Friday, March 23, 2012

Cocoa Sablés

Per Nana~
Let's call this one "Nana's disaster"....

Somewhere between chopping the chocolate morsels, which ended
 up all over the kitchen,  and hitting the high button on the mixer  
after the last bit of flour mixture was added, I should have stopped.

I could not make the dough stick together and I
 thought the recipe was missing an ingredient.
After a quick call to Tricia (who suggested I check other recipes 
on the Internet) - I "googled" a few.
I did notice that confectionery sugar was being used rather than 
regular.  Also, egg whites were added to the butter and sugar mix.  

I decided to go with the addition of the egg white and that 
seemed to do the job, so I chilled the dough overnight.

Instead of the decorating sugar I used raw sugar purchased at 
Costco.... which will last me FOREVER.
Hubby and I did not care for these cookies at all, however, 
I don't know if it was my fault or the fault of the recipe.
 I will admit the taste of the chocolate was a bit overpowering to me.
After Hubby did the usual taste test, which did not go well,
  I called Tricia and asked if she would like to sample them.   Surprisingly, 
she and #2 son liked them.  At least the effort was not totally a waste.

I am anxious to see how the rest of the Doristas made out on this recipe.
One of the nice additions to doing FFWD is that I finally learned 
how to type french accents on the computer.  
Per Tricia~
My contribution for this week was not only to suggest Nana
 "Google" (yup, I was some big help - huh) when she tried the 
recipe  way ahead of me.....but also to make sure
 I ate basically the entire batch SHE made.  Fabulous with coffee.

 I loved these so much that I will absolutely make them myself,
(esp since Nana has all that Costco sugar left :)
 but unfortunately schedules conspired against FFWD this week. 
 I do want to make sure to put in my plug for these cookies because
 I thought they were off the charts spectacular.   Not sure why
 they didn't go over so well at  Nana's but I am not complaining. 
 And these were far from a "disaster" Nana :)
Thanks Nana.......and Dorie !


  1. They don't look like disasters! They're beautiful!

  2. Nana - Hugs! It sounds like you had one of my afternoons in the kitchen. Sometimes the baking gnomes just don't let things work the way they are supposed to. But it sounds like Tricia and crew gave these a big thumbs up.
    Have a great weekend, ladies!

  3. Nana, You gotta love Tricia and her little boy. Nothing like their "mopping" up what your husband will not. Those cookies look beautiful. At least they were round. I don't think Pierre Hermés had "square" in mind when he created this chocolate version - but square is what he got from me. Love that you can now do the accent mark - a pain, but so, so French. Mary

  4. They look great - sorry you didn't like them. Mine were lovely, not too sweet which is what I liked. Oh well, live and learn, right!

  5. Your sables look delicious! I wish I had one for my coffee his morning.

    1. your sables show off beautifully!

  6. Yes, they certainly don't look disastrous. I did some looking around too and even Dorie's non cocoa version has egg in it for binding and setting. I had no problem giving them away! If you should make them again I should certainly take them!

  7. They look so pretty! I loved that these cookies were not overly sweet too. We should try to vote in more recipes that will help bring down the raw sugar stock ;-)

  8. Nana, well done for saving the dough with your improvization to make these lovely little cookies. If these are what you call 'disasters', I'd like to see what your perfect sables look like! PS. I still haven't learnt how to type in those French accents on my computer :).

    1. Not only did she drop off the cookies...Nana printed out the instruction sheet so I could get it right for our blog ! I have Windows so to get a small e with the press "alt" and then hit the 0233 numbers. When you release- the é magically appears. Almost as fun as those cookies were.......

  9. Ahhh they're gorgeous. I'm going to want to make these so often.

  10. Great photos! Good for you using your smarts to correct a recipe gone awry. I added orange to mine & really liked them. Have a great weekend!

  11. They look perfect. Mine were also crumbly and they turned out fine. The few times I made the now famous World Peace cookies, called Korova in the book Paris Sweets, they were even crumblier, and the recipe came directly from Pierre Herme. So..

  12. Well, they look fantastic! I have made Dorie's sables several times (but only out of her Baking book), and found (especially with the above-referenced Korova/World Peace cookies, you really do have to mix them a bit more than the recipe states. The first attempt, I didn't have the courage to do it, but the second time I just kept mixing until it all went together and they were great!

  13. I didn't know there was such a thing as overwhelmingly chocolatey. haha. Glad that Tricia liked them and they didn't go to waste, though it's a shame that the chef wasn't a fan!

  14. They do look good but they seem to have gotten mixed reviews!
    I'm just such a lover of cookies, especially chocolate ones and I tweaked the recipe a bit but we loved them;-)

  15. Nana, You are my inspiration! I love that you are so computer literate…I have friends that are in their 40’s that don’t even know how to retrieve e-mails. Kudos to you! I also think your cookies look beautiful…I’ve never met a chocolate cookie I didn’t love! So glad this was a hit for you, Tricia! You are both awesome! Have a great weekend!

  16. Nana I love that you googled for answers! I do that too. I loved this recipe. I'm sad it didn't turn out for you. I wonder if using Dutch Process Cocoa made the difference. I think I've said this before, but I love that you do this together.

  17. Nana - So sorry they didn't work for you ;-( Agree they go great with coffee, but I've managed to nibble at them all day long - not a good thing!

  18. You're not going to get a lot of sympathy with that "disaster"--too bad you didn't like them, but they look beautiful and just how they're supposed to look. (I think). I'll bet you'd never have a shortage of people who'd be willing to take them off your hands.

  19. At least the cookies were enjoyed within the family. All my disasters go to work where they disappear instantly. Why is that?
    I didn't roll mine in sugar because I didn't have decorating sugar (and wasn't sure exactly what it was, no, I didn't Google), however, I also have plenty of raw sugar in the pantry, so that will be what I try when I bake my leftover logs of dough.

  20. I don't think my family will ask me to make them again. They will eat them if they are there though. It's not a sweet cookie really, maybe that's why they weren't a hit in your house. Tricia, I like them, too!

  21. They look great! Sorry that you did not enjoy them, I was the only one in my family that loved these (very yummy with coffee or red wine), hubbie and son thought they were only so-so.

  22. Somehow I missed this post last week! Nana, I am so sorry you had problems making these - that happens to me more often than I care to admit with the mixer. They look wonderful and I am glad Tricia enjoyed them. ;)