Friday, March 16, 2012

Cheese Souffle

Ooh la la.  Nothing says "French " like a cheese souffle.........

Per Nana ~

A very delicious recipe.
All week I kept thinking it was going to be a 
failure, but it turned out beautiful.
Seriously, the recipe is quite simple and easy, 
I used Gruyere cheese, which I love.

The amount of ingredients called for in the recipe actually
 filled (2) 6 inch souffle molds.
At this point I had to quickly prepare another.
After 30 minutes I had  to cover them with tin foil because of
them browning too quickly, and at 45 minutes
I removed them from the oven.
One soufflé collapsed, but the other was perfect.   I'm not sure 
why that happened, but it was delicious all the same.
As a leftover, I did not reheat any of it, but sliced it and it 
was as though I was eating cheese cake.

I will definitely make this recipe again and
 I'm anxious to try a larger size soufflé mold.

Per Tricia ~

Only because I have made souffle before was the shock 
value gone.  Otherwise I would have been blown away 
by how reasonable both the prep and cooking ended
 up for such an "intimidating" recipe.

Nana had told me ahead of time about having excess batter
 so I opted for the larger size quiche dishes.  And I also 
had to do  the "foil tent" after 30 minutes.
 I mentioned I was going to knock out a cheese souffle
 for our "Dorie Food" this week and my 18 year old son actually 
said "wow, isn't that supposed to be hard?"
Which raised the question as to how he heard this. 
 I think it is actually from popular culture where there are jokes 
on tv regarding cooks pulling off the "elusive cheese souffle".
So two things got accomplished in my kitchen this French Friday. 
 My family ended up with a delicious souffle that they all raved 
about and we  debunked our urban legend regarding the difficulty
 factor.  If my boys end  up preparing cheese souffles or anything else
 from "Around My French Table", I will be one happy Mom :)


  1. Both of you had gorgeous souffles!

  2. I can't believe it. After three weeks I suddenly can reply. Some of the challenge words are still difficult to read but after three tries it let me post a reply.

    Great job on the souffles.

  3. Beautiful Souffles! I'd be impressed with a man who made me something from Around my French Table... You're a great mom!

  4. Kudos to two yummy looking souffles! I'm excited to try a large mold as well.

  5. Both of these souffles look incredible! We also enjoyed the souffle…my first and much easier than I anticipated!
    Nana, Your photo of the souffle and salad looks so yummy!
    Tricia, I bought one of my sons Dories’ book for his birthday last year! He loves it and makes recipes from it quite often!

  6. Fabulous!!!! Perfectly executed...both of you :)

  7. Well done :-)
    this was my first souffle too. It was definitely not as scary as I thought it would be.

  8. Always fun to read your posts and to get your two points of view and to see how you encourage each other. And, yes it is great with our kids learn from us and actually take what they learn and use it. Beautiful souffles.

  9. Ooh-la-la is right. And to have teenage sons validate your skills as a cook! That's as impressive as a cheese souffle.

  10. Both souffles are beautiful! I think salad is the perfect accompaniment!

  11. First, Nana and Tricia, your souffleé pictures are amazingy beautiful - good enough to eat, actually! I loved the salad/soufflé picture, Nana. Your boys are obviously into this FFWD experience. Think of the food memories they will share with their future wives as they are whipping up a cheese soufflé for Sunday brunch. Thanks, Mom. Mary Hirsch

  12. I always make sure to reinforce the notion that soufflés are hard so that people can be more impressed with my 'accomplishments'. Setting expectations are sometimes a cooks best friend. These look lovely and tasty.

  13. I'm glad this turned out well for you both. I really enjoyed it too. I wish I had thought to try the leftovers cold, nice idea. I also wish I had been brave enough to try the tin foil tent like you guys! I took mine out too soon and it wasn't cooked through in the middle.

  14. Both look scrumptious. I need to get a souffle pan myself. Boys can be surprisingly aware of things that are outside of their realm. :-)

  15. Yes, I was surprised that this was actually "reasonable" to make. I was rather nervous... Like Nana, I was sure I was destined for failure until it came out of the oven. I did have a mishap, but I recovered.