to try that again with more puff pastry
 and make little apple or pear rollups or small turnovers. I am looking 
forward to seeing the results of the original recipe for this week and to see 
what the rest of the Doristas did with it.

Per Tricia~ 
While I feel a bit guilty that I opted for the short cut "Bonne Idee"
 this week, I am SO pleased with the results. My older son and I are in 
Vermont this week and found a new brand of puff pastry at the local 
market.  This ready to go pastry was pre-cut into medium sized squares - 
making playing around with topics the toughest part of the job :) 
We were inspired to play around with options on the sweet side. 
 We bought some local apple walnut spread ........
and played around with that and fresh apples and toasted walnuts,
covered with organic Turbinado raw cane sugar.  The others were 
fresh pear with a fig spread and sugar.
The possibilities are endless and I love the thought of using leftovers 
as well as "gourmet" ingredients. This recipe is just what we need around
 here as we indulge in more cheese boards and appetizers than we do at home.  

And apres ski desserts ?  Yes please ! 

We also had an adventure taking a French Cooking class this week at 
Cafe Provence in Brandon, Vt and visiting a wonderful local goat farm.
 Will get organized and share some photos next week !


  1. Very pretty apple slice designs! Great post!

  2. Both of your tarts look delicious! Yours turned out prettier than mine! Tricia I love that you found squares of puff pastry. I haven't seen those here but I'm going to keep looking.

  3. Tricia, your tarts look so pretty! It sure sounds like you are having the best time in Vermont. :-)

    I did have some puff pastry left and now I want to make little turnovers like Nana's.

  4. Tricia and Nana: all of your tarts look lovely - I love the different shapes and toppings and the use of some wonderful ingredients! This was a fun recipe and both of you certainly made the most of it! P.S.: I would not mind spending a little time in Vermont right now...

    Have a good weekend!

  5. Both your tarts look yummy! I will have to give this puff pastry a try, it doesn´t get easier or taste better according to all those who made it. Pears and nuts are a good idea. Have a great weekend!

  6. Nana, I like your addition of cinnamon - perfect for fall. Tricia, your different combinations look fabulous - and I must have me some of that conserve!

  7. Very lovely, ladies. I went the "puff" route as well and was pleased with how simple and elegant of a dessert it presented.
    Tricia - I am sure you had a great week! Sounds like a perfect time to spend with your son.

  8. Looks delicious! I'm so happy to see that I wasn't the only one who used puff pastry this week. Dorie has really taught me to appreciate this handy dough. I usually have some in the freezer now, and since I also usually have apples, this means I am never far from a delicious dessert.

  9. You both did an amazing job! I think I would have preferred this tart with puff pastry & love the flavor additions!

  10. Amazing looking tarts, ladies! I used filo, but love puff pastry! All of these lovely tarts look as though they came from a bakery! Perfect!!

  11. I love the look of both of your tarts, but especially those pear ones. Imagine that something this elegant looking is so easy to whip up! Lucky Doristas to learn the secret!

  12. Both of you ladies went wild with these great-looking tarts. Love both of your ideas. Nana, I love the photo of the little round tart. And, Tricia, you hit the MotherLode with the puff pastry squares. Like both the ways you went this week. And, Tricia, I am anxious to see your Post on the cooking glass and visit to the goat farm.

  13. Looks deliiscious! Thanks for sharing! I am definately adding your site!

  14. Both versions are making me wish I'd tried the bonne idée version! I'm going to have to do that soon. Have a great ski vacation, Tricia!

  15. These ARE gorgeous and professional looking! And hey you'd be surprised - the filo was super easy to work with!