Thursday, June 7, 2012

Olive Oil Ice Cream

Who knew ?  Dorie- that's who !

Per Tricia ~
I stepped up for this week's adventure solo, since Nana does not 
have  an ice cream machine.  Granted, she could have borrowed mine
 but I am  not sure we thought we needed two versions of this one.

We were wrong.  The ice cream machine is officially operational for the
 season and this was a wonderful start to a hopefully creative summer of new
 flavors.  And this was a new one flavor for sure - one that would have had it's
 page  turned right on by....were it not for "French Fridays with Dorie".

I truly could not imagine what this was going to taste like but the end result
 to me simply tasted like a very rich, lovely vanilla ice cream.  Did I mention
 VERY rich ?  But with literally an "aftertaste" of mild olive oil.  

Luckily I had a full house of very curious taste testers.  
Everyone said they were quite surprised at how good it was and all
 agreed it was rich.  My husband agreed it had a great vanilla flavor and
 found  the olive oil interesting.  My sons actually thought it tasted a bit
 like "cookie dough" but I think that might be a stretch.  Or simply a
 compliment :) They also said they wished they didn't know the olive oil
 was in there because they wondered if they would have noticed it otherwise. 
 Yes, it was going down pretty fast....
And while I did not send over my ice cream machine, I did send a nice
 sample of the dish to Nana and my father- who happened to be celebrating 
his birthday.  He has done many things over the last 81 years but I can say 
with certainty that this was the first time he tasted "olive oil ice cream".  

 And he approved.
Thanks, Dorie - for making his birthday that much sweeter !

Happy French Friday
& Happy Birthday Dad !!


  1. I want to cut the vanilla in half next time to let even more of the olive flavor out but all in all a delightful ice cream. I was quite surprised at how good it was with olive oil drizzled over the top and fluer de sel too. Dorie did know!

  2. VERY rich is right. And VERY sweet. Needed something to cut all that. Wish I would have thought to change it up a little. Glad you enjoyed!!!

  3. Yes, it was an interesting and surprisingly good ice cream. I had the same feeling, that I will be start making ice cream again after this one!

  4. I think there is a bit of a cookie dough texture to it... really interesting unfortunately my family was not as open minded as yours.

  5. I was also really surprised by this one and like you, I probably would have totally skipped this recipe if it wasn't for FFWD. Glad you had such appreciative taste testers! :)

  6. My ice cream maker came out of hibernation this week as well. I'm so excited to give it a workout this summer. I have so many pages in David Lebovitz's book tabbed that it could be a very busy one. Not sure the olive oil ice cream will be making a repeat appearance in my kitchen though.

  7. Your boys might be on to something! I love the idea of this ice cream being very rich even though the decadent cream is substituted by the better-for-you olive oil. Next time I'll stick to the original version.

  8. Exactly! Who knew this would be such a surprising hit. Great post!

  9. Very nice &happy birthday dad :-)

  10. Happy Birthday to your father! This ice cream was surprising wasn't it?

  11. Glad this one was a winner for you guys!

  12. That's the great thing about being in this cooking group, we are open to try things out beyond our comfort zone and are sometimes pleasantly surprised by how good some of these strange recipes are! Glad your whole family and dad gave the thumbs up to this ice cream, but did Nana also like it? Hope your dad had a wonderful birthday Tricia, please send him my best wishes for a great year ahead :)

    1. Nana DID like it :) I believe the response was something along the lines of "hey, this is actually pretty good !". Sorry Dorie but we were skeptics.....

  13. We loved this as well and it has definitely kicked off the ice cream making season for us! Hope you have a great weekend.

  14. Happy Birthday to your dad! So glad you enjoyed this one…we really loved this one, too! I know I will be experimenting with some new flavors in the future! Your ice cream looks perfectly delicious!

  15. Happy Birthday to you dad, congrats on 81! That is awesome! We really enjoyed this recipe too, perfect for the hot weather!

  16. So nice that this ice cream was able to supply your Dad with a new experience for his 81st! It looks beautiful.

  17. looks so easy to prepare and delicious...lovely!

  18. Happy Birthday to your dad! I loved the texture and richness of this ice cream and will definitely be making it again, with some different olive oil ;-) Have fun this summer with the ice cream maker.

  19. Happy Birthday to your father! I am sure he enjoyed his ice cream. This was such a fun surprise for us as well and it was interesting to see the reactions when everyone discovered there was olive oil in it. :) Glad everyone enjoyed it!

  20. Happy Birthday to your dad! I just scrolled through your blog and realized how many wonderful Dorie recipes I've missed;-( I'm inspired by both the delicious recipe for olive oil ice cream, which we loved!, and seeing all the dishes you've made, I have to stay home and get to work in the kitchen,lol! I think the cookie dough comment was a huge compliment, cookie dough is always so good;-)

  21. It's an interesting idea, if I didn't know this had olive oil I'm not sure I would have guessed. I'll have to test that on someone next time. Yours looks beautiful. I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who curdled my eggs (I had to jam them through the strainer too)!

  22. First, Bon Anniversaire to Votre Père: I bet that was a first for him - olive oil ice cream. I am surprised that your boys liked it and even more surprised that my granddaughters loved it. They came to visit this weekend and on Friday night I served it for dessert (although I had a back-up), thinking they wouldn't like it. They finished the entire batch of it - my daughter got one spoonful and I got none (altho I had already had plenty). I put homemade granola on it but I think they would really love chocolate. This was quite a surprise, I agree. But, fun fun, fun. Happy Summer to you all. (Things are steady and stable here, Tricia. I was glad to have my family here this week-end.)

  23. I've just gotten 'round to this one now and was surprised that it was a sort of sophisticated vanilla, rather than an olive oil forward affair. I think we can safely say this was a first for most of us!