Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lime Honey Beet Salad

Worth a try, if not a repeat.....

Per Nana~
Does anyone have a good recipe for rabbit stew?
Just kidding but these adorable little bunnies are 
eating my flowers and herbs on the patio.
Unfortunately, this recipe did not go over well.   
 Hubby loves his  beets with the combination of vinegar & 
oregano and nothing will change his mind.
He continually asked what ingredients I had used in this salad, 
and could not decide which one he disliked the most.
I will admit I did not care for the fresh dill, 
but the rest of the ingredients were okay. 
The beets were cooked to perfection and when
 added to the herbs looked fantastic.  

I had high hopes, but it was not one of my favorites recipes either. 
 I'm anxious to see what the other Doristas thought.
Per Tricia~
I truly did not plan to play the 'let's take turns" card with Nana
 on this recipe.  She even brought me over some of the ingredients. 
 But when I read her write up (done very early, of course) and
 learned that even my beet-loving Dad was not a fan....I bailed. 
 I got the olive oil ice cream tested in this house and we have seaweed
 cookies coming down the pike.....I am not going to invoke the wrath
 of my taste testers for a beet recipe that will never get eaten.

Happy French Friday to all the brave Doristas who tried this !!


  1. Oh, Nana. I totally understand about the rabbits. We have had a rabbit explosion in the village over the past couple of years and they chew anything that doesn't move. I have thought unpleasant thoughts about those dratted things more than once.

    I am not a beet fan - although I did find out that Runner Girl and The Dude both love beets. I told them that they were more than welcome to them :-) (I left out the dill- that didn't make sense to me).

  2. I didn't think I was a beet lover until quite recently. I loved this one :) I, too, left out the dill, like Cher. Sorry you didn't like but hey, we can't like everything, right? Happy weekend!

  3. Sorry you didn't like it. For me , I love beets, either pickled or roasted but this one became a favorite too...guess I love all kinds of fresh herbs :) it goes well with my pan seared salmon ! Happy weekend to you and Nana :)

  4. LOL Tricia! I feel your pain! I left out the dill since I dont care for it and it made the salad taste quite nice! Maybe try it without the dill? It's such a strong and particular flavor.... better left for seafood I think.

  5. I'm glad you both tried the recipe. You had more gumption than I did!

  6. Nana the rabbits looks so adorable but wouldn't it be nice if they took their adorable selves someplace else? We had the same issue last year but I guess neighborhood cats and dogs took care of the cuteness. We loved the beets, and the dill, and the honey and the lime:) Tricia, you're right to be concerned about the seaweed cookies!!!

    1. Actually, I made them yesterday (early) and they were pretty tasty. More on that in next week post.

  7. I'm with your husband, dill is one of the few herbs which I dislike. In fact, I left it out of this recipe and just added more chives.

  8. Hi, I think your beets look great and the dill didn't bother me, I would have preferred sugar to the honey though it tasted to strong. Over all not a bad dish.

  9. I loved these, and I actually think that the dill flavor became more mild on the second day. I still feel like they were missing a little something ... maybe more salt and pepper. You have me intrigued with your tasty seaweed comment. I'm a little scared for next week!

  10. Sorry this wasn't a favorite with you and your husband, Nana. Your salad looks good though. I really liked the flavor combination in this one, but then I like dill and I think letting it sit overnight really helped the flavors meld. Tricia - too funny! :) It will be very interesting to see how seaweed sables go over here.

  11. The beets look so good - too bad, you did not like them all that much but it its nice to be adventurous cook sometimes. Love the picture of that bunny, too bad it is munching on the flowers and herbs on your patio.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I'm with you on this one. I preferred the earlier onions and beets recipe...which had oregano in it. Still, they look great and I look forward to your rabbit stew post.

  13. I liked mine, but I used basil and mint - because that was what I had on hand. I doubt I would have loved the dill either. Oregano... that's a good idea. You are right, it does look beautiful though!

  14. Oh, and "your" bunny... we can't figure out what's decided to eat all of our pepper plants this year - your friend's cousin could be the culprit. What a cute photo!!

  15. I love your bunny! But, then, again, we don't have any in our vegetable garden! We really liked this salad. Sorry to hear it wasn't such a hit for you, but great that you tried it!

  16. Your beets do look pretty, sorry you didn't like them better. I really like the vinegar and oregano idea, I'm going to have to try that. The bunny is cute, but it is so annoying when the stuff you work on growing gets eaten. My husband has been having a terrible time with deer this year.

  17. I really like the taste of dill so, I really enjoyed this dressing! I was glad to share this beet salad with my daughter and her family, because my husband doesn’t eat beets! Your beet salad looks lovely…sorry it wasn’t a hit with your husband! Love the photo of your mischievous bunny!! I have been having trouble with chipmunks in my garden! Have a great week!!

  18. I like dill but didn't have them when I went to make this salad, so I used thyme again. It worked for me. I found the limey vinaigrette quite refreshing. I'm sorry this wasn't a big hit. We are having a bunny epidemic in our garden. The dog sits in the front of the window and barks at them all day long.

  19. Well, beets are not for everyone. My husband and I loved the beet salad and our son hated it!

  20. Sorry that it wasn't a big hit for you all. I omitted the dill and I am glad I did, the dressing was just perfect with the lime, vinegar, honey, and chives!

  21. They look lovely. My husband and kids didn't eat them, so I ended up having them for lunch, dinner, and breakfast.