Friday, March 9, 2012

St Germain-de-Pres Onion Biscuits

Per Nana ~

When Tricia and I joined FFWD, the very first recipe
 that I wanted  to make was the Saint Germain-des-Pres
 onion biscuits.  We have been cooking for over
a year and I still had not made the recipe. 

I was happy to see them listed in the March schedule, 
I planned to make them for Sunday night's supper.

The recipe is very easy, and I was able to use my new biscuit
 cutters that I found in Wegman's housewares department.  
Mind you, I did not need these gadgets, but they 
will go very well with all the others in the cabinet.

The biscuits were not as flaky as some that I have made,  
but the flavor was wonderful with the addition of the onion.  

After I cut them out and put them on the cookie sheet I placed
 them into my refrigerator to be baked at dinner time.  
Maybe that is the reason they did not rise.  I look forward to
 seeing the results of the other bloggers on FFWD.

Hubby and I loved the biscuits and I know
 I will be baking them again soon.

Per Tricia~

This week was a reminder of how very much Nana and I enjoy 
"French Fridays With Dorie".  Fridays.

Even if I did not crank out these biscuits myself :)  
We had been challenged recently by the adding the "Tuesdays With Dorie" 
to our roster....and we tried valiantly to keep up with it all until the famed
 "Rugelach" recipe of this Tuesday.  Suffice it to say that you will find 
no Rugelach post on this blog :)

Madeleine Gely- famous handmade umbrella shop on Bldv StG-D-Pres. Note the cute sign.

So I have enjoyed a wonderful "vacation" week of cooking neither the 
complicated (though I have no doubt they would have been insanely
 good........) cookies that no one in this house actually needs, nor struggling
 to get through the posting and commenting whose time far outweighs 
that involved in the cooking. In fact, I got so lazy  I did not 
even cook the biscuits !  But I am sharing a few "St. Germain de Pres"
 photos from our trip last year.  Ah, the memories.
Nana and I have gotten a huge kick out of not only the recipes in
 FFWD, but in the sharing of comments with this group.  
We are hugely touched by the kind and funny words that are shared 
with us and we look forward to having the time and energy to 
continue this journey.  And cutting out that Tuesdays deal will help :)

The famed "Deux Magots".
Happy French Fridays all ~


  1. Mine didn't rise either! But they still tasted good! I think yours look great!!!

    I totally understand the need to just have a break! Love your holiday pics!!!

  2. Sometimes things are just not as simple as we wish! I don't think you will regret not making the rugelach - they were tasty, but overall a PITA. (The Irish soda bread, however, was super simple, so you might want to give that one a go!)
    Have a super weekend!

  3. Your biscuits look great. Mine didn't rise at all but I assumed it was because I rolled the dough too thin. Ha!

  4. Nana your biscuits looks delicious! And gadgets need other gadgets so they don't get lonely sitting in our cabinets! Tricia I agree that sometimes the blogging part of this cooking group is overwhelming. That's when I do what you've done...take a break. Your pictures make me wish I were in Paris right now. Sharing that with your mom is extra special!

  5. We've all done a great job keeping up in this group. Sometimes when I need a work break it's fun to bring up my blog and find a new comment...just a word or two brings a smile and it's all the break I need to get going again. It's a new addiction. Everyone is so positive and encouraging. When we need a Dorie break, that's fine too. And doing this Dorie cooking with my Frolicking Night Owl daughter has been fun (and another daughter has joined in on the Tuesday baking)...and she needs lot of breaks as she's busy with her little family. But it's all fun...has become a stress reliever for me. If you're feeling some stress, then time for a break. Love your Paris pics. The biscuits look lovely. I think the best part of your blog is that you do this together.

  6. Lack of rise... I'm beginning to think that maybe the onions hold them down? Nonetheless, there is some rise and I think maybe the short rise may be ideal for the diameter that Dorie recommends as an appetizer but not so hot for the larger diameter biscuits that we all wanted to make. I'll do them again but I'll do some research to check some proportions and stuff.

  7. Very nicely done! I love the Paris photos & I love our group. It's so fun to connect with people who understand our desire to grow as bakers, chef, & bloggers. I can see how much my photography has improved in the past 2 years. All the encouragement just makes it all the more enjoyable. Have a great weekend!

  8. Trisha & Nana, great pictures of Paris, lovely round biscuits...I almost went under myself this week with the rugelach, but had to make them for next door daughter...who knew she loved rugelach????

  9. Thank you for sharing your photos, you lucky travelin' gals! Mine rose some, but not as much as others John's made in the past. I had little biscuit expertise before this week, but now I know quite a bit!

  10. Your biscuits look great, Nana! I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with doing both Tuesdays and Fridays with Dorie, delicious as the Tuesdays treats may be. Hope things settle down for you soon. Love your paris pics!

  11. Nana, Your biscuits look lovely...I didn't add the onion to mine, my husband would have never eaten them with onion. I have so many gadgets in my kitchen that my husband jokes that we need a bigger house to accommodate all my gadgets!!
    Tricia, Boy, do I agree...Fridays are consumed with the posting and comments. I do two postings on fridays....yes, I'm crazy!

  12. The biscuits look mouth-watering! I know how you feel, I'm behind three posts now and hope to catch up. This is really such a terrific group. Thank you for the visual vacation to Paris, much needed!

  13. I love the golden color of your biscuits. I think there's nothing like warm bread with dinner! I can completely understand how adding TWD to the weekly roster would be overwhelming. I have enough challenges keeping up with one weekly cooking group. I thought TWD was tempting, but knew my limits, so didn't even get started... I'm impressed with how many of our group have joined in! I really enjoy FFwD and meeting new friends that share my passion for cooking. I might enjoy reading everyone's posts and sharing comments more than writing my own post. Have a great week!

  14. I always enjoy reading your posts! First off I just want to say my biscuits didn't rise that much, I thought maybe I rolled them too thin?! They had a good flavor although I changed the add ins a bit. I also was swept away into the Tuesdays with Dorie group and I did make the rugelach which made a huge sticky mess in my kitchen(sort of like baking for Christmas in March!) and they were so good that I ate too many before I gave the rest away. I'm going to make one recipe a month from the Tuesday group, that's my commitment. I like the FFWD because we make a variety of dishes and most are excellent additions to our cooking repertoires;-) Enjoy your weekends and see you next week, hopefully, for the cheese soufflés!

  15. Oh, I loved your pictures of Paris, Tricia, so it is okay if you didn't go the onion biscuit route. Nana, you did great. Your biscuits look delicious (better than mine, actually) and who doesn't need more gadjets. You go, Girl. I also have been challenged with TWD. I passed on the regelach (didn't need both biscuits and rugelach on my hips) so will roar back strong with Irish Soda Bread. I have been a FFWD girl for about a year. Love it. and, I even received one e-mail from Dorie regarding my French Onion Soup FFWD Post. I was thrilled. Mary Hirsch

  16. I have so enjoyed cooking along with both of you this past year and now baking along with you with TwD.
    @Nana - your biscuits look lovely. So glad you got to use your new biscuit cutter. One can never have enough kitchen gadgets. ;)
    @Tricia - good for you for taking a break. We all need to do that from time to time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of Dorie's neighborhood. One day I hope to visit there.

  17. I love the Paris photos. What fun to look at those. I definitely understand the need to take a break - TWD/FFWD are so much more time consuming than I thought they would be. Nana, I'm glad you enjoyed the biscuits. I love the golden color.

  18. I am glad that Nana finally got to make these and enjoyed them - they look great.

  19. I think a lot of us were disappointed with the rise/lack of in this week's biscuits. Tricia, I look at your pictures and all I can think of is "four days wasn't enough". I need to find my way back to Paris soon!

  20. Hi, Nana and Tricia,

    My biscuits didn't rise very much either, but agree with Nana, they tasted good nonetheless. Your Paris pictures are a wonderful addition to the post. I would love to do the Tuesdays baking thing with Dorie, too, but know that I won't be able to keep up. Sigh!